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On Broken Wings

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Summary: Joyce would do anything to protect her daughter. That’s why when Lex Luthor comes looking for her Joyce has to send him away, even if he is Buffy’s brother. But she couldn't predict her own death and the man that would step forward to protect his sister.

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His Broken Wings


Title: On Broken Wings
Author: Chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them. Title comes from Martina McBride song.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Joyce/Lionel
FFA Pairing: Joyce Summers/Lex Luthor(Smallville)
Spoilers: BtVS season 4, Smallville general show spoilers
Summary: Joyce would do anything to protect her daughter. That’s why when Lex Luthor comes looking for her Joyce has to send him away, even if he is Buffy’s brother.

Author's Note: I saw this and couldn’t resist. I love doing these FFA’s and while this idea has been done again I wanted to give it a shot. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Chapter 1 His Broken Wings

“I just want to talk with her.” The young man pleaded eyes sincere and bright. He wore casual clothes, light expensive material that was reflected from the silver Porsche in the driveway. The diamonds in his watch was just another reason why he didn’t belong in this part of Sunnydale.

Joyce Summers was by no means poor. She struggled for money every now and again but the Gallery was making a good profit and she owned the house she lived in. The bills were paid in time each month and she could usually afford some extra things for herself and her teenage daughter.

Still, cashmere and diamonds were not a part of the Summer’s household and despite his best efforts the young man at her counter looked out of place.

The first thing that stood out about him was the fact that despite his youth he was completely bald. It didn’t detract to his appearance, in fact it enhanced it. He wore it the way he did the expensive armor.

He was everything she had feared.

“I’m sorry but I won’t allow that.”

“Mrs.Summers all I want is to…”

“I know,” Joyce interrupted him holding up her hand palm first “but I don’t want you to. Buffy has already been through a lot, I don’t want her to be dragged into the Luthor family.” Her words were a bit harsh but she didn’t want to feel sorry.

Buffy had already been through so much, being the Slayer, her relationship with Angel, Joyce didn’t want her to have to find out that on top of that the man she had thought was her father wasn’t. That the man that had fathered her was by far a worse man than Hank Summers could ever be.

Joyce couldn't protect her from the monsters in SUnnydale but she could protect her from a human monster.

Lex smiled sadly his hands cupping the bright yellow coffee mug she had handed him “I understand.” His lips twisted into a bitter smile as he stood “No one deserves to be subjected to the Luthor legacy.” His tone wasn’t sarcastic but sincere and once again Joyce felt a stab of guilt.

“I’m sorry.” Joyce knew it was no consolation but she couldn’t choose this young man over the safety of her daughter.

The smile that graced his lips lost some of their edge “Don’t be.” He reached inside his coat pocket and pulled out a long, white envelope “Just give her this for me,” he offered it to her and seeing her hesitation told her humorously “It’s from my own trust, it’s enough to take care of her if anything happens.”

Joyce accepted it giving him a sad smile “Thank you.” As he turned to leave she told him softly “For what its worth I think she would have loved you.”

Lex pulled on a pair of dark sunglasses an emotion she couldn’t pinpoint dancing across his face before vanishing “It’s worth a lot.” Knowing it was pointless but needing to put the offer out there anyway Lex told Joyce “If anything happens, if you ever need anything you know where to find me.”

He left and the guilt twisted deeper in Joyce’s stomach. Lionel had paid off Hank to claim Buffy as his own and Joyce had let it happen because she had seen the way that man had treated his son. She hadn’t wanted that for her daughter.

Despite that Lex Luthor had turned out to be a man far greater than his father and Joyce knew he would have been a good brother to Buffy; still that wasn’t enough for her.

She would let him walk away and she would put the money in the bank for Buffy.

That was the least she could do.
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