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On Broken Wings

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Summary: Joyce would do anything to protect her daughter. That’s why when Lex Luthor comes looking for her Joyce has to send him away, even if he is Buffy’s brother. But she couldn't predict her own death and the man that would step forward to protect his sister.

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Fly Away


Title: On Broken Wings
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Joyce/Lionel, Lana/Jason (can and will change) any other suggestions are very welcomed)
Spoilers: BtVS season 3, Smallville season 4
Summary: Joyce would do anything to protect her daughter. That’s why when Lex Luthor comes looking for her Joyce has to send him away, even if he is Buffy’s brother. But she couldn't predict her own death and the man that would step forward to protect his sister.

Author’s Note: It’s been a lot longer than I thought it would be but I recently purchase season 4 of Smallville and have been re-inspired for this fic. In this story I will be covering up to season 6 (possibly 7 & 8) of Smallville and all of the pairings may change or stay the same. That means for Buffy, Lex, and Clark. If you have a favorite now is the time to let me know what it is. Enjoy and Happy New Year!!!

Chapter 5 Fly Away

Lex stood outside the Summer’s residence noting that it had gone through some changes since his last visit. Most notably there was a new door and the window pane was a different color.

He was dressed all in black. He wasn’t making a statement about his clothing choice. The colors had nothing to do with grief and everything to do with his personal style. He would not grieve for Joyce Summers, he hadn’t known the woman well enough and he couldn’t afford to.

He had to care for Buffy, for her grief.

The door opened and he let a small smile play on his lips “I would presume you’re Rupert Giles?” he queried calmly taking in the older man that appeared to be trying to make him disappear through his glare alone.

“And you are no doubt Lex Luthor.” Giles answered his voice just as controlled as Lex’s and he didn’t even bother smiling “I fear it is rather late Mr. Luthor, it would be better if you could visit in the evening.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Lex kept up his friendly façade feeling it crack around the edges “I came a long way. I need to see my sister.”

Giles looked prepared to argue, to deny him entry to the house and to keep him out as long as he could. A small hand slipped on his shoulder pulling him back and for the first time Lex saw the young woman he had been carrying a picture of.

“Let him in.” her voice was soft and her eyes were haunting. This was a young woman that had just lost his mother and Lex could relate, he knew how it felt to have your whole world ripped away from you.

They stepped back and Lex slipped past them his eyes never leaving Buffy’s. He only took note of the other people in the room to determine that they were not a threat to him or his sister. These were her friends. He already knew their names, their families, even their social security numbers. The investigator he had hired had been nothing if not thorough.

He had just asked for enough information to know that they were not a threat to Buffy.

“Buffy,” Lex took a step towards her suddenly feeling overwhelmed with the situation “I’m sorry for your loss.” The words were awkward and stilted. Lex had always valued family. He had strived for years to win his father’s approval before making sure the man was behind bars where he belonged, was still grieving the death of his mother and Julian, he had even made her that his brother Lucas was out of Lionel’s reach.

He had been married twice and both times his wives had tried to kill him.

He desperately wanted a family.

He had one, he had Buffy, and he knew no one could do more for her than him. He could protect her, he needed to.

Her arms were crossed across her chest and even the golden tan she had couldn’t hide how pale or drawn she was. “Thanks.” she murmured accepting his paltry condolences stiffly her eyes moving from him to Giles seeking direction.

It made him curious about this man. Rupert Giles was the librarian of the former High School. There was no reason why his relationship with Buffy should be anything other than that of a teacher and student. Yet here Mr. Giles has willing to fight him over guardianship of his sister.

Perhaps the man had been involved with Joyce. It was the only conclusion that he could come to that wasn’t insulting to Giles and Buffy.

Giles stepped forward taking his place by Buffy’s side and his eyes were filled with disdain as he took in Lex “I believe you want to discuss Buffy’s guardianship Mr. Luthor?”

“To be frank there is nothing to discuss.” Lex dropped all friendly pretenses his voice just as cold as Giles had been. “I have custody of Buffy. I will not be signing that custody away. I have best lawyers in the world on call if you wish to fight me so for Buffy’s sake I am asking you not to. I came to take her back to Smallville and a simple librarian is not going to stop me.”

Before Giles could say anything Buffy spoke up her voice soft and flat “What if I don’t want to?” Lex looked at her sharply looking unprepared. Buffy shrugged under the black blouse “What if I don’t want to go to Smallville? Don’t I get a say in this?”

“Buffy, I’m only trying to do what’s best for you.” Lex argued softly his voice sincere.

Giles had had enough “Tell me Mr. Luthor, how can taking Buffy away from her home and friends the best thing for her?” He took off his glasses his face flushed and his voice deadly “While I may be a simple librarian I do have rather high connections and if you try to take Buffy anywhere I will be forced to call in a few favors that are owed to me.”

“I sincerely doubt there is anything your connections can do to me.” Lex scoffed.

“Then I welcome you to find out.”

Lex gritted his teeth “Don’t I understand know exactly what she is going through. What you could possibly give her? How could you even begin to help her through this?”

“We can certainly help her more than you can. I have done my research on you Mr. Luthor; I hardly think the type of lifestyle you lead is fit for a minor.”

“Guys,” Buffy’s voice rose and she stepped in between the two men her hand touching Giles sleeve softly “just stop,” her voice broke “please stop it.” She looked between the two of them imploringly before her eyes locked on Giles.

“I think I want to go with him, to Smallville.”

“Buffy,” Giles looked stunned, and he wasn’t the only one. Willow gasped and Xander looked close to arguing. Oz just stood beside Willow nodding his head like he understood. Which he probably did.

Buffy looked away from her friends and back to Giles ignoring Lex in favor of her Watcher. “I think I need to go, I have to. Everything here, every place, it reminds me of my mom, and Angel. I don’t think I can take it Giles, I am not that strong. She shrugged looking down her voice softening “I want my mom.” She shook her head smiling bitterly “But I can’t leave can I?” a knowing look passed between her and Giles “Sunnydale needs me.”

She wanted desperately to get away from the Hellmouth. Away from the demons and her duty. She wanted to get away from the familiar streets and cemeteries. In a matter of months she had had to watch Angel walk away from her and her mother had died. She felt like she was dying inside and everywhere she went reminded her that she was alone.

Lex, he was….She wasn’t quite sure of who he was but he had sounded so desperate, so sure that what she needed was to go with him. She wanted someone else to make the decisions. She wanted someone to take care of her. She was so tired of being strong all the time.

He didn’t know she was the Slayer. He didn’t expect anything of her. Lex just wanted her, because she was family, because she was his sister.

“It will make do.” Giles breathed out softly and Buffy looked up at him stunned.


His smile was soft, affectionate. “I have watched you win impossible battles and face terrible odds. I have had to watch you suffer every day and it may be a bit selfish of me but I don’t want you to anymore. We’ll find a way to guard the Hellmouth, go to Smallville.” His voice was too low for Lex to hear but he shoot the bald headed billionaire a warning look “But please do be careful, he may be your brother but you don’t know him, you don’t know the things he’s done.”

A weak smile slipped onto Buffy’s lips and she reached up to hug Giles whispering in his ear “And he doesn’t know who I am either, or the things I’ve done.” Her eyes were still haunted. Giles prayed he was doing the right thing. Buffy was far too young for all the pain and responsibility she had been given and she needed this chance to get away from it.

Now all he had to do was keep this from the Watcher’s Council and find a way to keep his vow and keep the world from ending while she was gone.

The End?

You have reached the end of "On Broken Wings" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Jan 09.

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