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In the dim womb of some black pyramid …

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Summary: Not all the Goa'uld abandoned Earth. Some were left behind to be found...

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Stargate > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Misc. MoviespythiaFR1312601221,88611 Sep 0711 Sep 07Yes
(Quick disclaimer: nothing in the Stargate Universe is mine, I'm just visiting - and I have no claim on the other guy whatsoever. More's the pity ...)

Somewhere in Egypt, the middle of the twentieth century …

The hidden chamber was dark and cramped, filled with ornate treasures and draped with the rotting shreds of funerary fabric. The intruder threw a flaming torch onto an open patch of floor and then crawled through the narrow opening, cursing as his hat was dislodged from his head.

He stood up carefully – and still caught one of the dangling shreds, tugging down the remnants of cloth and sending several canopic jars tumbling. One of them cracked open as it hit the floor, allowing the captive within to escape. Neb-ta-ankhtet, terror of numberless worlds and scourge of the System Lords, wriggled free, savouring the taste of freedom and the promise of a potential host. He’d waited over three thousand years for this moment …

Movement caught the man’s eye, warning him of danger. He turned and grabbed the nearest weapon – a heavy, gold statuette, depicting a hawk headed Horus – bringing it down with a swift and determined blow. Neb squealed in pain, his tender flesh broken by the force of the attack. A second blow and he was gone, reduced to little more than a smear across the stone.

The man grimaced and dropped the statue, reaching for his battered Fedora instead.

“Snakes,” he muttered, jamming his hat back on his head and picking up the fluttering torch. “Why does it always have to be snakes?”

The End

You have reached the end of "In the dim womb of some black pyramid …". This story is complete.

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