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Conception by Conspiracy

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Summary: Adam wasn’t the Initiative’s only attempt at creating a super soldier. Buffy’s pregnant. What do the N.I.D. and SG-1 have to do with it? Response to challenge posted by Zoev.*Nominated for a 2007 CoA*

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredkimbclarFR131933,20131436114,3092 Sep 0730 Dec 07No

Is it hot in here?

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A/N: Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. RL has been very busy. Hope you enjoy the chapter!

Behind her she could hear the low voices of General Hammond, Jack and Giles. Her focus was on the gate. The shimmering portal called to her, much as it had called to the slayer of her prophetic dreams. She watched as it disgorged a returning SG team, wondered where they’d been, what they might have battled. She knew now what it was she was supposed to do, what the slayer within screamed for her to do, defeat the Gods of the Underworld wherever they may be. Of course, there was more to consider than that, after all the baby within her would come first. Then and only then would she engage in the battle she knew she was created for.

Stepping back from the observation window, she dropped her hands. As they fell to her side she felt the temperature of the room return to normal. The dry heat dissipated as quickly as it had come. She wasn’t entirely sure what caused it. Was it her or was it another message from the Powers That Be? It appeared Giles would have something else to research. Never let it be said their life was boring, in any way.

One of the chairs at the conference table scraped the floor as it was pushed back. Without turning she knew who was approaching her, the tread of her watcher was long familiar, after hours spent in his presence. He approached and stood next to her, not speaking.


Samantha Carter felt the noticeable change in temperature, followed a few moments later by the klaxons heralding the activation of the Stargate. As the temperature increased her upper lip became dotted with beads of sweat. Furrowing her brow in concern, she picked up the phone to call the Control Room. The high temperatures were going to wreck havoc on several of her experiments if the climate control wasn’t fixed soon. Just as she finished dialing, Daniel Jackson appeared in her doorway, his own face covered in a sheen of perspiration.


“Just a minute, Daniel. I’m trying to find out what’s going on….Sergeant Siler, is there any indication what’s wrong with the climate controls….Nothing….You do feel how hot it is?....Alright, Dr. Jackson and I are on our way….Is the General in his office?.....He is….We’re on our way.”

Hanging up the phone, she noticed an almost immediate drop in temperature. Whatever caused the intense heat was over almost as soon as it had begun.

“Sam, what did Siler say?”

“There was nothing wrong with the climate controls. The temperature suddenly spiked, with no apparent reason. He said the General was in the conference room, meeting with Miss Summers and Dr. Giles. He was going to call him as soon as we hung up. We’d better get down there, I need to make sure nothing effected the gate controls.”

Daniel nodded and followed her as she exited her lab. However, his mind wasn’t on the gate or the temperature, it was on Buffy Summers. He hadn’t spoken to her since their early morning conversation the day before. In fact, he hadn’t spoken to Jack or Teal’c since yesterday. It surprised him she was in the mountain, he was even more surprised he missed her. With that startling thought in his head he followed Sam into the waiting elevator.


Teal’c raised an eyebrow as the sudden spike in temperature interrupted his kelnorim. Standing, he carefully blew out the flames of various candles placed around the room. Luckily, he had reached the end of his current meditative cycle. Pondering the rapid change in temperature, he left his room and made his way to the elevator and the control room.
Pushing the button to call the elevator he waited. The doors opened to reveal Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson.

“Major Carter. Daniel Jackson. Are you both headed to the control room?”

The other members of SG-1 nodded their agreement and made room for Teal’c in the elevator. The doors closed and they descended the remaining levels to the Control Room.

“Major Carter, are you aware of what caused the sudden temperature change?”

“No Teal’c. I’ve spoken to Siler and he said the climate controls were working fine. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find more when I can take a look at the computer readings.”


The group continued in silence and in a few moments the doors opened to Level 28. Almost as one the three exited, turned left and walked a short way toward the control room only to be met by Sergeant Siler.

“Major Carter, the General wishes to see all three of you in the briefing room.”


As Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter and Teal’c entered the conference room they were gestured to their seats by a flustered General Hammond.

“Take your seats. Miss Summers was just about to explain how she caused the temperature of the entire SGC to fluctuate so drastically.”

Buffy turned astounded eyes on the General.

“Excuse me, you think I had something to do with that. Wait, let me rephrase that, are you saying I intentionally did that?”

“Miss Summers, it does seem that whatever it was you were saying had direct repercussions on the temperature.”

Confusion was evident on the faces of almost everyone in the room, even those who witnessed Buffy’s waking vision.

“Sir, what happened?”

“I’m not exactly sure Major. We were discussing the origins of the slayer and then….”

From her position next to the observation window, Buffy cut the General off. “I think it was a waking vision. I’m not positive. Maybe, it was a combination of things. Hearing Giles speak about the purpose of the Slayer. It made me remember a slayer dream I had months ago, after we defeated ADAM. In the dream I confronted the First Slayer. She was angry, angry we invoked her power, angry that my life was so different from her’s. The Slayer was created to hunt and destroy demons, alone. But, I’m not alone. The words I spoke were the same I said to her in my dream. But, they are also connected to my purpose here.”

Daniel was more than curious to know more about the Slayer and its origins. He and Giles had discussed it briefly the first night they met and it seemed he’d missed a more detailed explanation. He wanted, no needed to know more. He thought Buffy’s only purpose in coming to Colorado was to find the father of her child, but it seemed there was more.

“I thought you came here to find the baby’s father. Is there something else?”

Looking at Daniel, she felt guilt that she hadn’t taken the time to discuss some of why she was in Colorado Springs with him privately. So many things had occurred since the last time she’d seen him, so many things she wanted to tell him without an audience. True to form, nothing much ever went her way since she’d been called as the slayer. It seemed she was forever having to divulge everything regarding her life to everyone and never in the way she wanted too.

“The baby is part of the reason I’m here. But, it’s not the main reason. I’ve spoken to some of you about my prophetic dreams. These dreams are the Powers That Be’s way of communicating with me. They warn me of danger, who the next Big Bad is. Since I found out I was pregnant I’ve had two prophetic dreams. The first showed me the link between the father of my child and the Stargate. The second was a dream of a past slayer. She led an army fighting what she called the Ha’kor Heelk’sha.”

Daniel was shocked, “That’s Goa’uld! It means Gods of the Underworld.”

“Really, that makes sense. The slayer fights demons. Giles said that in ancient times demons were often viewed as gods because of their powers. Anyway, the slayer led an army of humans and demons. I’m guessing these Ghouls….”

“Goa’uld,” Daniel quickly corrected her.

Rolling her eyes, she continued. “As I was saying, the slayer led an army to destroy them. In my dream her army had defeated them, but their leader escaped. The last thing she saw, as she screamed in rage, was a man with glowing eyes disappear through the Stargate. She was infuriated he escaped. That’s why I’m here. The Powers seem to think the Slayer is needed in this fight. I’m assuming since the gate is active that you’re fighting these demons again.”

The members of SG-1 and General Hammond exchanged uncomfortable glances. It wasn’t often civilians were aware of their program. Of course, it wasn’t exactly as if someone in the program had leaked the information. How often could anyone say they had inside knowledge of classified military operation from a higher power. But, it was in fact the situation they were currently faced with.

General Hammond cleared his throat, “Your correct Miss Summers. We are currently fighting the Goa’uld. However, they are not demons.”

“Hmmm,” Buffy remarked cocking her head to the side, raising her eyebrow quizzically, “my slayer senses tells me differently. I feel the demon. I can sense one in Teal’c. Although it seems to be almost asleep. Major Carter carried one once, but somehow she was able to overcome it.”

Giles was shocked at her revelation and stepped closer to her, prepared to activate the spell he prepared for just such an eventuality.

“Buffy, why didn’t you say anything sooner. I never would have brought you here if I’d known Teal’c was a demon.”

“Chill, Giles. Like I said, his demon’s asleep. It can’t hurt me. More importantly, Teal’c would never hurt me.”

Teal’c nodded solemnly at her. “You are correct Buffy. I would never hurt you and the prim’tah cannot harm you.”

Turning a questioning look in his direction, she inquired, “What’s a prim whatsit?”

A smattering of laughter ran through the room, forcing the petite slayer to use one of her more effective weapons. Her pout. The slight protuberance of her lower lip was enough to stop the laughter of everyone in the room, only Giles still openly wore a grin on his face. However, his expression was one of a person who was long used to Buffy’s mangling of unfamiliar words. He was convinced she did it purposefully and for once he was glad he wasn’t the one who would have to explain the demon du jour.

Patiently, Teal’c explained the origin of the Goa’uld and the purpose of the Jaffa. As he spoke no one missed the steadily more distressed look on the face of the Slayer.

“Jaffa are bred as hosts to the larval form of the Goa’uld. We are born to a dual purpose. We provide protection for the prim’tah until it is capable of taking a host and we serve as soldiers in the wars of our lords. But, now many question the beings we once thought gods. Myself and others fight to end the oppression the Jaffa have suffered. I have sworn that one day my people will know freedom.”

Once more Buffy turned to face the Stargate. As her eyes narrowed, no one in the room could mistake her as anything but The Slayer. Once again the temperature in the room began to rise steadily as a hot wind rushed through the room. Turning back to face the room, her golden hair streaming behind her from the force of the wind, she spoke, “You are not alone. Our enemy escaped us once. They will not escape us again. No matter where they are we will hunt them. Only when they lie dead before us will we be satisfied.”

Buffy blinked suddenly and the wind ceased and the temperature began to drop once again. This time she knew exactly what happened. It wasn’t a waking vision. She was somehow connecting with the essence of the slayer. It felt as if the two halves of her self were really joining for the first time. In the past she’d always viewed herself as Buffy the girl and Buffy the slayer. Two distinct entities. She didn’t think that was the case anymore. It filled her with both a sense of rightness and fear. She knew instinctively the girl and the slayer were always meant to be one, but it was more change and the very thought of that left her frightened. She just wasn’t sure if she could handle anything else right now. Really, wasn’t the baby enough for now. Apparently, the PTB didn’t agree. Stupid, PTB.

Everyone was watching her. Giles, Jack and Teal’c appeared concerned. The General, Sam and Daniel fell more on the side of fearful. She really didn’t like the expression of fear in Daniel’s eyes, it hurt. But, she understood, because after all she was more than a little afraid of what was happening to her.

“So, Giles, I’m thinking research?”

Removing his glasses and wiping them on his ever-present handkerchief, Rupert Giles responded, “Really, Buffy, you have quite the talent for understatement.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Conception by Conspiracy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Dec 07.

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