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A Whole New World

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Summary: Whilst out patrolling Buffy stumbles through a porthole and finds herself in middle earth whilst Aragorn comes to Sunnydale.

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Lord of the Rings > General > Theme: In SunnydalemisskittyFR1322,8790132,3045 Jan 035 May 03No

Aragorn goes to Sunnydale

Strider stood and looked around him. There was no sign of the remaining hobbits and he had no idea which direction Rivendell was. He began muttering under his breath as he cursed himself for getting lost. “You are a ranger on a very important mission and now you are lost,” he slurred, “now what are you going to do?” None of the surroundings looked familiar to him. The last thing he remembered was watching Arwen leave with Frodo to escape from the wraiths. Now he was in a strange opening littered with graves. He began trudging towards a path, which lay ahead of him. He was sure the hobbits couldn’t have gotten that far away from him.


“Hey Buffy are they all gone?” Xander said slowly appearing from behind a gravestone. He turned and walked straight into a tall man who did not look too pleased. “Hi. Your not Buffy.” The man pushed Xander away from him and drew his sword. “Nope definitely not Buffy,” Xander whispered.

“Who are you and why have you kidnapped me?” The man demanded.

“What?” Xander asked,

“Whom are you working for?” he demanded again advancing towards Xander.

“Well I’m not to sure I want to tell you,” Xander gulped, “Who are you?”

“I am Strider, a ranger on a very important mission, which you are preventing me from doing where am I?” He replied elevating his head as he spoke, “If you do not tell me I will be forced to find some other way to get it out of you,”

“R-i-g-h-t. Giles!”


Strider suddenly looked up and around. He looked as though he was preparing himself for a battle. This strange man in weird clothes, which had funny patterns on, had begun hollering at the top of his voice for what Strider guessed to be back up. He did not know what to expect but he knew it would not be good. As he scanned the surroundings another man appeared, he was weirdly dressed as well; his clothes were similar to the first mans clothes but not as colourful. Strider cried suddenly and lunged at the new man knocking him to the ground. “You are the leader?” He growled, “Where am I?”

“Giles!” Another voice cried. It sounded like a woman.

Aragorn raised his eyes from Giles’ face and looked up. A woman with red hair had appeared, she was muttering something and Strider couldn’t tell what. She looked at him quickly her eyes blazing black and a spark of green light shot towards him knocking him off the man on the floor. Strider lay dazed for a moment he had not expected magic. He rolled over and picked up his sword. Clambering to his feet he stood tall ready to pounce. Plus he was really angry now.


“Giles are you ok?” Willow said helping him off the floor.

“I’m fine but I don’t think your magic has stopped him.

Willow turned around and came face to face with the man who had attacked Giles. He looked ready to explode with anger and suddenly Willow thought, “Where’s Buffy?” She looked up at the man, “Hi, you probably want to eat me right now but I have news for you buster…”

“Enough!” Strider interrupted through gritted teeth, “I have had enough of your games. You foolish disguise doesn’t work Saruman!”

“What?” Willow stammered, “I…I don’t know what your talking about,”

“HA! Your magic gave you away old wizard,”

“Pardon me but it seems you are as confused as we are,” Giles said stepping up beside the red head, “Ok Willow I will handle it from here. If you would just put that sword away…”

“Never! Not until you tell me who you are.”

“My name is Giles, this is Willow, Xander and over there Tara and Anya,” Giles said gesturing towards a gravestone behind him, “and you are?”

“My name is Strider, I am a ranger on a very important mission,” he replied. He still held his sword in front of him. It just balanced there as though it weighed nothing at all, “Where am I? Why have you brought me here?”

“You are in Shady Hill cemetery in Sunnydale, and WE did not bring you here,”

“Well someone did and if it was not you who was it?”

“Well we do not know that, but if you come with us we can try and find out,” Giles offered,

“It is a trick,” Strider told himself. “If this is a trick…” he began,

“No trick,” Willow assured him,

“You could just tell me in which direction Rivendell is,”

“Where?” They all asked.

Aragorn stared at them blankly, how could they not know Rivendell? They could be bluffing. He had no choice now but to follow them. “Very well I will come with you. Where are the horses?”

“Urm no horses,”

“Then how will we get to wherever you wish to take me?”

“By car, this way,”

“What is a car?” Strider asked sheathing his sword and running after them.


October 18th 11.02pm

After exiting the cemetery, the Scoobies and myself had to tackle Strider after he insisted that a black car was a new breed of orc whatever that was. He certainly is a strange character and it has now appeared to me that he is from another dimension completely different from our own. His dress and his sword are evidence to this and I find it quite intriguing. Buffy has still not appeared though we are not worried about her. Probably off gallivanting with Spike. Oh well can’t help the young and their strange attractions.

Giles looked up from his diary, which he always kept close by for any peculiar happenings, he and the other Scooby members had managed to get him inside the shop without him breaking anything. He had wanted to stay outside and inspect the ‘people transporter’ but that would have involved dismantling his car. Now Strider sat with his eyes glued to the light in the middle of the Magic Box table every now and again muttering Elrond and magic in a box. He had agreed, (after much bribing with chocolate and promising to take him out on the town) to let Giles have a look at his sword and Giles took it and was waving it around like a child with a new toy.Willow and Tara were keeping Strider company at the table while Anya continued with business as usual. Xander had run to Buffys’ house to collect Dawn and to see if Buffy had returned there. A great shrill rung out and Strider stood quickly, “Orcs!” he shouted grabbing Willow and Tara by the arms, “hide yourself we are under attack. Mr Giles my sword!”

“Urm Strider it is only the phone.” Anya said walking towards the wall by the till. “Magic Box. Your one stop spot to shop for all your occult needs, how may I help you?” She asked into the receiver.

Strider stopped trying to stuff Tara and Willow under the table and watched in awe as Anya had a conversation with a piece of plastic. “Thank you for shopping with the Magic Box,” she said replacing the receiver. Strider rushed over to her and poked the phone. Nothing happened so he picked up the receiver. “Hello?” He asked, “Hello?”

“No you have to dial a number,” Anya said, “look I’ll show you.” She began punching the keys on the wall and then she motioned for Strider to listen. He pulled the phone to his ear slowly; He heard a ringing noise and then heard a quite voice on the other end. “Hello,” it said,

Aragorn jumped backwards, “h…he…hello?”

“Hi?” the voice said,

“I am Strider, ranger from Middle Earth and you are?”

“Dawn,” the voice said,

“Well Dawn how long have you been trapped in here?”

“What?” She asked, “Devon is that you again?”

“No. I told you it is Strider,”

“I’m hanging up now Devon,” there was a small click and then a dull monotone tone that continuously played.

“Hello? Hello? Dawn?” He hit the phone against the wall, “hello?”

“Oh she hung up. Never mind at least now you know how the phone works you can go away,” Anya said trying to shove Strider away, but he had already started dialling random numbers.

Willow and Tara watched in amusement as Anya tried to coax the phone away from Strider while he kept dialling random numbers and saying, “hello. My name is Strider from Middle Earth. I am looking for Dawn. Do you know where she is?” Eventually Anya pulled the phone from the socket and then shooed him away cursing.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Whole New World" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 May 03.

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