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Harris luck?

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Harris Luck Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander Harris dresses as someone with just as bad luck. Will that turn out to be a good thing? Joyce/Xander

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilTTrunksFR1566,60611921,77713 Sep 0726 Dec 09Yes


Hello all, just a quick note. I’ve started "Harris Luck Story 2: Is Luck Contagious?". It takes place during "Resident Evil 5", with some changes and some interesting things. It’s in a series along with this one, check it out. Ttrunks out.

I was tempted just to add this to the end of the story. But thinking about it I decided that would be cheap, so I went for the extra inning and am going to add a bit of an ending chapter/prequel to this chapter to set up events I felt should have been better set up in Harris 2.


((Eight months later))

The blond man looked at the brunette, a comb in his hands as he slid it back pushing his blond hair back keeping his face easy to view. His eyes covered by black sunglasses. He looked at the man in the suit and said, “So then do we have an agreement?”

The Lawyer nodded, “Yes Sir, Mr. Wesker, Wolfram and Heart will have the “Package” delivered to the Kijuju Autonomous Zone, as well as grant you full control over a few of Umbrella’s forgotten outposts in the area.”

The blond now known as Albert Wesker nodded, “And I’ll ensure the group of protector’s for the Oraboros stone has a nasty surprise.”

The lawyer nodded saying, “How will you get the heroes to the stone though, we’ll need at least one “Battle proven hero” to get past the stones magical defenses.”

Albert nodded his head, “I’ve set up a few mice for an old friend or two, but if your group has any heroes on hand your welcome to add some.”

The lawyer nodded, “Lately a new element has been added to one of our lesser controlled areas, we think he may be of interest to you.”

The manila folder was slid across the desk as Albert Wesker opened the folder and read a smile formed on his face. Nodding his head he said, “Oh this will do very nicely, very nicely in deed.”

The man nodded, a bit of a smirk on his own face as he said, “We thought you’d enjoy testing your strength against him again, though how to get him to Kijuju is a bit of a mystery.”

Wesker smirked, “Hm, you all still have some control over Umbrella’s tactical forces right?”

At the Lawyer’s nod Wesker’s smile grew wider, “Why not get rid of two birds with one stone, having such a strike dealt against their response teams will send Umbrella into a tizzy, while nothing will summon this new Leon like a bullet to the face of his girlfriends.”

The lawyer nodded as he said, “So should we send them with termination orders?”

Wesker smirked, “Just send the teams to the address, I’ll send them the complete orders after I’ve done some checking.”

The man nodded even as Wesker leaned over. Both men shook hands. The man then looked up, “All of the issues are handled Mr. Wesker, enjoy your new plan.”

Wesker nodded saying, “One more thing, I’m not sure if your supervisor’s told you or not but this deal has never happened, too many big players would be beyond annoyed if it turned out Umbrella’s security major, and Wolfram and Heart were seen working with one another.”

The man nodded, “Don’t worry sir, I’ve handled secret negotiations before you have nothing to worry about.”

Wesker nodded turning around only to say so quietly the lawyer could barely hear him, “Unfortunately your bosses don’t agree.”

The man instantly turned white, and reached for the mace he carried, but even as he grasped it Wesker turned around a large hand gun in his hand the man didn’t even get the mace above the table before the bullet entered his left eye socket. Wesker blew the smoke away from the barrel as he reached over and took the man’s PDA. Putting it in his own jacket he sent the tactical team their orders, and strolled out even as he said, “I can’t wait for our Fun, Chris and Alexander.”

The still cooling corpse finally fell from the chair, even as the sound of laughter filled the room.

The end, for now

To be continued in "Harris Luck 2: is Luck contagious?"

The End

You have reached the end of "Harris luck?". This story is complete.

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