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Xander:the Mage

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Summary: Xander becomes a mage, each chapter will focus on a seperate color.

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Games > Fantasy > Magic: The GatheringrothosFR72957144,4838 Sep 078 Sep 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter 2

Xander: the mage

Simple premise, Xander was inherited the power of a wizard in Latulla’s employ. Emperor format MAGIC. This power was passed through by Jessica Harris and activated by wearing a red outfit on Halloween.

Xander Harris was not a happy camper. His uncle Rory didn’t have the fatigues for the soldier and he’d have to do something else. Going to a new shop Ethan’s; he went over to the two dollar costume rack and quickly discarded the ghost costume. Quickly, he passed over the white, black, blue and green robes. He needed something understated, something that Snyder wouldn’t be able to pick on and that he could easily fight in if the vamps and demons came out.
The red robes were exciting, cheap symbols were done with tacky glue, he definitely liked the idea of fireballs adorning his costume. He took the outfit to the counter and Ethan packed it up. Xander went home whistling with his purchase under his arm while Buffy and Willow were fawning over a noblewoman costume.

Ethan scratched his head not remembering putting that costume out; and then chalked it up to old age and chaos worship. Janus looked down and rubbed his hands with glee, it had been too long since one of Latulla’s pawns walked the universe. At a much lower metaphysical level; Urza, Yawgmoth, Lim-Dul, Latulla and Memnarch felt the urge to sneeze.

Ethan preformed his spell and started cackling in glee; until a large surge of energy slammed him against the wall and caused the bust to glow an angry red.
At that instant; Ethan’s rational mind shut down and he just passed out.

Xander was just rising from the ground where he had been left. His delaying action against Yawgmoth had caused carnage and let the goblins decimate the zombies. Now, he needed to find Latulla’s tent; undoubtedly he would be promoted. To aid in his quest; he summoned a Gargadon to carry him.

After much searching; and dispatching of Lim-Dul’s lackeys; he did not find Latulla’s armies. He took out his Talisman of Dominance which had been passed from generation to generation; a minion of The Necromancer-General himself with blond accents attacked and fell victim to a well placed fireball. As the minion crumbled; the Gargadon knelt. As he dismounted the Gargadon disappeared; blinking twice he summoned Brassclaw Orcs and a Wild Orog he pondered the disappearance, dispatching the Orcs to scout and the Orog formed the core of his army.
Some of Yawgmoth’s energy was eating at him so he cast a simple soothing spell. All of a sudden he felt dazed; he sat down and the spell broke.

End Chapter 2

A/N-I need suggestions for the black color and would also like to know if I should write a sequel. That sequel will be mostly general about the mage including multicolored spells. But review! Please!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander:the Mage" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Sep 07.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking