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Calypso's Child

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Summary: He was the child of the sea, only they didn't know. Now it's time for the 'normal guy', the 'Zeppo' to experience the life his hidden. Slash, Multiple partners, Spoilers for PotC3

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Xander-CenteredArtificialDeathFR1543,59485218,15412 Sep 077 Oct 10No


Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, Nor Pirates of the Caribbean, nor do I receive any sort of compensation for my writing, excluding reviews of course. :P

Authors Note: I've always wished Elizabeth was Calypso, but that's the wonderful thing about Fanfiction. You can make it happen. There will be major OOCness with Xander, and the character you know as Elizabeth, but it can't be helped really. I thought I should warn you though. Now lets get to the story!!

They never understood his affinity to the sea, nor the fact that things seemed to happen around him. He knew why magic seemed to go wrong around him, but then again no one had ever seen fit to ask him. He had kept them in the dark on so many things that he didn’t feel insulted when they cut him out, not anymore. There were far to many things they had no idea about and that was how it was going to stay.

Alexander Harris was the wild card. He wasn’t supposed to be there, he simply was. He was their rock, their guidance, their support. To bad they didn’t see it that way. They wouldn’t know until it was to late the mistakes they had made.

For far to long had they taken their gift for granted and now nothing could keep the sea from reclaiming her child and returning him to where he belonged. Calypso wasn’t a goddess to be taken lightly and there would be hell to pay.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking