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A Winchester Family Thanksgiving

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Accidental Ties". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The boys pay a visit to Cleveland to see the girls - how will they get on? (set in the Accidental Ties 'verse)

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Chapter 1 - E mail

Disclaimer - I don't own anything, everybody you have heard of before belongs to someone else.

Well people - some of you asked for a sequel to the last story and I thought I wouldn't disappoint people, so I have written this piece just until I sort out the proper sequel.

It's set a couple of months after the last story and as you can see everybody has moved on etc, the boys and their Dad are staying at Bobby's, Buffy and Dawn back to the UK so Dawn can go to University - well just read and you'll see.

But how would everybody cope with the new situation, especially when you throw in everyone else.

Hope you review it - please do as it would make my day.

Thanks to Twinkiecat for betaing this for me and pointing out the obvious that I couldn't see even though it was staring me in the face.

Sam woke up and slowly got out of bed. The sun had started to come through the window, and he could hear the racket that his brother called music making its way through the house even though he knew fine well that Dean was probably fixing his car in the yard. He stretched out the sleep from his back, and started to feel old even though he wasn’t even twenty five years old  Did Dean have to play AC/DC that loud at this time in the morning?

John and Bobby had taken off a couple of days ago, doing a little recon on a couple of sightings of something up in the backwoods of god knows where.  Actually, Sam thought Bobby had decided to get John out of the yard before Dean had lost his rag and thrown something at his father. 

This was due to all the helpful handy ‘hints’ (that seemed to be in the same tone of voice as his usual orders) that John had been throwing Dean’s way with respect to the Impala.   Though, his brother had been agreeable about possibly replacing the cassette deck with a CD player. 

The cabin fever was getting to the old man. But, instead of his Dad pulling his usual drill sergeant act, John was trying get along with along with his sons.   This change had really started after the crash, but had gone into overdrive since finding out about the girls, however the new more family friendly, fuzzy wuzzy, version of John Winchester (Buffy’s words not his) was more than starting to freak Dean and him out a bit.

He wandered into the kitchen, grabbing a bite to eat and some coffee before turning on his new laptop. This way he had something to concentrate on while trying to tune out the din of his brother’s singing along to his music, while beating the hell out of the bodywork of his baby.

Sam started logged into his email to see if there was anything interesting instead of just the usual spam.  He was in luck; his little sister had sent him a message, though it was dated from a couple of days ago. Since they had gotten to Bobby’s he’d been reluctant to plug in the machine as much as he use to, part of him wanting just a little more down time.

Hi Sam,

How’s things, Dean fixed that rust bucket of his yet? 

Oxford’s is so cool, you’d so love the old worldliness of the place and the library is just awesome.  I am so getting into the college thing, have gotten a new pushbike and have the scarf!  Not as much pressure as I thought there’d be,  but I’m a first year  and most of the guys in my year are a couple of years younger than me.  It’s still slightly better than dealing with the mini Buffys in any of the houses though. No-one is looking at me to be the responsible adult here. 

Have been hanging about with some of the third years and post , also kind of started seeing a new guy, nothing serious as I only met him about a month ago.  Don’t tell Buff,  but had to tell someone, who hopefully won’t blab within fifteen minutes – Giles is no good at this stuff, gets all flustered in a ‘I shouldn’t  be hearing this’ way that only someone his age can.

Met him when me and a couple of my friends tried to do the usual student pub crawl – lasted 3 pints and then just started puking, he came to my rescue, then called the next day to see if I was all right, it was so sweet and whoopee -  normal!!!  

 His name is Chris and he’s a rower, you know with the boat race team – it’s a big deal here.  So he’s training most weekend’s, which is good as I’m still doing the watcher in training deal, though it is still mostly the research side.  Was helping Giles look out a new site for the back up headquarters last weekend, Buffy was dragged along, though she did have to admit the site seeing was cool.

It’s kind of been decided that it’ll be in the South of England, ease of travel from London, but still not decided on the actual site, though some people still say that some of the previous places looked at in Scotland are easier to defend.  This weekend we ended up in Winchester – how cool is that! 

It’s the ancient capital of England, (Alfred the Great and all) and it has supposed links to King Arthur.  It also has a really sweet cathedral, it almost sank once (Buffy had nothing to do with that, it had been sinking for years got restored at the turn of the 1900’s – which she pointed out repeatedly when it was mentioned.  It isn’t her fault that buildings have a nasty habit of falling down around her).  So, now you can say whenever someone says about anything about Winchester being a rifle you can say it’s a city as well.

Sorry you guys couldn’t make it to my twenty first, understand that our brother does have serious ‘passport issues’, seriously ‘passport issues’ is that the best he could come up with?  Lots of people have a fear of flying; it’s less stupid than having a phobia about other things, such as…clowns. (He spilled to Buffy – if you want to get her try ventriloquist dummies)  Though you’ve got to tell me if John’s got one – don’t want him to miss the family fun. 

My birthday was a bust anyway, seeing how it was so soon after we lost Robin.  Faith, his girlfriend, is doing better than she was; at one point, we thought we might loose her completely.  She’s still on the trail but a least she now has Spike and Illyria covering her back, they’re friends of ours – well it is kind of hard to explain really. 

Buffy is still talking about moving to Cleveland while Faith’s hunting, though not sure of Xander’s pleased at that idea of both of them being in the same continent  at the same time, ‘specially as Faith will see it as Buffy checking up on her.  Last thing the poor guy needs is the two of them going head to head in his backyard.  Let’s just say that the last time they seriously got into it, it wasn’t pretty.

Hope you’ll make it to Thanksgiving –you’ll be catching the end of the big council meeting, or Sunnydale Survivor’s annual get together as it has been dubbed; those who are staying over will just be family, well the ones you three have met anyway, Andrew and a few of the older girls. 

It’s usually more the merrier at the house at this time of year, so if you guys have any one else you’d like to come along to feel less pressured, feel free.  With the minis out of the way, there’ll be space!

Have to go now, got classes to go to – write soon to tell me all the happenings at your end!

Your Li’l sis



A/N thought I should put this - Winchester Cathedral almost did sink due to waterlogged foundations - they employed a diver in the 1900's to help in the underpinning of the foundations.

I also believe that they have the grave of some author in there - I think her name was Jane Austen. Though I have no idea what she could have possibly written :)
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