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Easy Answers

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Summary: FFA response, oneshot of Psylocke/Illyria, some femslash

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Fred/Illyria-CenteredaxolotlFR151497011,44315 Sep 0715 Sep 07Yes
FFA response. Psylocke/Illyria

I hope I've done this response well enough that the issuer doesn't get too disappointed.

Disclaimers: I don't own X-men or any other Marvel series nor do I own BTVS. There's some femslash hints, y'know like the types of hints you drop to a five year old you want to leave you alone...

I live on the edge of Occam's razor, where the simplest answer is often the best but not always the right one. Life is not so simple, it's tangled and just plain messed up but I guess usually you can boil it down to the little things. The simple motivators and reflexive responses.

In my case it is determining which of these is right, am I the way I am because of some genetic quirk or is it the environment I was raised in. Oh who cares anymore, I am an assassin through and through. The feeling of killing has become pleasurable. I thought once I could tread the good path, play the game, neck with angels, then I met the Shadow King. She was nothing like I had imagined. I mean first off you hear King and expect some menacing male with an ego the size Stark's fortune and instead there is this woman with blue hair, who calls herself Illyria shaper of things and soon to be ruler of our world.

At first I was skeptical- who is this woman to say she will rule the world- then things changed. She said my form complimented her own. A little weird, but she starts walking toward me and I think about making my staff and fighting. Maybe I could take her out. She makes this strange whistling and the world freezes. I still can't be sure if she intended me to see that or if it was some sort of aftereffect of my mutancy, but it was like the Earth was singing, like there was nothing but green. It was like the universe had become a still frame and I could feel, hear and see everything.

She had me hook, line and sinker.

She tells me how my species will be her new children how with us at her side this universe and many others will fall to her rule. She is the shaper and I will be her blade, and her sheath. Whatever she desires I will do because there is just something compelling about her and as we lay beneath the stars, the mangled bodies of those who would oppose us stain the grass a deep reddish brown.

All I can think is sometimes the simple answers are all you need, Illyria smiles knowingly at me and presses a cool hand through my sash pulling me taught to her. The screaming of the not yet dead doesn't even reach my ears.

I will be adding art to this when I scan up the pages for the Karolina/Kennedy story I am working at.
Reviews are appreciated.

The End

You have reached the end of "Easy Answers". This story is complete.

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