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For Freedom!

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Summary: Freedom Force and BTVS crossover Xander decides to be original and dresses up the gang as character's from the tactical RPG game

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First Day

Disclaimer-Irrational Games owns Tombstone and Nathan Graves,Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own BTVS, Fist of Death is a generic four-color fantasy martial art attack.

Alexander Harris made it home, upon arrival; he went to his bed in the basement and collapsed.

He fell into a horrific nightmare; he came home to find the door open to his house and saw his wife lying in a pool of blood.

He remembers being silent when the police arrived, arrested and then arraigned him. He remembered being quiet while he was sentenced to die.

He remembered being silent during his longest walk, while they strapped him into the chair and placed the sponge and helmet on his head. Then he remembered before he died seeing his wife's murderer.

He screamed and struggled, but the warden still pulled the hood over his face. Electricity surged through his bones, but instead of killing him it connected him with the grave. He burst his bonds and pointed at his wife's murderer.

"No more shall the innocent suffer while the wicked prevail. So says Tombstone!"

He remembers the bullets passing harmlessly through him and then passing through the glass that separated him from the gallery.

He remembers lifting his wife's murderer by the throat and asking Why?

The dream fades out and he sees a man.

"I see I'm in the body of a boy, you shouldn't have to experience all of what I have; I've seen you've had more than your share of pain. Well, since I'll be sharing your skull for a while I guess I better introduce myself, I'm Nathan Graves. I know that right now this is you getting used to me so I'll keep talking to take your mind off of the physical pain.

As far as I could tell it was Halloween, I volunteered for monitor duty at the Freedom Fortress when I was possessed by you. Freedom Fortress is the base and home for Freedom Force; the superhero team I'm a member of. Normally, my talents were not needed; my talents lay in death and the dispensation of justice. So this was going to be my last period of monitor duty for a while.

Right now, this change is probably sending out a beacon to the Fortress in Patriot City where Mentor is monitoring for me. I'm going to pull you into the dreaming part of your mind in order to teach you some basic abilities of Tombstone, you'll undoubtedly find an affinity for learning my other skills and I'll be in here whenever you need my help.

Xander was in a spartan dojo, where Nathan stood attired in a loose suit. "Howdy, first I'm going to teach you my Phantom Punch and how to tap into the spirit world, both to guide spirits back to their body and to possess people for a short while."

"Whoa! No not going to be possessing anybody, see me Mr. No Possess!" Xander yelled while backing away into the wall.

"Well Alexander, you don't have to but its one more way to control my powers, perhaps you'll change it into astral projection or the ability to exorcise these demons from vampires. Personally, I'm not going to be stuck in a body that can't stop from injuring the innocent when the power of the grave waxes." Nathan had a stern look on his face.

"Since you put it that way, Nate. I'll learn; probably not use it." Xander said a little cowed.

"Fine and for Pete's sake don't call me Nate!" Nathan said

"Alrighty Nate." Xander said flippantly

Nathan pressed his lips into a line and reached toward Xander and then froze his hand into a block of ice.

"First power is the Phantom Punch, it harnesses the deathly chill of the grave I was going to be sent to. Next would be my Specter Shots, however I doubt you pistols stayed real; any pair of .45 caliber pistols will do. Third is my Dead Reckoning; fourth is my ability to temporarily bar another from using their powers. Next is my possession ability, along with that I can ignore many mental effects, temporarily revive my allies, bullets and knives pass through me without harm, I can also move short distances between shadows." Said Nathan.

"Sounds like we have our work cut out for us." Xander said

"The powers of the grave take time to master; for years you may know few abilities. Death is a fickle mistress, so you may learn quicker than I."Nathan said.

The dream scape rumbled, and Nathan looked at Xander.

"You wish to wake according to your natural rhythms Alexander, go and wake; I will be here when you think of me." Nathan Graves then turned and walked out of the dream scape.

Xander awoke and got up, the bed groaned with the extra weight being taken off of it. Xander looked in the mirror and realized that he couldn't see his head anymore. He had grown enough to take the mirror to chin height.

He peeled off the costume and put on a brown shirt and a pair of jeans with his shoes. Xander went to walk out the door and walked through it. Deciding that he had to at least attempt to be normal he grasped the knob, twisted and pulled. the knob came off in his hand.

Xander frantically thought of Nathan, eventually he found him talking with the White Knight persona. After explaining about the door Nathan volunteered to at least take over directing the now super-powered young man's body.

Xander directed Nathan in the making of breakfast for his parents and then lunch for himself; for some reason they disagreed over apples and Twinkies, both were put into the brown bag.

Xander then directed him over to school and over to the library.

Nathan gave control back to Xander. "Giles we might have a problem, I think I have some leftover stuff in me." was discarded by Xander right away.

Eventually he clammed up and justified it to Nathan as the girls would try to exorcise him.

Throughout the day; in lieu of classes Xander spent the time in the dreamworld learning from Nathan about controlling his powers.

At the end of the day, he was ready to practice what he had named the Fist of Death; from seeing the poster in a store.

A/N: Next chapter begins the power training for Xander. Reviews are appreciated.

Fist of Fear, Touch of Death is a movie title of Bruce Lee's, the Fist of Death is used in SJ games GURPS martial arts.

The End?

You have reached the end of "For Freedom!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Sep 07.

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