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Xander the Psionic

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Summary: Who says that dreams don't come true

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Chapter One

Xander the Psionic

Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS; that series belongs to Joss Whedon. Wizards of the Coast own Dungeons and Dragons.

A/N: This includes Eberron material

Xander is walking through the hall at Sunnydale High going to a class when he gets a feeling that someone has just walked over his grave. He slides into English class right before the bell and proceeds to the back of the room. He sits down and gets comfortable to sleep. He starts to dream and dreams of a girl running across a blasted landscape; being chased by a slavering beast.

The White Knight charges across the field, bowling over the monster. The girl scrabbles away from the combatants and remains on the field.
Xander hits the thing solidly with a mace that seemingly materialized in his hand. After hitting the thing; it seems to shrink away from him only to come back. The beast responded with a vicious claw attack that though solid; failed to penetrate Xander’s armor. He smote the thing a vicious blow and sent it reeling; only it seemed to drift farther and farther as if weightless. Eventually, the foe was out of sight and Xander turned to the girl. She seemed to hold herself regally; as if she was an Alpha female, with a mirthful smile she spoke.
“I am Arius of Dal Quor. Thank you for saving me from the Quori, sir knight.” She curtsied to him flawlessly.
“No problem Arius, I’m Alexander of Sunnydale; would you mind explaining why I’m in full plate?”
Arius gasped and backed away. “Then you aren’t a Rainbow Knight, as for why it is easy you are in the Land of Dreams, where few mortals dare to venture and even fewer return from; outside of dreams naturally.” Arius said.

“Alexander; I can no longer go back home I’ve been permanently exiled; can I live in your mind?” Arius asked with puppy dog eyes.
“Possession?” Xander asked.
“No, I’d just be occupying a small part of your mind, I’d be a very quiet tenant and I’d be willing to pay rent.” Arius said firmly.
“Pay rent how?” Xander asked.
“Simple inside you is a spark of true power; the power of the mind. You haven’t been trained at all; I can change that.” Arius stated. Really hoping that the Quori wouldn’t come back.

“Fine; English class is almost done. Hurry it up.” Xander said.
“THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU.” Arius simply merged with Xander and the Harris’s son woke up to the bell.

A/N: If you can guess what race Xander is going to become, review. Right answers are great, wrong answers are good and flames are bad.
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