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Cackling Imp FFA's

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Summary: My FFA's, centering around Stargate. Has mutated into a short story about Dawn and Jacob Carter. First Chapter is seperate from that story.

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Stargate > GeneralColdhandsFR1841,7962275,4314 Sep 0711 Sep 07Yes

Even More, but Sam too

See first Chapter for disclaimer.


Because Jacob had brought Dawn back with him, the SGC had decided she was his responsibility until her story cleared. She had spent most of her time so far comparing the Stargate to various other ‘portals’ and what they all tasted like. Jacob had honestly not needed to know that ‘red-lightning-hell’ portals were tangy and sweet. Then she had gotten into a disturbing conversation with Selmac over what it felt like to be a voice in someone’s head. If she didn’t leave soon he might start to like her.

Dawn had finally consented to be taken to the VIP room, when the president had called. The liaison between the military and the organization Dawn worked for was coming to pick her up and straighten out any paperwork created by Dawn’s arrival. Which meant they all had to head back down to the briefing room.

When he got there Dawn was looking cross.

“Is something actually happening or do you guys just want to chat, cuz I was having a really great snooze and you interrupted,” She ranted.

Hammond glanced at Jacob. Jacob looked right back. Being a Tok’ra had its perks.

“Major Finn is coming to explain this,” Hammond told Dawn.

Dawn’s face lightened and took on a considering expression.

“Which one? The man-ho or the she-bitch?” Hammond looked taken aback by this…colorful description, but answered anyway.

“I was only informed that a Major Finn would arrive here at fifteen hundred hours to smooth over any difficulties in returning you to your organization.”

“Well, at least they’ve learned from the last time,” Dawn commented. Jack raised his eyebrows expectantly but Dawn did not elaborate. She plopped down into the leather chair, and after a few moments began swinging around in it.

The rest of them soon sat down as well. Jacob noticed that Jack was having a hard time refraining from following Dawn’s example. Hammond went into his office momentarily and Jack twirled his seat all the way around in tandem with Dawn. Jacob saw out of the corner of his eye Dawn wink at him and he couldn’t stop the small smile from forming on his lips. He blamed Selmac.

Hammond returned, “Major Finn is entering this facility as we speak.”

Only a few minutes later entered a tall, curvy blonde with a pleasant, toothy smile plastered across her face. She stopped and saluted a pace inside the room.

“Major Samantha Finn.”

Hammond returned the salute and she turned to face the table.

“Dawn!” She greeted happily.

“She-bitch!” Dawn said back, sounding just as happy. Jacob had to admit he didn’t understand what was going on in the least.

“How much longer until you guys stop calling me that?” Major Finn asked. She didn’t seem to be offended, only curious.

“Until Buffy has another ex to be bitter about. Shouldn’t be longer than a couple months,” Dawn assured her. She pushed herself into a straighter position, “Where’s Riley?”

“Keeping your family from storming the mountain, we decided he was better suited to that job than I,” Major Finn answered. She looked over at Hammond, “I’m here to return Dawn to the Council as soon as possible, they aren’t patient people.”

“Wait one moment Major, Dawn hasn’t signed the confidentiality disclosure forms,” Hammond said, frowning fiercely.

“That’s not necessary, sir,” Major Finn handed him a sealed envelope.
“The president has ordered that Dawn be allowed to leave without restrictions, there is an understanding with the Council that any information they obtain regarding this facility will not be given to anyone outside their organization who has not already signed the proper forms.”

“This is unprecedented,” Hammond said, “The information on this facility is top secret and the president is allowing this girl to leave with no obligation to keep what she’s seen to herself?”

“More like cannot prevent, sir,” Major Finn informed them, “As I said, the presidency has an understanding with the Council.”

“What is this ‘Council’?” Jack asked, looking disgruntled. It was no surprise. He respected Hammond a great deal and seeing him effectively bypassed put him in a sour mood.

“That’s need-to-know, sir.”

“And we don’t need to know, right.” Jacob could hear the resignation in Jack’s voice. Dawn got up and wandered over next to Major Finn.

“How did you end up on another planet, anyway?” She asked, “You had the entire Council in an uproar.”

“I must have mispronounced something; I was supposed to go to Germany, then go back and get Buffy.”

“You? Mispronounce?” Major Finn said, disbelieving.

“Hey, have you ever tried chanting a spell in Fyarl? First you have to let your throat will up with mucus, which feels gross, then you have to try and grunt all consonants through that,” Dawn defended, angrily.

“Well, let’s go. I’m sure you’ve tormented these poor soldiers enough.” Major Finn placed one hand on Dawn’s back and gently pushed her.

“You have no idea,” Jacob told her. She grinned.

“Oh, you’re lucky you only had to deal with Dawn,” She said.

Jacob stared at her in horror, “You mean there are people even worse?”

“Just wait ‘till you meet her sister, sir.”

Major Finn had his respect for surviving.


The End

You have reached the end of "Cackling Imp FFA's". This story is complete.

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