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Oops, it was an accident...

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Summary: Drusilla / Capt. Jack Harkness (Torchwood) (For the 2007 FFA'S) It's 1917, in the midst of World War One, and killer fairies aren't all Jack has to worry about after he gets off that train...

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Drusilla-CenteredTheHeartistFR181802041,54318 Sep 0718 Sep 07Yes
Disclaimer: Cap'n Jack is the property of the Beeb and Russell T. Davies, Drusilla is owned by the mighty Joos of the house of Whedon. I just get my jollies playing with their toys :D

Author's note: This is a plot bunny that wouldn't go away after I watched the episode of Torchwood with the killer fairies in it, and it's been hampering progress with my ongoing Naruto fic (which I really need to not bring any more verses into, it's complicated enough as it is!) So, here goes...


Somewhere near Cornwall, England, 1917

The train pulled into the eerily silent station, but rather than a company of soldiers disembarking on their way away from the front lines and towards home, a solitary figure emerged, scanning his head up and down the platform before jumping off the train entirely and heading for the exit.

Captain Jack Harkness didn't know what in the hell had just happened, and considering his travels through time and space with and without a certain Doctor, that was saying something. Something...evil had been on that train. And it had just murdered an entire company of battle hardened soldiers. Jack really didn't feel like sticking around to test his immortality, and quickly ducked out of the station, and up the pathway leading away from it, into the night.


"Ooo, the choo choo had a solitary survivor," the madended brunette vampire said to herself, stepping out from behind an arhcyway and spotting the man fleeing the site towards town.

"Those naughty pixies couldn't quite touch him it seems...I'd love to taste a man with such destiny as his," Drusilla sang to herself, slipping out from the archway and following the survivor into town.


Several hours later...

"Gimme another," Jack grumbled, hunched over the bar on a wooden stool.

"You look like you've seen hell, son. Although that uniform says hell wouldn't quite describe it, right?" the bartender said, pouring Jack another glass or bourbon.

"Something like that..." Jack muttered as a reply, before taking the glass and downing the bourbon in one swig.

Why couldn't he just die? Whatever it was on the train had managed to kill an entire company of soldiers, but NOT HIM. Jack didn't exactly relish the thought of having to go through the rest of this war, and then World War Two, AGAIN.

17 years so far, and not a trace of the Doctor. Only he would have the answers...only he could maybe help Jack finally lie to rest.

"You're different, aren't you my pretty?" came a voice from behind him.

He turned around on his bar stool to see a beautiful pale brunette woman wearing a gothic dress that seemed very 18th century. He could sense, about her. And by the sounds of it, she had noticed that he wasn't quite normal either. He'd have to be careful.

"You're not too normal yourself," Jack replied, eyeing her warily.

"Not that, silly," she said, approaching him and draping her arm around the back of his neck ", there are more immortals on this plane than you or I. I see the stars, and they tell me your is grand, it is epic."

Jack smiled ", epic you say? Now that's a fair compliment from a lady such as yourself."

"Now, now, my Spikey would get jealous with talk like that...I just wanted a taste," the lady said, and before he realised what was going on, she sung a well concealed pair of fangs into his neck, and everything went black...


The intense heat woke him. Where was he again? Oh yeah, escaped train full of killer pixies into a bar with the crazy biting lady. He sat up, to see the bar burning down all around him, dead bodies strewn everywhere. In the corner he spied the lady from earlier with a tall hunk of a guy with a messy mop of blonde hair. He quickly got to his feet and pulled out his service pistol. They turned their heads, looking idly in his direction.

"Thought you said you'd drained him dry?" the man said with a puzzled look on his face.

"Not that easy to kill, my friend," Jack said, as he edged towards the doorway of the bar, stepping over the door that was now hanging by one of its hinges. He quickly fired a few shots, hitting the man in the chest before turning and running away from the bar as fast as he could. Crowds started to gather around the inferno, and as he fled the scene, the woman stepped out from an alley in front of him.

Jack quickly raised his gun and aimed it squarely at her head.

"Tut tut. You gave my Spikey a bad boo boo. I only came to tell you...he'll come. You'll have to live out history in the making, my sweet, but he'll come," the woman said, before ducking back into the alley.

Jack ran forward, and turned into the alley only to see that it was empty.

What in the hell was that? Jack thought, rubbing the puncture wounds of his neck that were fast healing up.

He shook his head, holstered his gun, and continued down the path he was on, towards the rest of the 20th century...


Note: Plot bunny defeated!!! That feels better, as always, comment are nice and prettyful please!!!

The End

You have reached the end of "Oops, it was an accident...". This story is complete.

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