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Cackling Imp FFA's

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Summary: My FFA's, centering around Stargate. Has mutated into a short story about Dawn and Jacob Carter. First Chapter is seperate from that story.

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Dawn Summers/Jacob Carter

See first chapter for disclaimer.

Dawn Summers/Jacob Carter (SG-1)

“CRAAAaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!” Was the first word Jacob heard the girl falling out of the green rip in nothingness say. He winced as she bounced twice on the hard earth. That had to hurt. Getting out his zat he walked out from behind the bushes to her side. Selmac honestly didn’t think she was dangerous, but caution was usually the best course of action when facing the unexpected.

The girl rolled over to dazedly look up at him from her position on the ground.

“Hi. Did you know you’ve got an extra soul in there?” she said.

Ignoring her statement, Jacob said, “Who are you?”

“Dawn.” Pointing at the zat, she asked, “What’s that?”

“It’s a weapon,” Jacob told her. No need to be too specific. The poor thing probably wouldn’t understand in her confused state.

“You mean it’s a gun, why are you pointing a gun at me?” She asked, frowning faintly.

“You just popped out of a glowing green rip in the air,” He informed her.

“Yeah, that would be gun worthy,” Dawn said, nodding in understanding. Jacob smiled at her wording and helped her to her feet, “Thanks.”

Looking around thoughtfully, she said, “I don’t think I was supposed to end up here - where is here, anyway?”

At this point, however, Selmac decided to show herself and answered, “You are on the planet Gerrus, child.

The girl nearly jumped in surprise.

“Hello, voice.” She said. Quickly regaining her composure, she demanded, “Who’re you calling ‘child’?”

Taking back control of his body, Jacob said, “Sorry, that was Selmac, she wanted to know how you would react to her.”

Dawn put her hands on her hips and hmphed irritably. “I’m on a different planet, huh? Well how would I get home, I can’t do it myself if I don’t know what I did wrong the first time.”

“You mean you made that rip?” Jacob asked. He’d suspected, of course, but hadn’t thought she’d admit it just like that.

“You don’t see anyone else around here, do you?”

“Okay, okay. What planet are you from?” Jacob placated her.

Looking mollified, Dawn answered, “Earth.”

Seeing his expression she clarified, “Looks kinda like a blue-green marble, lot of malls.”

“I know where Earth is,” Jacob told her, “but how can you be from there?”

“Well, when a man and a woman love each other very much-.”

“Not that.” Jacob stopped her condescending lecture, “From what I know it’s really difficult to get off Earth.”

“Green rip in the air,” Dawn reminded him.

“But what is that?” Jacob asked, getting awfully tired of the circle this conversation was going in.

“Combination of magic portal and teleportation, only I can do it,” Dawn explained, “and before you go ‘oh magic isn’t real’ let me tell you that it is and that’s what it was.”


“Look, are you going to show me the way home or am I going to have to wander around lost until something eats me?”

“Fine!” Jacob threw up his hands, “this way.”

Let the SGC deal with her.

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