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This story is No. 1 in the series "Gateways to Confusion". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A weird cult has popped up, and it's leader seems to have all too frighteningly real powers. Who ya gonna call? Apparently, too many people.

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Stargate > Riley-CenteredSatoriFR784,87038935,7385 Sep 077 Nov 07No

Ch 2

Disclaimer: See Ch. 1

Thanks to everyone who reviewed. I didn't expect so much readership.
EDIT: ack! punctuation mistakes. i need a beta. any volunteers?


Colonel O’Neill glared at the blond Major. “Sewers”

“Yes, sir, that’s what they said. Agent Finn was a very comprehensive plan for securing possible underground escapes. I get the impression that they’ve done this before.”

“Why didn’t we think of sewers, Carter? It would be in character for Setesh to have an escape route.”

“Probably because we’re not used to fighting Goa’uld in modern cities.”

Jack sighed. “Anything else? “

“They wanted to know if beheading the host kills the Goa’uld. I had to tell them that we never tested that. Though given what happened with . . .” Sam hesitated.

“With Kowalsky,” Jack finished for her. “It’s okay to say it, Carter. What, were they planning to cut Seth’s head off with an axe or something?”

“I believe I saw a pair of Tomahawks among the weapons Riley Finn’s teams were preparing,” Teal’c noted.

“Oh, fer crying out loud.”

“He’s not kidding Jack,” Daniel put in, “They also had several Kukri’s, a Japanese Katana, and a stash of what look like Roman Pilum.”

“Not to mention an anti-tank rocket and a flame thrower. They certainly like to have an eclectic selection of weapons,” Cater added. “I asked one of them about it, and all he said was that they liked to prepare for every contingency.”

“Like what, their guns suddenly not working?” Jack was skeptical.

“My impression is that they have encountered foes against which firearms are not effective,” Teal’c said. “There are benefits to melee weapons. I believe the statement is “Cold Metal does not run out of ammunition.”

“What could they be fighting that doesn’t mind bullets but is vulnerable to swords?” Daniel wanted to know.


“Am I the only one who thinks we haven’t been told the full story?” Samantha Finn wanted to know.

“No, ma’am you’re just the only one who isn’t used to being a fungus,” Explained one of the soldiers, a veteran everyone called Silver John for his insistence on bringing musical instruments on every mission.


“Kept in the dark and fed bull shi- oh, sorry Ma’am.”

“I can handle a little profanity, Ballard.” Agent Finn’s expression was wry. “Do you think that the anti-possession tokens we’re using will protect us, Eva?

“I don’t think so,” the unit Shaman said, “they’re intended to keep out invading spirits, not actual parasites that link right into your brain. I can probably set up a detection cantrip though. We’ll know if any of our personnel are compromised, but only after the fact.” Seeing the unhappy faces around her, she added, defensively, “Just a Hedge Witch here. You’d need a much heavier hitter to do a ward that’ll stop a physical parasite.” While Shaman was the formal MOS for all magic specialists in the teams, most of them disliked the designation and used terminology that fit their practice.

“At least he have the sewers closed off,” Riley said, trying to end the briefing on a positive note. “I really hope Seth does try escaping that way, I want to see how the new traps work.” The grins from his team told him that his words had the desired effect. “Okay, move out, we’ve a job to do.”
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