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El Xander- The Aftermath

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Summary: What Xander experiences in the days following dressing up as El for Halloween

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Movies > El Mariachi SeriesrothosFR71527031,8022 Sep 072 Sep 07No
El Xander: The aftermath

Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Senor Joss Whedon and El Mariachi belongs to Senor Robert Rodriguez. He is from the film Desperado by Senor Quentin Tarantino. I neither own nor make a claim to El Mariachi, Desperado or BTVS.

A/N:Written by popular demand; El Xander is back!

The next morning, Xander woke still in his costume; so he decided to start peeling it off. He looked at his hand and went to remove the mole and it was fused to his hand. Not only was it fused to his hand; but the hand felt less nimble. Across the room he could see his guitar that his Uncle Rory had gotten for him when he was eight. He took it down on a whim and tried to play, but the magic was on his fingertips; but never came out right on the chords. Frustrated, he spun it in his hand and revrently placed it on his bed. Xander looked at his clock and noted with revulsion that his parents would be deep in a bottle by now.
The mere thought sickened him a little; which was strange as they had always been drunks. He peeled out of his costume and shrugged on one of his considerably less loud hawaiian shirts.
He to the church and made the Sign of the Cross; before entering and kneeling in the rearmost pew.
After about an hour of praying, the pastor walked up and asked Xander his name.
"Xander Harris, father." Xander said.
"Well Xander; you are welcome in the House of the Lord at all times. Where have you been for years?" said the pastor.
"Living at home taking care of my drunken parents;padre." Xander replied.
"Well, I'm sure they're worried; the sun is about to set." With that the priest walked into the Sanctuary.
Xander was stunned, he had spent more time in the church than he had in a while. The last time he had been to church was an Easter Sunday.

Xander crossed himself and then hurried to Will's house. He knocked on the door and walked in to meet Carolina.
Xander lost count on the number of minutes he remained in her embrace. After numerous kisses lasting too long to count and Willow babbling in Spanish; Xander went back to his house.
Xander crept past his passed out parents to his room and got ready for school. He grinned ferally at the thought of scaring Snyder with his academic prowess.

That night Xander dreamt about El's first love; when the bullet went off to wound his hand he woke up. The sun had barely risen; he was sure that all vamps had gone to ground.
Xander dressed quickly and quietly made breakfast in the kitchen; which was way wrong. He could cook better than this; he had in the past. He went to Plan B, he took out cookbooks that told him the basics.
In two hours; and numerous problems, he had a passable omelet. He ate and got out of the house before his parents woke, to tame his hair he put a hat on his head and carried his guitar case.
He arrived at school just after Sunnydale's finest left. He put his case on the ground, opened the clips and drew out his guitar. He sat down and began strumming his guitar slowly while singing in Spanish.

A/N: Next chapter, the Reaction of the Brit.

The End?

You have reached the end of "El Xander- The Aftermath" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Sep 07.

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