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Getting Directions

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This story is No. 3 in the series "A New Fellowship". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Legolas and the Sunnydale Crew finally work out the language barrior.

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Lord of the Rings > General > Theme: Post FellowshipslytherinwithwingsFR711,096022,12010 Sep 0710 Sep 07Yes
Disclaimer: Once upon a time, a beautiful elf offered himself to me. Weeping tears of regret, I returned him to his rightful owner. The next day, I stumbled across a few run-away hellmouth survivers. I tried to help them, but Joss slapped me and told me to get my own.

Legolas wondered again where his new companions were traveling to. For that matter, where they came from. He’d picked up a few words of their tongue, but not enough to ask. It was the third night that he made camp with them since the yrch attack. They hadn’t traveled the next day but by the second, Oz was healed enough so they moved on, traveling in the general direction of Imladris. He hoped that they were not hoping to find Elrond’s kin for they had all gone over the great sea.

He sighed. It didn’t matter. He had nothing better to do.

He looked up in surprise when one of the humans sat beside him. It was Oz. The form-changer gave him a small friendly smile and raised a brow as if to ask, “Mind if I join you?” Legolas smiled back with a nod of acceptance. Oz didn’t speak much, not even to the other humans, so paradoxically, he was the easiest to communicate with. A smile, a gesture, a look, these were all that was needed for him to hold an entire conversation. Legolas found that soothing after traveling alone so long with only the sounds of the forest. While he enjoyed the companionship, he was unused to the sound of so many voices.

Whenever Willow found something to excite her, she could put Peregrine Took to shame with her ability to say so much without breath. Xander had a few similar moments, but they were usually silenced by Dawn pressing her lips boldly to his. And hadn’t that been a surprise? Elves were often open with their affections, but after spending so much time around the far more reserved humans, Legolas found himself taken aback by the couple’s expressions of love. Oz had emitted a low chuckle at his expression the first time Dawn had silenced her lover in such a fashion.

“Legolas, do you have a map?” Dawn asked, coming to stand in front of him and Oz.

“No, however, I could draw one,” he answered without thinking, but then looked up in shock. He was certain she hadn’t spoken the language of Mirkwood, and he definitely had, but they had understood each other perfectly. He looked questioningly at Oz. “How…”

Oz smiled. “Willow. Translation spell.”

“Yesitworked, Iunderstoodhim, didyouunderstandhim, andheunderstoodDawn, andhe…” the red haired witch babbled.

“Breathe, Wills,” Xander cut in with a rueful smile at Legolas. “Even with a translation, he might not get that.”

Legolas just started at her with wide eyes. A translation spell? How much power would such a thing take?

“When did you make this spell,” he asked, trying to calm himself.

“Well, I’ve been trying to remember it every since you treated Oz’s wounds, but I couldn’t. So last night I did a medition to clear my head, and then I dreamed of it and remembered it perfectly this morning. I casted it at noon, but takes a few hours to start working, so…” She spread her hands, looking very pleased with herself.

Legolas blinked at the barrage of information, and then shook himself. Well, this power was far more practical than traveling together sans a common language. “So, did you truly wish a map, or were you only testing this…spell?”

“Oh, we could use a map,” Dawn said with a twinkle in her eyes. “But baring that, could you tell us where we are?”

“We are in Mirkwood, the former kingdom of Therandil.” He tried not to let on how much saying that hurt. “If we travel at this pace we will come to the mountains in three days, then further will be Imladris, known as Rivendale, or the Last Homely House of the West. It too has been abandon. Beyond those mountains are only a few human settlements, such as Bree, and then there is the Shire, which is inhabited by Halflings, or Hobbits, as they call themselves.” He hesitated. “May I ask if your business there is important? Those mountains can be deadly to pass. Even the dwarves have abandoned their attempts to retake it.”

His new companions exchanged a round of glances.

“Honestly,” Dawn began. “That told us not a lot. We must really be on a different world. We’re just looking for a way to get home. We just picked a direction and started walking.”

“Ah. I see.” Legolas thought. “You are seeking a way to rip the air again?”

They started. “You know about that?” Xander asked.

Legolas blinked. “I assumed that you knew…”

Oz laid a light hand on his arm. “I didn’t tell them.”


“I had been picking up his scent off and on ever since we came through. He didn’t smell threatening.” Oz cocked his head to the side. “I was right.”

“It’s true,” Legolas assured them. “I had been following you since I saw the air rip. I had to be sure that you were not sent by the evil one. Though he has long since been defeated, it is feared he will find away to return. But if you had been his, the yrch wouldn’t have attacked you.”

Willow was the first to break the ensuing silence. “Well, yes we are looking for a way to send ourselves, home, but it doesn’t have to be in the same manner. Do you know of anyone that could help?”

“Twenty years ago, I would have said we were going the right direction. However, now, there is no one in this way that can help. We should head east to Gondor. The King is in possession of the largest library in the world since the elves left him much of what they did not take with them. And occasionally one of the Istari will grace his court. They are like powerful wizards,” he explained at their confused looks. When they nodded he continued. “It will be a journey of many months on foot, but there are a few places where we might acquire horses between here and there to speed the way.”

“Will this king be willing to help us?” Xander asked.

Legolas nodded. “Aragorn is a true friend of mine, and his Queen Arwen is one of my kin. They are good people and fair rulers.”

“Well, then,” Xander said, finally sitting down near the fire and placing some meat over it. “We’ll let you lead the way.

Legolas smiled. “It will be an honor.”

AN: Well, there you go. I thought about have Dawn with her uber-language skills playing interpretor but that got old fast even in my head, so *poof* magic! Enjoy!

The End

You have reached the end of "Getting Directions". This story is complete.

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