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Not a Slayer, but just as Dangerous.

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Summary: She was so much more than he described.

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Television > Pretender(Past Donor)CharlotteFR711,1500101,78418 Sep 0718 Sep 07Yes
TTH FFA pairing: Oz (Daniel Osbourne) / Miss Parker (the Pretender)

Summary: She was so much more than he described.

Characters: Oz, Miss Parker, mentions of others from both BtVS and The Pretender
Pairing: None
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

The woman gave off a vibe that screamed ‘predator’ and although Oz sensed she was purely human, his wolf stirred in response to her presence in the bar. It took all of his concentration to continue playing while fighting his alter. Under cover of his darkened lashes, he watched her stalk to the bar and lean over to ask Richie a question… or three. She showed him something and Oz winced inwardly when he saw the man point in his direction.

He sure missed the other bartender. Now that was a man who could keep a secret. Even freaky ones. Though she lacked the preternatural grace of a Slayer, the woman headed his way reminded Oz of Buffy. She had about seven inches on Buffy, but managed heels in a similar way. Her aggressive attitude was much like Faith, without the sexual overtones; but as she drew closer his heart clenched painfully. The sun shone through her mahogany colored hair, turning it a familiar shade of dark red. His wolf howled as she reached his seated position on the platform and he took a moment to compose himself. Most people wouldn’t have noticed a change in his demeanor and this woman was no different. She stopped at the edge of the platform and Oz was thankful she couldn’t get closer without taking a step up. Her foot started tapping with impatience and Oz waited a few seconds before raising his eyes to her face.

‘Icy blue.’ was his first thought and a shiver went through him as her cool demeanor washed over him. The wolf struggled again. Fight or flight and the only way Oz could placate it was to promise they would leave quickly. Just as soon as he could safely get away from this woman. She thrust a picture under his nose and Oz started. Jarod’s face was there in black and white. It was obviously an institutional setting and the lack of animation in the man’s face left the picture flat and lifeless.

Oz had no choice but to take hold of the picture when she thrust it into his hand.

“The bartender said you know this man.”

Oz looked up at her and raised his eyebrows. “And?”

Her eyes narrowed and if he concentrated, he could hear her teeth clenching.

“Do you know where I can find him?”

The picture was giving him the wiggins and he handed it back to her. “No. Sorry.”

He could tell she thought he was lying and any other time, she would have been right. If this was the woman Jarod had warned him about, Oz would have answered the same even if his friend had been hiding in the back room. She inspected him carefully and her attitude reminded him of the scientists at the Initiative. Yeah, it was time to move on. Seattle was lookin’ real friendly about now. She turned and growled in frustration as she stalked off and then Oz remembered the favor Jarod had asked of him.

“You Miss Parker?”

She stopped; her back rigid with controlled violence and Oz was thankful Sheriff Wilkins was taking his lunch break in the far corner. She turned back to him with an impatient glare. “Yes. I am Miss Parker. Did he leave something for me?”

“There’s a box under the bar for you.”


‘If I have to trudge through one more dinky half assed town… Well Jarod’s going to pay one way or another.’ Miss Parker thought to herself. She reached the bar and snarled at the server. “There’s a box under there with my name on it. Give it to me now so I can get the hell out of here.”

The nervous looking man did as he was told and passed her a medium sized box that clinked as she wrenched it from the bar surface. When she looked back at the ‘stage’ the strange looking musician was gone. Any other time she would have sent a man after him, but she had sensed something different about him. Warning signals had started going off as soon as she stepped through the door into the bar. Not the usual ones that told her when her quarry was nearby, but the ones that told her when it was time to leave something alone. Most times her instincts were the only thing that pulled her ass out of the fire and she had learned to listen closely. It wasn’t the first time someone had affected her in this manner. The last time had involved a strange dark haired woman. A shot to the head solved that problem and she had left the area immediately. It had bothered her for a moment that there had been no mention of the murder in any of the papers, but Parker had chalked it up to the superior cleaning crews provided by The Center.

She hauled the box to her car and set it on the trunk before wrenching it open. Inside was the usual red notebook surrounded by beer bottles and a few CD’s. The beer looked to be locally brewed and all but one of the CD’s were popular bands specializing in classic rock. The odd man out was a band called ‘Dingoes Ate My Baby’. Hmmm… the bassist on the back looked familiar.


Thankful the bar’s owner had paid him already, Oz cleared out of the room he had been renting in record time. It helped that he traveled light and kept his important stuff stored in a lockbox in the back of the van. When he climbed in behind the wheel, he noticed a box sitting on the passenger seat similar to the one Jarod left for Miss Parker. Oz wasn’t surprised the man had been able to leave it in his van unnoticed. He opened it and found replacements to the supplies he had had to use while helping out Jarod the week before and a note with instructions on how to get him a message should Oz ever need his help. He had no idea who this Sydney was, but Jarod would be better off if Oz never had to contact him. That Miss Parker looked like she was relentless and Oz had no desire to assist her in her quest to capture his friend. The man’s quiet spirit had been a calming influence on his wolf and someone like that was desperately needed in this world.

The paper burned in a flash and Oz crumbled the ashes; allowing them to drift on the wind.

Yeah, Seattle looked good for his next stop.


EDIT: A/N: Wow! Can I express my awe at recieving 58 hits in like thirty minutes? **cough cough comments would be icing on the cake y'all!

The End

You have reached the end of "Not a Slayer, but just as Dangerous.". This story is complete.

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