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A day at a time

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Summary: He wasn't supposed to die and leave them behind.

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester(Past Donor)ebonypsycheFR1816800590117 Sep 0717 Sep 07Yes
Character/Pairing: Faith/Dean, past Faith/Sam
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Warning: Character death
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in the story. It's a shame really-there would have more nudity for all.

He wasn't supposed to die. Damnit.

He sat there next to his brother's girl who was idly flicking the damn lighter, like she was unsure if she could take that final step and throw it on to his prone form. She looked like she was giving this the same consideration as she would if she had some type of damn chipped nail or something and was wondering how to fix it.

Not that he thinks Faith would actually be type to wonder about stuff like that.

Dean would have been content to die in his brother's place. He wouldn't have sold his fucking soul if he wasn't. But somewhere alond the way Sam had picked up that same “sacrificial lamb” quality that people often berated Dean for having. If it was any other of his traits, Dean would've smiled, clapped Sam on his back and been proud.

Somehow the fact that it was this trait made him blame himself. Another way that he fucked up.

Faith wasn't saying anything. She hasn't really since Sam died but Dean had hoped she would be more upset when faced with fucking torching her boyfriend's corpse for heaven's sake.

Instead she just throws it on Sam like it's nothing and walks back to the car.

They stick together.

Fuck knows why. Dean's heart isn't it the hunt anymore and he doesn't think Faith's is either. He sees the hesitation before going on a hunt sometimes and once too often almost calls her on it.

After that, it was like she was too into it. Every fight, every kill, every bar that they pull into, and every guy she dances with. Like Sam was nothing and Dean was just her fucking driver.

But he doesn't say anything and he knows she won't either. Instead they just get wind of another haunting and hit the road.


It almost makes sense that they would sleep together.

Harsh cannibalistic growls as they ripped off each other's clothes, high from a fight that wasn't enough to dispel their energy. Dean sucked on exposed skin with the intent to mark. He wants to bruise this slayer and make it last.

Faith has the same intention apparently, squeezing him in between her legs like he was nothing. Hurting him in all the right ways and actually making him feel. Yeah, he's fucked other girls in the past three months but they were just there and it was just an instinct. No pleasure, no fun, no anything. Just sex.

Not that this was fun or pleasurable either. Despite the nakedness and the fact that they haven't actually traded blows, Dean can't help but think of this as a fight. He doesn't know the stakes or the reason but he's determined to win- determined to come out on top. Even as she has him trapped against the tree with bark digging in his back through his jacket. The struggle for dominance as he switched positions, falling with her on the ground so that now he's on top.

“Harder.” Faith panted out.

Dean obliged, knowing that it might mean he had lost a battle that he still isn't sure of but not caring. Because he needs this. He needs it as much as Faith does apparently.

When Dean comes, it's the closest he felt to his old self. It's still not anywhere close, but for one moment it feels like he can maybe move on. He hoped that Faith's hard breathing in his ear as she comes meant the same thing.

To be honest, Faith lives up to his expectations when she's not there the next morning. It makes sense in the way that he finally had something and he managed to lose it again. It's the path he seemed doomed to be on. At least he hadn't grown attached to her.


His cell rings with an unidentified number and for some reason he gets his hopes up that it's her.

What he hears freaks him out a hell of a lot more.


The End

You have reached the end of "A day at a time". This story is complete.

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