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Conception by Conspiracy

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Summary: Adam wasn’t the Initiative’s only attempt at creating a super soldier. Buffy’s pregnant. What do the N.I.D. and SG-1 have to do with it? Response to challenge posted by Zoev.*Nominated for a 2007 CoA*

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredkimbclarFR131933,20131436114,3442 Sep 0730 Dec 07No

Plus or Minus

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Summary: Adam wasn’t the Initiative’s only attempt at creating a super soldier. Buffy’s pregnant. What do the N.I.D. and SG-1 have to do with it? Response to challenge posted by Zoev.

Disclaimer: I (unfortunately) have no claim on either Buffy or Stargate. They belong to their respective creators: Joss Whedon, Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright

A/N: To readers of my other unfinished stories. I have not abandoned them. I'm just taking some really good advice from CJ over at CJS Place and writing something fresh in an attempt to kick start my muse. Also, some of my reviewers have commented on continuity issues with cannon. Buffy never slept with Riley. Not in the spell induced sex in the frat house nor as part of the body switch with Faith. I'm not a huge Riley fan. Greasy hair is such a turn off. She did date him but absolutely no sex. Let's just say Parker left her gun shy. A huge thank you to CJSPlace for my beautiful graphie!


Plus or minus.

Plus or minus.

Plus or minus.

The words were a running mantra through her head. Demons were less terrifying than those three words.

Plus or minus.

Plus or minus.

Plus or minus.

Three minutes stretched into infinity. Perhaps the watch on her left wrist had stopped. Shaking it slightly, she held it up to her ear and was pleased to hear it was still ticking. Still ticking, yet only one minute had passed, since shaking hands held the stick so she could pee on it.

Did the fact her hands were shaking effect the outcome of the test in any way? Would it somehow alter the results? It was a good thing she’d bought the kit with two tests. Two minutes now, only one to go.

One minute until her life could be irrevocably changed. Scratch that 30 seconds until the moment of truth.

The innocuous white stick rested on the marble countertop of the bathroom of her mother’s home. Now only her summer and weekend home. A place she could get away from the dorm and the hectic pace of a life that included college and the occasional apocalypse.

The three minutes were up and now she only had to pick the stick up and look to see if it read plus or minus. The results window was purposefully turned away from her so that she could remain in denial for just a few seconds longer.

After all, how could she possibly be pregnant? She hadn’t been intimate with anyone since “Poop Head Parker.” Oh, Riley tried. Lord, how he tried. She just wasn’t receptive. The interlude with the Parker had taught her one thing. Sex and Buffy were unmixy things.

So it all came down to Plus or Minus.

Shaky hands picked up the white stick and turned it face up.


A lone tear streaked down her cheek. It was all she allowed herself. After all, she was the Slayer and a slayer wasn’t supposed to show fear.

Carefully, she placed the test stick back in its box and then the box inside a plain brown bag. Giles would probably want to see actual proof. He’d probably even want her to take the second test, so she placed it in the bag as well.

Closing her eyes she pictured her watcher, furiously polishing his glasses while simultaneously clucking his tongue. In her minds eye she could hear him muttering under his breath, “Oh dear lord, only my slayer could get pregnant without even knowing it happened.”

As she clutched the bag in her hand and left the bathroom to make her way downstairs she was very glad her mother had taken that buying trip to Europe. This was one thing she wanted to put off explaining to her as long as possible. It was bad enough she was going to have to explain it to Giles.

If she could have avoided it she would. But a girl just doesn’t get pregnant all by her lonesome. Couple that with the fact that she lived on a hellmouth and well the demonic implications were glaringly obvious. So obvious that she was surprised blaring horns and flashing lights didn’t suddenly go off at the first glimpse of her positive pregnancy test.

Well, at least Giles’ summer wouldn’t be boring. She saw plenty of research in his future. Maybe there was even a prophecy involved. It wouldn’t surprise her in the least. After all, she was Prophecy Girl.


She’d been right. There was simultaneous polishing and clucking. The pacing she hadn’t counted on, and if her already rebellious stomach was any indication, it hadn’t counted on it either.

Groaning, she closed her eyes, “Giles, stop with the pacing. You’re making me nauseous.”

Concerned eyes were immediately focused on Buffy’s petite form as she clutched her stomach and the watcher’s pacing came to an abrupt stop.

“Oh, I say…can I get you crackers or perhaps some water?” an extremely anxious Giles managed to stutter out.

A small smile twisted Buffy’s lips, “No thanks Watcher-mine. Just stop with the pacing and I think all will be O.K., at least for now.”

“Of course, of course. Perhaps, we could just go over this one more time. You say you haven’t had…err, relations with anyone since that Parker chap.”

Discussing her sex life with her watcher was really wigging her out. But, even more wigsome was the fact she was pregnant and hadn’t, at least to her knowledge, had sex in months.

Here she was 19 years old and pregnant. This was not in itself an unusual situation. She knew plenty of girls her age got pregnant. But she would bet everything she owned, or would ever own, that none of those girls were about to sit down with their Watcher and discuss whether a demon got them pregnant.

“Nope, there’s been no one since him. Which was months and months ago. The best I can figure is that I’m two months along. I’ve missed my last two periods. I wasn’t really concerned about the last one with the whole Adam thing,” Buffy stated with a wave of her hand. “But these last few weeks have been all about the fun filled vomiting. Which has so not been confined to the morning. And, Giles, why is it they call it morning sickness, if it’s not confined to the morning?”

“I’m sure I have no idea. Unfortunately, the Watcher’s Academy does not include any courses in pregnancy. Although, it seems they would not have been remiss in doing so.”

Giles couldn’t help but notice that while Buffy was, on the surface, maintaining a brave front her eyes had a slightly glazed and panicked look to them. His heart went out to the young woman who was as dear as a daughter to him. Perhaps, dearer than a daughter. His whole life was dedicated to the care and training of his slayer. There were times recently when he’d questioned his place in her life, had even considered leaving Sunnydale altogether. But in his heart he knew his place was with her. He was a watcher and she was his slayer.

Buffy could really only hold it together so long and the sympathetic gaze of her watcher broke down the emotional wall she’d been trying to build up. Tears began to slide down her cheeks, leaving streaks in her make-up.

Reaching into his pocket, Giles pulled out his ever-present handkerchief and knelt in front of his distraught Slayer.

“May I?” he asked as he gently began to wipe the tears from her cheeks.

It quite took him by surprise when Buffy suddenly launched herself into his arms. But, the surprise was only momentary as he pulled her into a fierce hug. He whispered platitudes in her ear, hoping to offer a small measure of comfort. Both knew they might likely turn out to be lies, but comfort was needed, even if ultimately it was false comfort.

It was this way an out of breath Willow and Xander found them only moments later.
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