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A Whole New World

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Summary: Whilst out patrolling Buffy stumbles through a porthole and finds herself in middle earth whilst Aragorn comes to Sunnydale.

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Lord of the Rings > General > Theme: In SunnydalemisskittyFR1322,8790132,3045 Jan 035 May 03No

A Whole New World

Hi my names Natalie and this was my second attempt at a fanfic. It seems to be doing well at but when the offer came up to post on a Buffy crossover site I thought "why not" so here is the first chapter.. I hope you like it. If it gets a good response I'll post up

A cloud of dust exploded around Buffy as she slammed a wooden stake through the vampires’ chest. She whirled around quickly as another vampire approached her from behind.
Ducking his punch she pushed him past her and smacked the stake through his spine. The dust swallowed Buffy and she coughed preparing herself for her next battle

The growling vampires’ circled her, “Ok,” she said, “who wants to be introduced to Mr Pointy first?” She surveyed the circle of vampires but none moved. Buffy looked at her stake, “guess we’ll have to pick.” She lunged forward grabbing the nearest vampire by the shoulders.

The full force of the impact threw the vampire of balance and it, plus Buffy, began toppling to the floor. The remaining vampires charged towards the fighting pair, stopping dead as a rip of light appeared in the sky.
Buffy and the vamp fell right through the rip of light disappearing from sight. Cautiously the vampires approached and seeing nothing jumped through as well.
Once they had passed through the light it vanished but at the same time another, this time a different colour, opened and a tall ruggedly handsome man carrying a sword fell through landing by the nearest gravestone.

Buffy and the vampire landed with a thud on the ground. Standing quickly and assuming her fighting stance she waited for the vampire to attack. Suddenly she felt wrong. Something was bugging her but she couldn’t quite place it.
The vampire had risen from the floor and attacked Buffy; she raised her right hand and blocked his kick using her left arm to thrust upwards and break the vampires nose. Screeching he raised his hands to his face. Buffy leaned forwards and jammed the stake through his chest.
He exploded and the dust fell settling on the floor.

“One down, three to go,” she sighed as the last vampires advanced on her.

Buffy and the vampires fought. Punches and kicks were thrown in all directions until eventually there was just one vampire left. They circled each other; the vampire baring his fangs and Buffy right arm raised with Mr Pointy aimed directly at the heart.
The vampire hit Buffy so quickly that she was unprepared. Mr Pointy flew from her hand and landed somewhere nearby. The vampires other fist uppercutted Buffy and she flew backwards hitting a tree. The vampire approached Buffy slowly and stood between her and Mr Pointy.
Looking about her she noticed a low branch and pulled at it. A small piece broke off and she thrust it upwards; looking shocked the vampire reached to his chest as he disappeared in a cloud of dust.

Retrieving Mr Pointy, Buffy brushed herself off and looked around, “what the…?” she whispered.

* * *

Buffy stood in a clearing in the middle of a forest. As far as she could see in all directions were trees. No sign of the graveyard anywhere. “Great,” she muttered pulling leaves from her hair, “not only do they mess up my hair, they get me lost.”
Buffy turned and began heading away when she heard the sound of metal slide against metal. She stopped, “now what?” she sighed then she turned around. Standing by the edge of the clearing stood four tall men with pointy ears.
Their long brown hair was braided behind their heads and they were looking very menacing. Each of them held beautiful swords, which were all pointed towards Buffy.

“In the name of Lord Elrond you are to come with us,” one said.

“What?” Buffy laughed, “Who are you?”

“We are the soldiers of Rivendell, protectors of the house of Elrond,” another said.

“We have been ordered to apprehend you and bring you to the Lord.”

“I haven’t done anything. I don’t even know where I am.”

“We have told you,” one said impatiently, “You are on Lord Elronds land.”

“You desecrated some of the living creatures that reside here.”

“What? I didn’t…” Buffy began.

“You pulled a branch from a tree,” one said as though it was totally obvious.

“No more talk you will come with us.”

One of the men sheathed his sword and headed to Buffy. He picked up her left arm and began to bind it with some rope. Buffy punched him with her free hand as hard as she could.
He staggered backwards and drew his sword again. Then in unison all the men charged Buffy.


A tall proud man rode along a path that was shaped into the forest. He was carrying a large round shield and was humming happily to himself. Suddenly he heard a yell and the sound of metal against metal.
He turned his horse and cantered in the direction of the noise. As the noises grew louder the man slowed his horse down. As he did a figure came flying out of the trees and flew past him very narrowly missing his head.
“Whoa!” He cried and jumped down from his horse grabbing his sword and shield. He bent over the fallen figure and made sure he was alive. “A soldier of Rivendell,” he said running into the clearing. He was just in time to see another soldier fly past his head.
He ran forward and came face to face with a beautiful pale young woman. She stood with both her arms raised her hands balled into fists. “Fear not milady! I will protect you! Point me to the danger,” the tall proud man cried scanning the clearing.

“Huh?” Buffy said.


Whilst she had been fighting the pointy-eared men another man had entered the clearing. He looked different; his hair was shorter and blonde, he had a goatee and his features were not as delicate.
She also noticed that aside from being dressed funny (like the pointy-eared people) his sword was not as pretty and he carried a hefty shield. The man returned to look at Buffy. He looked down at her left arm and saw that it was bound.

“You did this?” he asked her nodding to the fallen men with pointy ears.

“Yes,” she answered, “but only because they tried to grab me.”

“But…but you are a woman,” he stammered

“I’m surprised you noticed under all this dirt,”

“You must have damaged some land. But you are a woman.”

“I think we established that already,” Buffy grinned.


He looked at her in astonishment. She was very pretty…and strong. He coughed to clear his mind. “I must take you with me,” he said sternly.

“I’m not going anywhere,” Buffy said firmly, “I haven’t one anything wrong,” she said assuming her fighting stance.

The man looked down at her and laughed. “What’s so funny?” she asked angrily also noticing how much taller then her he was.

He laughed harder. “ I am sorry but you attacked soldiers and now you want to fight me!” He boomed, “you are little and a women,”

“They attacked me first,” she growled. He was beginning to annoy her.

“If you come with me…” he began but Buffy turned and walked away. “Hey!” he called.

She didn’t answer and continued walking away. Rolling his eyes the man ran after her, he grabbed the trailing rope that was attached to Buffys’ hand.


Buffy felt her hand being jerked backwards; she turned to see the tall man behind her. Buffy reached up and smacked him around the face. Stunned he let go and reached to his face.
“You are strong for a woman, but I am taller,” he mumbled, “Please behave while I take you to see Lord Elrond.” She was very very attractive, “don’t think like that,” he told himself,
“she is a criminal, but she is very beautiful and strong.NO! he shook his head. Buffy looked at him strangely then kicked him in the shin. “OW!” he cried clutching his leg.
Buffy punched him in the face and he stumbled backwards. He tried to grab her again but she turned around and kicked him right between the legs. “Urlmf,” he squeaked falling to his knees.
Buffy turned back and nearly tripped over a little hairy man with an axe. At this another tall man with long blonde hair (who had appeared from nowhere) grabbed her hands and tied them together before she could do anything.
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