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Twenty Minutes with a Jaffa Slayer

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Jaffa and the Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: What if Buffy's death activated a Potential who was... out of this world?

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Stargate > GeneralcathrineroseFR1317780172,45315 Sep 0715 Sep 07Yes
Twenty minutes with a Jaffa Slayer

General Hammond was waiting for something to happen. It had been quiet for the past two weeks (Hammond believed that the fact that SG-1 was on leave was part of the reason) and he had today in the “when the next disaster happen” pool.

And right on cue the sirens blared. “Unscheduled off world activation”

“Sir, it’s the Alpha Site.”

“Open the Iris”

Bra’tac, Teal’c and several Jaffa stepped through the Gate and made there way down the ramp. As they did Hammond noticed that though most of them were commanders of the different sections of the Jaffa Rebellion, one was a young girl. She looked like she was only 15 or so. She looked like a renaissance Madonna with soft brown eyes, olive skin and long black hair.

“Hammond of Texas, the leaders of the Jaffa rebellion give greeting to the Tau'ri and wish to consult with them regarding a new development in our mutual war with the Goa’uld.”

Five Hours later.

“So what’s the big deal with the sudden development? I’m supposed to be fishing right now.” Jack groused

“Quite honestly I have no idea” Major Davis replied “Bra’tac insisted that he would only tell the story once so we have to wait for everyone to get here”

“Who’s left to come?”

“Just you and Daniel.”

“I’m here. What’s going on?” Daniel skidded into the conference room.

“Apparently there’s been some sort of big break through with the Jaffa. Teal’c was smiling the whole time. If the Jaffa weren’t so stoic, they’d all be grinning like maniacs.” Davis said

As they walked into the conference room Carter, Hammond, Walter, SG-5, SG-7 and SG-3 were waiting with the Jaffa.

“Colonel, Major, Dr. Jackson.” Hammond nodded. “Sit down.”

“So what’s the deal with the snakes?” Jack asked.

“As Commander of the Jaffa Rebellion I present to you, the Tau’ri, Ca’len daughter of Kaufir and Ashta.” Bra’tac said, clearly quoting an old formula “I declare that any and all aid must be given to her should she ask or need it, and that any hindrance to her work will be regarded as an act of war against the Jaffa. So I declare and acknowledge her as the SatakHaSha.”

“The…great…one… kills?” Daniel translated tentatively

“That would be the translation DanielJackson” Teal’c replied “however the more common translation is…”

“… Slayer.” Said Captain Miller, the youngest member of SG-5.

“That is correct”

“Oh, man Riley is going to be cut up. She’s dead. Jesus.”


“I… My… an old friend dated the Slayer, sir. Or the last Slayer now I guess. She saved my life a good few times.”

“But how do you know she’s dead?”

“That’s how it works sir. When one dies; another is called. One Girl in all the World.”

“That is an old title of the SatakHaSha. But Ca’len is the first in many life times of the Jaffa.”

“One Slayer only or one per world?” asked Daniel eagerly.

“I don’t know sir. We… uh… weren’t investigating the mythology too closely, sir.” Miller blushed.

“It is said that the SatakHaSha personally drove Ra though the Chapp’ai.” Teal’c added

“I can believe that sir.” Miller replied. “I’ve seen some weird stuff before I joined the SGC.”

“So this girl is…” Jack began

“Strong enough to take down stuff that would scare the Goa’uld shit-less, sir.”

“Hang on. I remember this. I read it in an old text. The Slayer is supposed to stand against the forces of darkness. Like vampires and werewolves.” Miller smiled at vampires and flinched when werewolves were mentioned.

“Uh yes sir”

“You said that you weren’t studying the mythology. What mythology? Could you contact the people who do?”

“Uh… well sir… the thing is they aren’t too fond of the military and…”

“At ease solider. If you can’t provide the information, we’ll leave it at that.” Jack said

“And naturally we will be providing all aid we can to Miss Ca’len.” Hammond added

“Will she need Tretonin?” Dr. Fraiser asked.

“No. Being the SatakHaSha removes the need for a symbiote.” Bra’tac answered “How ever her aides would benefit from it.” One of the Jaffa, Gerak as far as Hammond knew added.

“The SatakHaSha fights alone.”

“Not any more sir. The last Slayer had a network of allies and she lived to be 20.”

“That is indeed an impressive age.” Teal’c said.

“20! That’s tragic.” Jack protested.

“Most don’t live two months. Buffy lasted five years, sir.”

“Perhaps it would be wise to consider such actions” Bra’tac said.

“Indeed”said Teal’c

I don't own anything you recognize.
My first fic in SG-1.
Reviews are candy.
Beta wanted for follow up.

The End

You have reached the end of "Twenty Minutes with a Jaffa Slayer". This story is complete.

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