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Dino Turmoil

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Summary: The God-King spots a warrior with potential. Illyria/Kira non-romantic pairing for the FFA

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Television > Power Rangers > Power Rangers Dino ThunderDocFR1365,4745267,02619 Sep 078 Mar 10No

Power Rangers Meet Illyria

Well, here we go. Thanks for the reviews, guys. Hoping for a lot more (hint, hint)

Disclaimer: Nope, still don't' own them.

One week later

She watched as the Rangers engaged their opposite, the evil White Ranger. The figure snorted in disgust. The fool couldn't even control his power. It controlled him. Granted, it had been modified. She could see that for herself. Still, she had never witnessed a more weak willed being. Truly pathetic.

Her eyes narrowed as he drew up his weapon, drawing hundreds of Energy Arrows in the air. Enough of this, she thought as she strode forward, her human guise falling away, her hair gaining blue highlight, her skin and her eye going the same colour. It was time to introduce herself.

“Say goodbye, Rangers,” Trent sneered as he released his volley of arrows.

They would never hit their intended targets.

Instead the arrows impacted on the leather catsuit of an odd, blue haired, blue eyed woman. Even her skin had shades of blue.

“That will be quite enough of that,” she said as the arrows rained down on her, having absolutely no effect. As if to add to the insult, she caught one of the arrows in her hand, examining it curiously. “Most impressive. I would not have thought one as weak as you would be able to pull off this level of energy manipulation.As pathetic as the constructs are.”

“Weak?” He growled, charging forward. “I'll show you weak!” Without so much as pausing, the figure threw the arrow at him. Trent went flying back as he was hit with far more force than he had ever been able to put behind the arrows. The figure strode towards him purposefully, picking him up by the throat without pause.

“Listen carefully, mortal,” she hissed. “For I am nothing like those you have faced before. I am Illyria, God-King of the Primordium. In millenia passed I ruled this world with powers you have never witnessed. It was me and mine that created the creatures you called dinosaurs as pets and weapons of war. It is I who pulled the meteor you blame for their destruction out of the sky, I who shaped the Stones of Power you use in your...morphers,” she held him above her head by the throat not even breathing particularly hard as the other Rangers stood back, watching in shock. “You are no more a threat to me than an ant would be to you. I could destroy you now, with ease, and pass the Stone to one far more suitable. You do, however have your...uses. You will make a fine practice dummy for my student,” she dropped him with less thought than one would drop a piece of dirt, turning away without concern. Trent got to his feet and roared in anger, charging at her back.

In one swift movement, before any of the Rangers could utter a word or make a move, she spun, one hand held out to him. “Dra'gesh lathorn!” She yelled, sounding every bit the command it was. In a flash of white light, Trent was stripped of his Ranger form, falling at her feet from the shock. She squatted in front of him, gripping him by the hair and pulling his up to look at her. “I have just cut your connection to the stone,” she whispered. “It is, unfortunately, temporary, but for 24 hours you are powerless. Attack me like that again and you will not live to regret it. Now, leave.”

“You'll regret this,” Trent snarled, crawling to his feet. Illyria sneered at him.

“I already regret letting you live, insect,” she hissed. “Would you like me to rectify that mistake?” Trent sneered scrambling to his feet and running quickly away. Another time, he thought. “What a truly pitiful worm,” Illyria said distastefully.

“Okay, how the heck did you do that?” Conner said. Illyria turned to face them.

“It was not at all difficult,” she said contemptuously. “His mastery of the Stone's power is less than impressive. I truly have seen more powerful vampires.”

“Did you just say vampires?” Ethan asked. Illyria cocked her head to one side.

“You do not know of such things?” she asked. The Black Ranger, their mentor as far as she cold tell stepped forward.

“No Ranger team has had any long term run ins with vampires,” he explained. “We assumed they were monsters that resembled vampires and that the real thing didn't exist.”

“I see,” the Old One said, pursing her lips thoughtfully. “Humans truly are blind to that which they do not wish to see.”

“Um, excuse me, but, you look human to me,” Conner said.

“This is a shell, nothing more,” Illyria said disdainfully. “My true form would have all of you quaking in your boots.”

“Riiiiight,” Ethan agreed sarcastically.

“I am wasting my time,” she said. “I have far more important things to do,” she stepped forward, pushing past Conner and stopping in front of Kira. “You.”

“Me?” Kira said, taking a step back. After what this Illyria had done to Trent...

“Yes, you,” Illyria repeated, grabbing one of Kira's hands and pressing a piece of paper into it. “You will go to the address on the paper tomorrow after you have finished at your local education institute. There is much for me to teach you and I have no time to waste on your childish fantasies of a normal life,” without saying another word the strange woman turned and walked away.

“Okay...that was weird,” Ethan said, adding, “Even for us.”

“What do you think, Dr O?” Conner asked. Tommy shook his head, looking at Kira, who in turn was staring at the piece of paper that had been forced into her hand.

“I don't know, Conner,” he said. “Let's head back to base for now. We'll discuss this there.”
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