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For Freedom!

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Summary: Freedom Force and BTVS crossover Xander decides to be original and dresses up the gang as character's from the tactical RPG game

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Chapter One

Disclaimer-I do not own Freedom Force or Freedom Force vs the Third Reich that belongs to Irrational Games and Vivendi Universal. BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

A/N: I am rewriting the Halloween episode this may be the start of a series, or even a universe.

Xander was more than dejected. Snyder had told them to be original or it was detention even if they showed. Well, as the Two Dollar Costume King he was undaunted, he only feared for his girls.
Willow would probably go as a ghost and Buffy as something to impress Deadboy.
He could not allow that to happen, he began thinking of archetypes in his favorite thing; comics.

He thought of the Vigilante, the Mage and the repentant Criminal. A few hours later he had sketched costumes. His was the only fully covering, requiring a hood and a pair of toy pistols, Willow’s had a lot of purple and he was sure she’d love the bow on her neck. Buffy would love her caped persona, especially all the fishnet.

Now for the hard part; convincing them all to wear them. Buffy was agreeable, especially when he mentioned His Deadishness. Willow was recalcitrant, especially over her cleavage. In her mind it was far too much, after much cajoling and Oz mentioning; it was done.

Acquiring the costumes and making them was painless, a trip to a new store Ethan’s for the masks and pistols, that cost two dollars; a secondhand shop for fishnet stockings for .50 cents and a sewing store.

Willow was ecstatic and within an hour had finished all three. The jackbooted one ordered them to be at school in thirty minutes. Upon their arrival, he promptly assigned them charges and set them off in the wilds of Sunnydale.

Ethan completed his own costume, and started work on the spell.

A/N-next chapter is going to skip the whole spell sequence. I think we want the meat of this story. 260 words of content.
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