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Harris luck?

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Harris Luck Series". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander Harris dresses as someone with just as bad luck. Will that turn out to be a good thing? Joyce/Xander

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Games > Horror > Resident EvilTTrunksFR1566,60611921,79013 Sep 0726 Dec 09Yes

- + - = +?

Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Resident Evil / Resident Evil 4 / Resident Evil movies is a possibility, I also don't own Buffy.

Xander Harris sighed to himself as he noticed Buffy looking at the dress. He had no doubt who it was to impress, looking down at his gun he sighed to himself.

"Damn dead-boy, that is just SO wrong, he's a vampire, she's the vampire slayer. So what if he has his soul, so did Hitler and Stalin, but does she care?" Xander continued on his mild low tone rant, and jumped in surprise when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Man you should be careful, in this town bad things could happen if you surprised someone."

Ethan smirked, looking at the boy. He'd heard stories about this young man fighting alongside the Slayer. Now Ethan wasn't a cold, cruel man, sure he worshiped chaos, but often chaos was a good thing. Looking closely at the boy he said, "Can I help you young man? You seemed depressed and I certainly wouldn't want that."

Xander looked at the man in slight shock, "Yeah all I've got is about two dollars, and was planning on ringing up this gun."

Ethan shook his head. "Boy, now see here you'll never get the girl with that. Let me show you to my more impressive costumes." Smirking Ethan led Xander into a back room, this area had the better costumes mostly from video games and movies.

Xander looked at the costumes in awe smirking he saw one he liked. It was black with "R.C.P.D."
on the front in white; it looked like a bullet proof vest. Looking closer Xander saw a knife on the left side of the chest, as well as a jump suit that looked like it would go under the armor. It also had steel toed boots, and shin and knee guards.

"My boy I think that will go perfect on you, so few people can make it fit. I'll give it to you for two dollars," Ethan said.

Xander gave the man his money and grabbed the very realistic guns that came with the swat suit as he left the store.

((((((((((TIME SKIP)))))))))))))

Later that night Xander smirked, the guy from the costume shop had been right the outfit did perfectly fit him. Some temporary dye he'd gotten from a convenience store on the way home and he totally looked the the character from the game. Checking his side he grinned again, this character was definitely heading to war. He had about eight grenades, two green, two blue, and four red, a red 9 handgun in a thigh holster, a shotgun slung over his back, and even a TMP under his arm. Of course all the guns and weapons were fake but they felt and looked real. Xander grinned as he knocked on the door, smirking at Joyce as he saw her.

Joyce had to take a breath as she saw Xander. "Hello Xander, or should I say Mr. Kennedy?"

Xander's eyes widened. "Joyce, you know the character?"

Joyce smirked in her own knowing way. "Of course Xander and I also know the man he was based on; Leon was amazing."

Leaning in closely Joyce whispered, "And possibly Buffy's real father." Xander and Joyce both blushed.

Xander looked up as Buffy came down the stairs.

"Xander, we're late come on," Buffy said.

Xander nodded and smirked having the oddest feeling this wasn't over yet.

((((TIME SKIP))))

Xander's eyes widened as he looked around. He noticed a woman beside him and silently begged for it not to be who he thought it was. Xander's eyes widened even more as he saw Joyce laying there. He suddenly became aware of the tiredness of his body and faded off to sleep, totally unaware he wasn't wearing any clothes.

Author's note:
Sorry this is just something I wrote up and got some interesting ideas on. There aren't very many Xander/ Joyce stories and I kinda like that pairing. If you want me to continue or think it could go anywhere say so, and I might make another chapter or two. If you didn't like it, or something tell me why, please no flames they're annoying and hurt my feelings.
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