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Rebuilding Shadows

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Rebuilding Shadows". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When everything you've known is lost what else is there to live for.

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Chapter Fifty Nine

Rebuilding Shadows

by Amerie

“Buffy . . . Buffy . . . Buuuffyyyyy . . . ”

The soft voice penetrated her mind and she began to stir awake. Groaning delicately, she forced her eyes open as lightly as possible.

“Harry?” she asked tiredly.

“Who’d you expect? Malfoy?”

“Hoping for,” she smiled.

He narrowed his eyes and that caused her to grin even more. Looking past him, she glanced around the room. Trying to get her foggy mind jogging.

“Where am I?”

“The common room. You fell asleep in here . . . again,” he told her.

Removing the book from across her stomach, she rose up into sitting position, stretching out her arms and yawning. Blinking her eyes awake. Harry smiling adoringly as he watched her, and making himself comfortable next to the girl on the couch.

“I had the weirdest dream,” she told him, sagging back into the cushions.

“What’s this about weird dreams?” Ron cut in.

Turning back Buffy watched as Ron and Hermione walked into the room hand in hand, with Neville and Ginny behind them.

“Buffy was just about to tell me before you came barging in,” Harry said.

“I don’t barge. I make an entrance,” his best friend firmly stated. Taking a seat on the nearby chair, as Hermione made herself comfortable on the arm rest.

“You just keep telling yourself that,” Ginny said to him. Leaning forward on the couch as her boyfriend came to stand beside her.

“So, what about your dreams?” Hermione asked.

“My extremely weird and freaky dreams?” she asked.

“Do you really have any others?” Neville grinned.

Buffy glared at him for a second before shrugging. “Good point. Anyway, it was really strange. For starters I was some sort of a . . . a vampire slayer, I think.”

“What’s a vampire slayer?” Neville asked her.

“Beats me. But I wasn’t the only one, Faith was one too.”

“Faith? Faith, Faith?” Harry wondered.

“Yeah, and Willow, Xander and Wesley were there too. And you guys. And there was this evil wizard who hated muggles and muggle-borns. He was all powerful and wanted to take over the world. He called himself . . . Lord–Lord Voldymort? Voldamort? Something like that, whatever, the super wizard was actually Tom Riddle--”

“Tom Riddle? The caretaker?” Ginny questioned.

“I thought he was a squib,” Ron said.

“He is,” Hermione answered. “And very nice as well. I can’t picture him being evil.”

“Well he was. Super evil.”

“What else happened?” Harry asked.

“Well, there was this big war going on, and I had to fight this hell god person, and you had to fight this Voly guy and I . . . think I died a few times, don’t really remember, and something happened with my mum and dad, and something called the First? The Start? . . . and anyway, whatever. It’s all starting to fade away now.”

“That must’ve been some dream,” Ron told her.

“Oh, it reeeaaally was,” she said.

Making herself comfortable Buffy rested her head on Harry’s shoulder. His hand running through her dark golden strands.

“Well now that Buffy’s dream adventure is over,” Ginny teased, earning a gentle smack from her best friend. “What’re our plans for Christmas?”

“Same as every year, no?” Ron answered.

“Which is what exactly?” Hermione asked. “It does tend to change remember.”

“So, who won this year?” Neville turned to Buffy and Harry.

“Don’t know. My dad and Sirius are still going at it,” Harry answered.

“James thinks it’s his turn, but dad is convinced it’s not,” Buffy added.

“But we had it at your place the last time,” Ginny told Buffy.

“You think that matters to Sirius,” Harry spoke.

“Hey, fine line,” Buffy voiced. Her grey hazel eyes narrowing in warning.

“You know I’m right,” he said.

“Well than you and your right can keep yourselves company.”

Buffy made a move to stand, but Harry quickly grabbed her waist and pulled her back down. Kissing her quickly in apology.

“Get a room,” Ron told them.

“This coming from you. If I remember correctly I think it was you and Hermione who were caught snogging in the infirmary after your little Quidditch incident,” Ginny reminded him.

Hermione blushed as she buried her face in the crook of her boyfriend’s neck, and Ron’s coloring nearly matching his hair. “Right, but it was worth it,” he grinned.

Leaning back into Harry, Buffy turned to Neville. “You’re coming again this year right? I mean it wouldn’t be the same without your mum’s pie.”

“Most likely. Dad mentioned Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without James and Sirius bickering over who gave the best present,” Neville smiled.

“Remus is coming too, isn’t he?” Hermione asked.

“Yep, and he’s bringing Oz. So that’ll be fun,” Buffy answered. “What about your parents? They coming?”

“No not this year,” she replied sadly. “They wanted to but Uncle Rupert’s been really sick lately and they decided to stay with him in case he takes a turn for the worse.”

“But you’re coming right?” Ron asked urgently.

“Yes, I’ll be there,” Hermione smiled happily.

A mildly loud rumbling was heard and everyone turned to Buffy who had turned blushingly pink.

“I think its trying to tell us something,” Harry teased.

“Well lucky for you I speak hungry,” Ron said.

“You don’t speak it. You scream it,” Neville told him.

“Come on,” Hermione ordered rising to her feet. “I don’t think Buffy’s the only one who’s starving.”

“At least I don’t have to change,” the girl in question shrugged as she smoothed out her uniform, following Hermione’s lead.

The group began to file out, when Harry suddenly grabbed Buffy’s arm and spun her around. Cupping her face within his hands and kissing her deeply.

“Good morning,” he greeted properly after breaking apart.

“Good morn--”

She stopped mid sentence when she noticed his forehead, his very smooth blemish-free forehead. Why did that seem odd?

“What’s the matter?” he asked in concern.

“Nothing I just . . . ” she began, then shook herself out of her daze. “Never mind.”

Pecking him on the lips she smiled and turned around. Harry pausing a bit before following his girlfriend out of the portrait hole.

“Did you finish your report?” Ginny asked, when Buffy came to walk beside her and Hermione.

“Yeah, the one on Hellmouths right?”

“Uh, huh. So what was your side, myth or reality?”

“Myth. I couldn’t find anything on it. So, no information means not real.”

“Well that’s a well thought out educated guess,” Hermione rolled her eyes.

“Why are you three taking about reports? We haven’t even had breakfast yet,” Ron groaned.

“You just don’t like it because it involves D.A.D.A,” Ginny wisely said.

“That’s not true.”

“Oh please if any topic has anything to do with Angel you try to put a stop to it,” Buffy countered.

“‘Angel’,” he mocked. “His name is Professor Angelus.”

“But he likes his students to call him Angel.”

“Well I’d like to be called your Majesty, but that’s not gonna happen now is it?”

“Who knows? If you’d look like he does I bet you could get anyone to call you whatever you want,” Buffy said dreamily.

“Excuse me?” Harry asked her.

“What? I’m not wrong,” she unabashedly answered.

“Not at all,” Ginny smiled.

“What was that?” Neville asked.

“Oh relax you two. It doesn’t take a girl to see that Angel is handsome, intelligent, funny, witty, extremely sexy . . . ” Hermione began.

“Your point?” Ron asked in irritation.

“I had a point?” Hermione asked in surprise.

The girls grinned dreamily at each other, and continued walking toward the Hall. Their boyfriends following, annoyed and no longer feeling hungry.

“Buffy. ”

Turning around at the sound of her name, she was surprised when no she found no one behind her.

“Buffy . . . ”

Snapping her attention forward again she realized the room had gone empty.

“What’s . . . ”


Her eyes snapped open and she found Oz sitting beside her.

“We’re here,” he said.

Everything came rushing back now. Turning over in her seat Buffy yawned and stretched. Removing the blanket from her body, she stood up and reached up to the overhead to get their bags. Handing Oz his, as they exited the plane.

“Well here we are,” he announced.

“Yep, hot and sticky Brazil,” she smiled. “No better vacation spot.”

“At least until our organs start cooking,” he replied placing sunglasses over his eyes.

“Oh come on. After all that dreary Scotland weather a couple of triple digit days doesn’t sound so bad.”

“Remember that when you’re boiling out here.”

Holding firmly to their bags, they walked down the busy street. It would’ve been much easier to apparate here or even portkey, but Buffy wanted to take a break from magic. Doing things the normal muggle way was somehow comforting.

“So where to now?” Oz asked.

Grinning like a mad woman Buffy grabbed Oz’s hand, as she looked out into the busy crowds. Her shoulders relaxing heavily.

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Smiling at Buffy’s choice of words Oz shook his head and lead her into the mass of people. Getting lost in a sea of bodies until they were undistinguishable from any other person walking down the street.




It’s over kids! I just want to thank every single person who read this story, and double thanks for those of you who reviewed. It means so much to me that you stuck by it from beginning to end, especially since this was my very FIRST fanfic. I was so close to not posting it– I thought no one was going to like it. Glad I changed my mind :) And if you have any questions regarding the story I’ll be happy to answer them. Also, as a very special thank you I have created a video for Rebuilding Shadows. Not great but I did my best. Hope you like it, and keep on reading my other story . . . or stories . . .


The End

You have reached the end of "Rebuilding Shadows". This story is complete.

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