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Calypso's Child

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Summary: He was the child of the sea, only they didn't know. Now it's time for the 'normal guy', the 'Zeppo' to experience the life his hidden. Slash, Multiple partners, Spoilers for PotC3

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Chapter Three: The Arrival

AN: I know that this update has been a long time in progress- and a apologize. at first it was just college, but then i went through a rough ptch in my life that had me looking for a new home when my mother kicked my out over her boyfriend... I am finally settling down a bit and getting my life in order... As such here you go my lovelies... Don't kill me if i messed up too badly.

Chapter Three: The Arrival

Calypso exited the sea in her Elisabeth guise, her child in her arms. She was sure if anyone spotted her on her way to her father’s mansion they would be confused to how a woman of her statue and build could accomplish such a feet. She smiled as she reached the steps.

“Wake up Alex.” She whispered. Alex slowly stirred and she set him on his feet. HE smiled at her and looked around.

“Where are we?” He asked. Elisabeth smiled.

“The governors mansion.. Or my mansion considering my father is dead.” She replied. the doors opened and the butler smiled as he spotted her.

“Mrs. Elizabeth. You’ve returned.” he greeted. She smiled back.

“Yes I have, I’ve brought my son back.” She replied. The butler smiled at Alex.

“Master Turner.” He greeted. Alex smiled.

“Call me Alex. Master Turner is my father.” He replied. his grin crooked as he and his mother entered the house. Elizabeth smiled as she watched her son. she had maintained her identity of Elizabeth for just this purpose, to bring her baby home and see him mated to the two pieces of his heart that resided here.


Jack cursed as he avoided another sentry. He didn’t know why he was here risking his neck, well that wasn’t the truth. He had heard through the grapevine Lizzie was back with her and Will’s brat and he couldn’t resist paying his favorite pirate king a visit.

He grinned in triumph as he made it into the mansion only to be pinned to the wall by a sword.

“I don’t think mother was expecting you Mr. sparrow.” He heard an unfamiliar voice say amused. There was a giggle.

“Alex stop threatening Jack.” He heard Lizzie scold. the young man pulled the sword away and grinned at his mother.

“I was just testing to see if he could evade me.” The young man said shrugging. Lizzie laughed again and Jack got a good look at her as she moved in to his range of vision. she hadn’t aged a day since he’d last seen her.

“Jack Sparrow, meet my son Alexander Turner. I’m afraid he takes after Will’s obsession with pointy objects.” She said, her voice light and teasing. The young man rolled his eyes.

“And you had no part in teaching me how to sword fight.” He muttered. Jack looked in between the two and laughed.

“I can tell he’s Will’s spawn alright.” He muttered. Alexander bowed.

“Thank you. My mother didn’t tell me how handsome you were however.” He complimented, looking at Jack an unreadable look in his eyes. Jack looked at him in shock then at Lizzie, expecting the fiery mother to explode. Only he found laughter in her eyes.

“Alex, stop flirting with Jack, I don’t think he accepts your affections.” She scolded her son after a moment. Jack opened his mouth to protest only to be cut off by the young man.

“Pity, but they never do seem to. I must be hideous or something.” The young man murmured. “I’ll be in my room mother.” He added walking away. Jack watched the slight young man walk away, half wishing he had the courage to call him back. Lizzie giggled.

“Drool Jack, Drool.” She teased. Jack looked at her shocked and she shrugged.

“I accept any choice my son may have. So tell me Jack, just when did you find the spring of immortality?” She asked curiously. Jack gapped at her then shook his head to clear his mind.

“About a year after Will became the Dutchman. When did you?” he asked. She grinned.

“I didn’t need ta drink the waters Jack. Calypso be immortal all on her own.” she said. There was a thump as he passed out and Elizabeth heard a soft laugh. She looked up to see her son looking on from the top of the stairs.

“I think you broke him.” The young man teased. Elizabeth smiled.

“I think I did, but I think you’ll enjoy fixing him. Just don’t shock him to much darling.” She replied. Alex laughed again as he came down and picked up the unconscious pirate.

“He’ll enjoy whatever I do, You as well as I know he was going to say he didn’t mind my words.” He said. She laughed.

“Of course, but then again I always knew he desired your father, and you Alex look as much like him as you do me.” she replied before leaving her son get her old friend situated. She smiled as she walked to the gardens and looked at the sea. One piece had been obtained, only one more and her son would feel the happiness he should have known all along.


Will looked at the approaching land with fond eyes. He had put his one day on land off for years, Lizzie had told him neither her nor thier son were to be there years ago and she’d finally sent word there were home. He knew his wife was Calypso, it was hard not to. His lips curved into a smile as he spotted his wife on the balcony of her home.

“Just a little longer Lizzie, and I’ll be home.” He murmured. He couldn’t wait to be reunited with his goddess and their son.


Jack groaned as he woke, then sat up straight as he remembered Lizzie telling him she WAS Calypso. He didn’t know how that was possible, considering Tia had been Calypso. He’d seen her released, and had experienced her rage. He heard a laugh and looked to see Lizzie’s son Alexander sitting in a chair. He realized belatedly he was on a bed.

“I guess your wondering how mum can be Calypso.” The young man suggested. Jack nodded and Alexander smiled.

“Easy. Tia was a portion of mum, the rage and anger and mystery. When mum died giving birth to me they were combined and mum became whole. You don’t think the original Pirate council would bind that much power in one person. It wouldn’t have been possible.” the young man explained like he was a simpleton. Jack nodded dumbly and Alexander laughed before looking at him with dark eyes full of passion.

“You never got to answer of my flirtations bothered you Jack.” He said, his voice deeper. Jack looked over the boy then leered.

“Of course they don’t. Who would be idiotic enough to be bothered by a striking lad such as yourselves interest?” he replied. Alexander laughed then leaned forward and brushed a kiss over his lips.

“Good. I don’t intend to give you up Captain Jack Sparrow.” He promised huskily. Jack grinned and pulled the youth onto the bed with him, diving back to the plump lips so like his mother’s.


Elizabeth smiled as her husband stepped onto land.

“Will.” She said before standing on her tip toes and kissing him. He wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss, though both could feel things had changed. No longer were they the passionate star struck lovers. They had matured. She looked into his eyes and smiled.

“Friends?” She asked. He nodded and she giggled.

“I suppose we should hunt down Alex. He stole Jack away and who knows how quickly that child will convince him to accept his affections.” She murmured after a moment. Will raised an eyebrow and she giggled.

“Our son has taken a liking to Jack, but I knew that would happen, just as I know everyone of his mates. He just needs to find them himself.” She murmured before leading him to the mansion.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Calypso's Child" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Oct 10.

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