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The Sightless Halloween

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Summary: The Buffy gang decides to dress up as the characters from Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction

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A Quick Change
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns Buffy and Blizzard owns Diablo 2:Lord of Destruction neither are mine.
A/N: I will be taking artistic license here, and yes some non cannon but it is fun!

Buffy and Co. were headed down the hall when they were “volunteered” by Snyder to escort kiddies on Halloween. Buffy went to complain to Giles dragging Willow with her and Xander took this golden opportunity to make himself scarce. After, his last class, he headed back home, wondering if he would have to take a page out of Willow’s playbook and go dressed as a ghost. He kicked a small pebble in front of him dejectedly, then he saw a small store that sold costumes. He was in luck, as these places usually had sales. He rushed in.

Just as he noticed all of the toy guns were sold out- his luck had finally run out.

Just then, the shopkeeper appeared behind Xander and scared the daylights out of him.
“Hey! Never do that again! Especially in this town!” Xander screamed almost pulling his stake on the owner.
“I’m so sorry for the fright young sir. I was wondering, if I as a humble purveyor of costumes could help you.” Ethan said.

After Xander’s heart slowed down he spoke, “Yeah, I need a costume that looks nice but not too expensive.”
“And what would your budget be young sir?” Ethan asked mentally rubbing his hands together.
“Two dollars and a dust bunny.” Xander said
Ethan really had wanted to make back his investment, but he could let costumes go.
“Ah yes, I believe we can come to an arrangement young sir. A little quid pro quo if you will, I sell you a costume and you bring me more customers. And just because I’m such a nice guy I’ll let you choose any costume in the store.” Ethan said mentally rubbing his hands together with glee. Janus was going to have a ball tonight.

Xander felt drawn to the knight in shinning armor outfit. Ten minutes later, he was walking out of the store, barely containing his excitement. After several hours, he convinced Buffy, Willow, Ms. Calendar, Mrs. Summers, Oz and alarmingly enough Cordelia to dress up. Buffy bought a plastic spear and a red bodysuit, Cordelia a plastic set of claws and a black leather suit, Ms. Calendar a black apron and a pair of red pants, Mrs. Summers found a beautiful purple robe and Oz found a white tunic with a stuffed squirrel on it. At two o’clock, the six conscripted compatriots gathered at the Summers house in costume and headed to the gym. They were handed a motley assortment of cowboys, fairies (or princesses Xander wasn’t too sure) and demons. They went forth for candy-gathering and started Candy weasling 101 when the tootsie roll hit the fan.

Arathos woke up and found himself far from Zakarum, nay even further afield than Khanduras. He heard a scream and began Charging to the scene. He swung his mace and sent the demon flying away from one of the women from King Leoric’s court.

“Sirrah, a noble knight has come to preserve my virtue!” exulted the woman in heavy dress. Arathos charged another fell creature that was attacking a serving maid.
Meanwhile; in another part of Sunnydale. Aritha, woke from a slumber, wondering where she was, it certainly wasn’t the Southern Isles. She picked up her spear and yelled a challenge to a thing that was accosting one of the weaker sex-a man.
Xenia certainly liked this place, it was dark and had a lot of targets, perfect for the Vizq’atar. She slipped behind a blonde vampire and shoved her claws through his neck. And wondered why he was familiar to her as she killed him.

Sclon was perturbed, to say he felt something unnatural happening was an understatement. He was definitely far away from the colleges of Sclosgen. For sure he was not in the hallowed halls of Harrogath. Changing into a wolf, he loped around looking for an answer.

Xuratha was wondering where this fell magic had come from that removed her so far from the Halls of the Vizjerei. There was no time to wonder as she used her telekinetic abilities to scatter the minions of Diablo.

Akara awoke and began preparing for the Darkness, only the Sightless Eye could tell her what caused it, she fell into a trance and could clearly read the name Ethan, the rest was obscured. She knew she had to bide her time before one of the Sisters came to get her.

Rupert Giles was not a happy Englishman, not with his girlfriend pacing around and asking if he was a barbarian. He pinched the bridge of his nose and barely heard her utter the words “Horadric Malus” Deciding that Joyce Summers might be able to help him with Jenny; he bundled her into his Citroen and made his way to 1630 Revello drive.

Akara looked up and saw a strange man come in with Charsi, immediately she understood that the strongest of the Rogue’s had brought her a Champion. Quickly, she spoke to him about her vision and heard him yell about blood raining.

Giles ran into Ethan’s and slugged Ethan.
“Why Ripper, no hello for an old mate? Ethan taunted
“How do I end the spell Ethan?” Rupert asked
“No time for catching up mate?” Ethan asked.
Rupert kicked him, cracking ribs.
“How do I end the spell!”
“Break the bust” Ethan winced.
Giles smashed the bust and was knocked off of his feet by the magical backlash.
When he came to, Ethan was gone. Rupert shook himself off and ran out to check on Joyce and Jenny.

Meanwhile, back at the factory, Drusilla was mourning Spike and planning revenge on the Slayer.

A/N: I might write a sequel. If you have input review!

The End

You have reached the end of "The Sightless Halloween". This story is complete.

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