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Hero Runs in the Family

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Summary: A series of drabbles following Buffy's interactions with the X-Men, mainly one Scott Summers.

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Losing Arguments

Title: Losing Arguments

Author: ImYourHuckleberry

Summary: The real reason Buffy’s in New York

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or the X-Men. They belong to Joss Whedon and Marvel respectively.

AN: I was planning on just making the first a one shot, but decided it wouldn’t hurt to add a second one. I’ll add more if they come to me, but for now I just apologize for adding one more story to a pile of clichés.


Scott walked away from Buffy, hoping to end the tiring conversation. It didn’t work, as he heard his cousin hurrying after him. “Buffy, you can’t ask the Professor to fund a school where you send your students out to fight and die.”

“We are not sending them out to die, we’re teaching them to live. Besides, what is it exactly that you’re teaching your kids?”

“We teach them control, and discourage unnecessary fighting.”

Control is what these girls need too.”

“It’s different–”

Buffy cut him off with a frustrated sigh. “Scott, there’s a jet hidden under your basketball court!”
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