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Xander the Psionic

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Summary: Who says that dreams don't come true

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rothosFR1321,0060115,02916 Sep 0717 Sep 07No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Power Training

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns BTVS and Wizards of the Coast owns Dungeons and Dragons and Tremors is owned by Ron Underwood.

A/N: This contains Complete Psionics content.

Power training

School had let out for the day when Auris spoke.
“Well, you’ve got a crowded mind here; an animal possession and it’s a little snappy. Yeesh, and I thought the others headed to that thrice-cursed part of the Prime Material were bad. Well, let’s start that training in the basics.” Auris pulls out a book and lays it on a spectral lectern. Nope, chapter 1 done that already, nope chapter 2 is for me; ah here it is, Chapter 3: Improving on Potential in a Host; first, meditation training then to the powers.”

“Uh alright, the Ohm stuff?” Xander asked not really too clear.

“Sort of; seems like you have the concentration for it. However, I’d like to see how good you really are. You know the mind acts a little differently in meditation; then I’ll teach you to focus.”

Xander quickly made his way home and went down to the basement and cleared out a small space next to his costume for next year; which in light of recent events, he was thinking of scrapping and going as something else.

Xander sat down on the floor and crossed his legs as he concentrated on his breathing.

While he was sitting on the floor, he felt an arm touch his shoulder.

“Thank you for the form Xander, however I’d prefer not to be a burrowing animal.”

Auris said with a little tension in his voice.

“Well I’ll change it when I learn how.” Xander replied stunned that he had manifested a Graboid in Ectoplasmic form; especially when he was a newbie.

“Very well, first we need to teach you to become focused; which should be easy for you. When you start meditating choose something; like that redhead you have amorous feelings for.” Auris said blandly.

Xander looked at the talking Graboid like it had two heads.

“Xander, the subconscious mind reveals more than the conscious is willing to accept.” The Graboid said with tentacles gesticulating wildly.

Xander just ignored the overgrown worm and instead thought of Buffy. Of course; with his teenage male mind, the images started to get dirty and apparently the Graboid didn’t care that his pants were now too tight.

The Graboid made itself scarce when Tony Harris’ voice drifted down the stairs followed by the sound of leather clearing belt loops. Xander lost focus when Tony delivered a stinging lash to his face, then the drunk pummeled at him before falling asleep on his feet and hitting the concrete floor gashing his lip on impact.

The Graboid came out and instructed Xander to regain focus and then touch his father’s face and concentrate on the wound closing. The gash closed and his father vomited up a little alcohol.

Scared that his father would get even worse at his touching him; Xander fled out into the night.

Xander’s neck hairs rose and he slowly turned and saw a vampire vamped out and approaching fast; he had forgotten his stake in his haste and he seriously doubted if he could stake her with his other wooden implement. Auris informed him to hold and concentrate on healing again. Xander started and Dru tackled him, however she screamed when the positive energy hit her form and cursed Xander before she exploded in a big poof.

A/N: Well, there goes a vampire; and any of you yelling at me that 2 hp of pure positive energy couldn’t dust a vampire, remember drinking Positive Energy like Holy water makes a vamp a dust problem.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander the Psionic" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Sep 07.

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