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Train Stop Conversation

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Summary: Fic-For-All: A simple Conversation between two travellers. Jack and Joyce keep each other company as they wait for a train.

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Stargate > Joyce-CenteredinfraredphaetonFR131564051,98713 Sep 0713 Sep 07Yes

For FFA, a short, random one shot.

DISCALIMER: not mine. At all. Joyce is Joss's, Jack is the StarGate guys, and Kakunoshin Ni’itsu is Hiko's alias as a potter from Rurouni Kenshin. The train station might be considered mine, I guess...

“So, what’s your name?” Joyce smiled at the teenage boy she’d found sitting at the train station. They’d just been told that the next train was going to be late. He was obviously on it, because he had sworn under his breath at the announcement.

“Jack. Jack O’Neil.” He winced when he said his last name, but she smiled kindly.

“I’m Joyce Summers. Now why is a nice boy like you here at a train station on your own at three AM?”

“Travelling,” Jack shrugged. “You?”

“I just bought some stock for the Art Gallery I run in Sunnydale. This is the second time my flight was cancelled, so I gave up and headed for the train station. I was supposed to be back yesterday. My daughter will be worried sick.”

“Daughter? What’s her name?” Jack finally turned to face her fully, pulling off his baseball cap so he could make better eye-contact.

“Buffy, she’s about your age now I guess. Maybe a couple of years older.”

“Buffy?” Jack raised an eyebrow.

“Mhm. Her father shortened her name. It was Elizabeth. Beth. Bethy. Buffy. It stuck.” Joyce smiled. “Do you want to grab a coffee while we wait?”

“Sure. Not like I have anything else to do.” He scooped up his battered back pack.

“You never answered my question, why are you traveling, Jack?” They ordered and sat down at a table where the time board was easy to see.

“My uncle, Jack O’Neill, that’s with two Ls, invited me up to his cabin while he was away. I’m on my way home.”

“Is the cabin nice?” Joyce smiled, placing her box on the table.

“Great! There’s this great fishing there, cos he’s right next to a lake, and it’s very cool to hang out at, really peaceful.” He said animatedly, leaning forwards. “So, what did you buy?”

“Well, do you want to see?” Joyce opened the box and pulled out a beautiful porcelain bowl covered with delicate painting. “It’s from Japan. The potter usually does sake bowls, but he did this special rice bowl. He’s very famous, Kakunoshin Ni’itsu. Have you heard of him?”

“uh…no. Sorry Mrs. Summers, I didn’t really pay attention in Art History.” He laughed sheepishly. “It’s pretty though.”

“Thank you. I’d like to think I have good taste picking the exhibits. I was a bit doubtful at first about this one, but…” She tilted her head, looking at the bowl.

“-The 1800 train to Los Angeles California is boarding at Platform 12. Goodbye and Have a Safe Trip-“

“Well, that’s my train!” Joyce packed away the bowl.

“Mrs. Summers, why did you say you were doubtful of your bowl?”

“Well, it’s part of a twin exhibit. The bowl is actually one of a pair, but the other one had a slight chip. I took just this one, but I thought it might be worse off on it own. I think it looks fine. What about you?” Joyce asked as she stood up.

“…It looks great.”

“Well, if you ever come to Sunnydale, look me up, Jack.”

“Will do Mrs. Summers!”


“Bye! Be safe!”


The End

You have reached the end of "Train Stop Conversation". This story is complete.

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