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Dino Turmoil

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Summary: The God-King spots a warrior with potential. Illyria/Kira non-romantic pairing for the FFA

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Television > Power Rangers > Power Rangers Dino ThunderDocFR1365,4745267,02019 Sep 078 Mar 10No

A New Weapon

So, i got an email from Joehundreaire desiring more fic. I had this kicking around so... here you go! Yes, Kira's getting a power up. Come, on you know you saw it coming.

One week later
Team training session

“Whoa! Ow...”

“Omigod, Conner, are you alright?” Kira demorphed instantly, rushing to help Conner to his feet.

“I’m good,” he said. “Except my pride.”

“No kidding,” Ethan teased. “Big tough jock just got his butt kicked by a girl.”

“You wanna give it a shot?” Conner asked. “Be my guess.”

“No thanks,” Ethan said, waving him off. “I’m not suicidal.”

“That was quite a hit, Kira,” Tommy complemented.

“Yeah, guess I don’t know my own strength anymore,” Kira said. “Sorry.”
“If that was you holding back, I’d hate to be Mesogog,” Conner joked. Kira dropped her head. “Uh, Kira...?”

“Illyria...doesn’t really know how to hold back,” she admitted a little guiltily. “Guess I need to get used to doing that again. Sorry.”

“...I’m never making you angry again,” Ethan said seriously.

“Seconded,” Conner said.

“Wait, so you go all out?” Tommy asked.

“I thought I’d mentioned that,” Kira said. Tommy shook his head, though he really should have guessed. The injuries she came back with – or used to anyway - weren’t consistent with training injuries. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Tommy said. “I should have known she was pushing you that hard.”

“But you can’t deny the results,” Kira said. It was true, the last few skirmishes, Kira had been wiping the floor with the Tyranodrones and Elsa. Embarrassingly so.

“Alright, Ethan, you spar with Conner for a while,” Tommy ordered. “Kira, I want you to come at me with everything you have.”

“Say what?” Kira asked. “Dr. O are you sure?”

“Positive,” he said. “Don’t worry, I’ve dealt with some tough ones before. Go for it,” he wanted to see just what his Yellow Ranger was capable of now.

Half hour later, he called a stop. It was like a battle with Goldar or the Machine Empire. Damn impressive, if a little embarrassing.

“So, what’s next?” Tommy asked her. Kira shrugged.

“She was away for a couple of days last week. Didn’t say where. Once she came back, well, the training got harder. The exercises involving pushing the power into an external object went to crazy length.”

“What kind of objects?”

“Weapons mainly,” Kira said as they re-entered the cave. She grabbed an energy bar off the desk and tore it opened. “Lots of different ones. It’s almost like she’s looking for something, but I’m not sure.”

“I think I can guess,” Tommy said, almost glad he could be useful. “I’ve found old manuscripts telling of an old weapon that could be used with the Gems, a powerful shield, but I don’t really know much about it. It supposedly used the power of the five Gems to increase the power of one.”

“But why would she... unless you either don’t need all five...” Kira began. Tommy nodded.

“Or you only need the shield for a certain Gem,” he completed. “The shield’s usually connected to the Tyrano Gem. Red’s are usually considered the more powerful Rangers, so it would make sense that a weapons of that power connected to the Red Gem would require the extra energy. With any of the others, though, it might just need the right weapon.”

“So that’s what she’s looking for?”

“Yeah,” Tommy said. “You know, you aren’t the first Ranger to use a Pterodactyl. Of course, she was Pink, but maybe you should try that weapon.”

Next day

“A bow?” Illyria asked.

“Yeah, apparently that’s what the original Pink Ranger used,” Kira explained. “And her animal was the Pterodactyl, like mine. He thinks that might be the key.”

“Perhaps there is more to this Dr. O then I thought,” Illyria said slowly. By connecting the Gems to Ranger technology, there was another angle that she had to consider with Kira’s training, the Ranger powers themselves, something she had no knowledge of, but Kira’s Ranger mentor did. “Unfortunately I do not have a bow we can use.”

“Dr O covered it,” Kira said, picking up the large bag she had brought with her. “He had this kicking around the Cave. Just in case, he said,” she opened the bag and pulled out a bow, not made from wood, but an odd plastic. It was white with a pink stripe down the centre. “This is the Power Bow she used.”

“I take back what I said,” Illyria commented. “He is not nearly as foolish or empty headed as he appears.”

“I’m sure he’ll appreciate that,” Kira said wryly. “So, should I give it a shot?”

“Of course,” Illyria said. “Just as we’ve been training. Let the power flow you and into it,” Kira nodded, drawing power from the Gem and into the bow. Yellow energy crackled up the shaft and string as Kira drew more power into it, her face twisting with effort. Slowly, the bow began to twist and change, becoming yellow. Spines extended from the front, along with a guard which covered Kira’s hand in the shape of a beak, with two green eyes.

“Uh, wow...” Kira panted, cutting the flow as the bow solidified. “I did it?”

“It would appear so,” Illyria said. “A most impressive weapon.”

“Let me guess, now to learn how to use it?” Illyria shook her head.

“I do not need to be human to know you have reached your limits,” she said. “Your power is depleted, best let it rebuild before continuing.”

“Great, but what about...” the bow vanished as she thought about it. “Cool.”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Dino Turmoil" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Mar 10.

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