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The Destroyer

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Summary: He was the son of two vampires, gifted and tormented by the life he was born into. That doesn't stop him from having an impact on others. Connor centered FFA's. Connor/Chris (Charmed), Connor/Mac (Veronica Mars), Connor/Jo (Supernatural)

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Guardian Angels (Chris *Charmed*)

Title: Guardian Angels
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
FFA Pairing: Connor/Chris (Charmed)
Spoilers: Ats season 5, Charmed season 6
Summary: Chris has saved Wyatt and now its time for him to go back to the future, first he must say goodbye to his charge and friend, the son of two vampires.

A/N: So I am trying my hand at some Connor based FFA pairings but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop my Buffy centered ones. I love Connor and there are so many great FFA’s for him I am going to try to snatch them all up before someone else. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

“So that’s it?” Connor asked softly packing the sword into the duffle bag he carried as he picked up his stuff. He had been staying in the small room in the club P3 for about a month; after his father had disappeared he had headed to San Francisco for a new start in an old life.

Chris gave him a tight smile as his eyes surveyed the small room he had called home for over a year “Yeah we think so.” His voice was tired and the smile was weak.

Connor hadn’t been fighting alone. He had been introduced to a whole new world of demons and magic and it had been Chris who had guided him through it. Connor was his charge and they had become friends if not brothers.

He had been staying with Chris as he had tried to work through things he rather not remember, who he was, what his purpose in life was.

Connor knew all about Chris’s mission. How he had come back from the future from stopping his twice blessed older brother from turning evil, at first he had scoffed at the idea but Connor wished maybe someone would have done that for him. The things he had done, two sets of memories and the knowledge that the on he preferred was fake.

Connor had helped Chris in his own way, he had watched Wyatt. He had even learned how to vanquish demons with potions and spells because apparently he was even more unusual than he thought.

Chris and Connor stared at each other and Chris offered his hand, Connor clasped it letting himself be pulled forward into an awkward hug and Chris’s muttered words “Take care of yourself okay?”

Connor drew back a stiff smile on his face as he tried not to feel anything “You too, I’ll check on baby you and Wyatt.”

At that Chris grinned sharing a secret “You better, the Elders are going to make you our Whitelighter.”

“But I’m not….”

Chris dismissed the protest rolling his eyes “Yeah they’ll take care of that, looks like I really did change the future.”

Connor snorted feeling the panic he had been feeling easing, he wasn’t losing another family member, not really. “Yeah looks like.”
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