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The Boy who lived and the Girl who died

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Summary: Set after book six and season five with some changes. Before heading to find the Horcruxes Dumbledore has one more mission for the boy who lived sending him to get help from the girl who died.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterdreamerzzzFR152536,79243249,38317 Sep 076 May 11No

secrets out

It had all been going to plan. She’d managed to get off all five shots with her crossbow and taken out three vamps and seriously pissed off one wizard. She managed to doge most of the spells until she made it into the circle. She hoped Ron had gotten in undetected but didn’t have time to worry about it or the scorched skin of her left shoulder as she faced off with the twelve vamps left. Quickly staking the one closest she dodged a punch from another the newbie vamps attacking as the older ones stood back watching carefully realizing the danger she presented.

Out of the corner of her ee she saw a floating hand slip a ring onto Ginny’s swollen and bleeding finger as a dagger appeared cutting the ropes that blinded her. She staked two more vamps but was unable to avoid another’s attack.

“THE GIRL!” One of the wizards shouted as Ron dragged his sister to the edge of the circle.

“GO!” Buffy shouted as she used the momentum of the kick the vampire landed to roll between them and the siblings. Reaching into her pocked she pulled out a vial of holy water uncorking it and spraying the approaching group. “NOW!” she shouted as the Deatheaters sprung into action. Reaching into her pocket for her own ring she didn’t see the attack coming she was tackled to the ground cursing as she watched her ring sail from her grip landing well out of the circle her only conciliations being noone seemed to notice and that Ginny vanished before the deatheaters could grab her. Pulling another stake from her boot she took care of her attacker. She leapt to her feet carefully eyeing her remaining opponents.


“Ron....Ron.....RON!” Hermione shouted holding the useless hard of the mirror in her hand “Why isn’t her answering?” she asked near tears turning to Harry.

“Ron.” Ginny croaked blinking wearily as she finally woke.

“Ginny!” Molly cried helping her sit up. “How do you feel?”

“Are you alight?”

What happened.”

“Do you know what happened to Ron?”

“I..” She struggled to get her bearings as her family fired off questions. “What happened?”

“That’s what we’d like to know.” Mad-eye spoke up moving to sit next top the shaken girl. “We need you to tell us everything you remember.”


‘And then there were two’ Buffy thought wearily as she faced the last two vamps left. She’d dusted five others the rest had run away preferring to live to fight another day than face the slayer. But she was tired not that she’d allow them to see it, her whole body ached and she could barely stand. Even if she managed to slay the last two she wouldn’t stand a chance against the waiting deatheaters. If only she could make it too her ring she could get out of there before she died.


She told them how she’d been grabbed from the great hall and forced into Hogsmeade as they taunted her with their plans. “I tried to get away. They kept biting me telling em how good witches taste and how much I’d love being one of them. Then they mad me drink their blood. I didn’t want to, I couldn’t.....I’m going to become one of them now aren’t I? ” She said near tears.

“No.” Hermione spoke up seeing the uncertainty on everyone’s faces. “Not unless you die.” She explained. “As long as you stay alive you wont turn.”

“Are you sure?” Ginny asked hopefully.

“Yes.” Hermione nodded. “I’ve spoken to an expert on such things and you must die with their blood in your system, though I’m not sure how your drinking of their blood will effect you.” She explained honestly.

“Shouldn’t it have you know, healed her or something?” Bill asked uncertainly.

“Honestly Bill this isn’t some silly teenage romance novel.” Hermione scoffed. “Vampire Blood isn’t useful for anything except making other vampires.”

“But you said her drinking it could do something.” George replied confused.

“I honestly don’t know.” Hermione admitted. “But I will find out just as soon as I get in touch with Ron.”

“Ron?” Fred asked. “What would he know.”

“Ron wont...” She began to explain.

“Ron!” Ginny exclaimed. “I passed out I think but then I woke up, sort of and he was there. I think....I think he rescued me.”

“Yes he brought you to the old headquarters, do you remember that?” Mad-eye asked.

“No....I .....We took a portkey I think, it felt like one. I don’t know where we ended up but I remember him saying it would be ok, that he was going to get me somewhere safe and that he had to go back for her, that she’d lost her ring. Then I passed out again.” She said struggling to remember. “I think he went back for the girl who was fighting the vampires.”

“What girl?” Arthur demanded.

“I don’t know who she was.” Ginny replied pensively. “But they did. Something flew through the air and suddenly one of them turned into dust. The woman...vampire biting me said the slayer came to play. She seemed happy about it and then the one in charge said to make sure he present was ready and they made me drink something.”

“Drink what?” Tonks asked concerned.

“I don’t know, it didn’t seem to do anything.” Ginny shrugged.

“And the girl, what else can you tell us about her?” Mad-eye asked.

“She seemed to know what she was doing.” Ginny began hesitantly. “I think she was with Ron. I don’t know.....I was only half conscious and I couldn’t see who it was that was untying me, they put a ring on my finger.” She said holing up her hand showing them the simple silver band. “I think it was Ron...I couldn’t see him.....Why couldn’t I see him?”

“Invisibility cloak.” Harry supplied.

“Oh.” Ginny nodded. “She shouted to go and someone...Ron pushed me through the wards and then the portkey but I don’t know how....”

“The ring.” Kingsley Spoke up alerting them to his presence. “One of three unauthorized portkeys activated tonight.”

“Three?” harry asked hopefully that could mean Buffy also got away.

“Yes two around the time you got in contact with Ron and the third a few moments ago.” Kingsley nodded. “This girl, can you describe her?”

“She was....well she was blonde and not very big. I mean she had to be really strong to fight like she was......but....but she just seemed so....I guess she was about my age, maybe a bit older.” Ginny struggled to describe her. “she was just a girl.”

“Sounds like your friend from the ministry.” Kingsley said turning to Harry and Hermione.

“So you do know her?” Ginny asked as Harry refused to meet her gaze.

“Is there anything else you can tell us about her?” Kingsley asked when neither Harry nor Hermione would speak.

“She was very pretty.” Ginny replied quietly as a shiver racked her body.

“Ginny are you feeling ok?” Charlie asked concerned her Color had still yet to return even with all the blood replenishing potions their mother had forced down her throat and he could see a fine sheen of sweat breaking out all over her body.

“Your burning up.” Molly said worriedly her hand on her forehead.


“You’ve got five more minutes.” Ron said pacing nervously wand gripped tightly in his hand jumping at the slightest noise as he prayed she’d appear. “That’s it times up.” He said determinedly.


She had finished off the Vamps but she was still trapped with no idea how long the barrier would keep up preventing magic but for now it kept them away. None of them were brave enough to face off against her without their wands. Not after the first idiot made that mistake. All she wanted to do was give into the pain and pass out but she couldn’t let them see it, or the fact that she desperately wanted to get to the small circle of metal they’d yet to notice. Gathering her strength to make her final move that would either get her out of this mess or killed. She had to do something before Ron came back for her, even with his help they wouldn’t both be able to get safely away.

“Shit.” She cursed quietly when with a tiny pop he finally arrived.

“I believe you have something of mine.” He smirked walking up to the edge of the ward where she stood.

“Finders keepers.” She shot back.

“You’re becoming quiet a nuisance.” He said annoyed.

“Just a nuisance I guess I’ll have to try harder.” She replied refusing to back down from his stare.

“Tell em where to find Harry Potter and I might allow you to live.” He snapped.

“No Idea.” She shrugged. “And even if I did know I wouldn’t tell you.”

“I know your working with him.”

“Never met him.” She lied. “I work alone.”

“You weren’t alone tonight, you had help.”

“Not his.”

“The wards wont hold forever, once they fall you’ll wish you’d cooperated with me. I think I’ll enjoy hearing you beg for mercy.”

“Why don’t you come in her and say that?” She taunted.

“I’m not as foolish as Goyle.” He sneered sparing his minion’s unconscious form a brief look of disgust.

“Good help is so hard to find.” She smirked.

“Indeed, if I wasn’t surrounded by such incompetence we wouldn’t be in this situation, would we Elizabeth?”

“It’s Buffy.”

“Yes I know, Buffy Anne Summers, formerly Elizabeth Anne Dumbledore, formerly deceased. Three times If I’m not mistaken.” He smirked. “The first can be explained by Malfoy’s utter failure to capture or kill and infant.” he spat disgustedly. “The second is also explainable but the third, well that does peak my curiosity. I wonder how you pulled that one off.”

“Keep wondering.”

“The magic already begins to weaken.”

“You don’t scare me.”

“Come out here and say that.” He taunted as she’d done earlier.

She really wanted to wipe that smirk off his face but knew she wouldn’t come out the winner in and magical fight with him, especially not in the condition she was in. She had enough in her for one last strike so she made her move flipping her dagger at him knowing it wouldn’t make contact but the two seconds he took to doge and throw up a protective barrier was all she needed to launch herself diving between the two stunned Deatheaters to enthralled with their masters presence to react to her sudden move her fingers closing around the ring as she was jerked away before they could stop her.

“Times up.....Buffy!” Ron said relived as he raced over to her. “Are you alright...” He began moving to help her up but hastily retreating a s she rolled onto her knees promptly emptying the contents of her stomach. “What can I do?” Ron asked as he helped her to her feet.

“What do you know about fixing broken ribs?” She asked doubling over in a fit of coughs cursing as she saw the blood covering her hand once she’d recovered. “I think I punctured a lung.” She rasped leaning heavily on him unable to support her own weight.

“I’m bloody useless at healing spells.” Ron admitted remorsefully. “What about a muggle hospital?”

“Fred and George are pretty good at healing, they have to be with all the crazy stuff they get into. ‘I’ll get you somewhere safe and get them. They’ll help and wont say anything especially after what you just did for Ginny.”

“Is she alright?” Buffy asked concerned.

“She was alive when I left her with Dad.” Ron replied the concern evident in his voice.

“Well let’s go find out how she’s doing.”

“What?” Ron asked confused.

“Uglywart showed up right before I got away, he knows who I am and after the stunt I pulled at the Ministry I think it’s safe to say my secret is out.” Buffy explained. “I need someone who can fix this magically or I’m going to be out of commission for a while slayer healing or not.”

“Alright let’s go before they figure out a way to trace the portkeys.” Ron said gripping her tightly as he apperated them away.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Boy who lived and the Girl who died" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 May 11.

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