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Dino Turmoil

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Summary: The God-King spots a warrior with potential. Illyria/Kira non-romantic pairing for the FFA

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Television > Power Rangers > Power Rangers Dino ThunderDocFR1365,4745267,02619 Sep 078 Mar 10No

Beginnings and Arrivals

It's an FFA by yours truly. Illyria/Kira, no romantic stuffs. Mentor/student relationship only, maybe moving into friends, possibly maternal on Illy's side. Maybe/ Though highly unlikely. Enjoy and review!

Disclamer: As standard. I don't own Power Rangers (Disney does unfortunately) or Illyria (Joss Whedon does). All rights go to the proper owners. I'm not making any money from this (I wish).

She watched silently as the human girl sped off. Something about her seemed...different. Much so from the rest of the cattle that infested the insignificant town she was now residing in, far from the Slayers and their Council. The figure gave a sigh. So much potential, wasted doing the bidding of a human Council. Pathetic.

This one, on the other hand...

The being watched as the large, yellow creature swooped down from the sky, picking its master up easily. The shape of the creature was easily recognized by the mysterious watcher. She had once had an army of humans riding such as that, though made of flesh. The winged ones and others. It did not take her shell's admittedly intelligent (for a human) mind to tell her what had happened.

The Stones had been found and harnessed, though imperfectly, for these...Power Rangers.

She watched as the Yellow Ranger joined her compatriots to complete their giant robot and destroy the creature that had been running amok. They all had potential.

But the girl... The girl had depths not even she was aware of. She would do nicely.

The figure turned, blue highlights turning dark brown, leather cat suit melting into soft cotton, loosely hanging off the shell's body. It had been sometime since she had had a priestess worthy of her. This girl, this...Kira. She would do perfectly.

Two days later

“Class listen up!” The assembled science class, including Kira Ford, Ethan James and Conner McKnight, looked up as their 'esteemed' principal walked in. “As some of you may have heard, Doctor Mercer was involved in a car accident yesterday. He won't be available to cover Doctor Oliver's classes so I've been forced to hire another substitute.”

“A substitute for a substitute,” Ethan whispered as the short, bespectacled young lady with long brown hair walked in carrying a bag of books. Her clothes were one part science nerd, one part 'eat 'em alive' lawyer. “This is turning into a DADA class.”

“DADA?” Conner asked.

“I think he's referring to those 'Harry Potter' books,” the new teacher said, putting her books down on the desk at the front. “Thank you, Ms Randal, I can handle it from here,” she watched as the principal gave the class, giving Ethan a particularly dirty look as she left. Once the door was closed, the new teacher seemed to loosen up dramatically. “Well, glad she's gone. She reminds me of some old bosses I had once. Real slave drivers,” her comment earned a chuckle of agreement from all there. “Well, let's get settled shall we? My name's Professor Burkle. I'll be turning you into scientists from now on.”

That afternoon

“Anton had an accident?” Dr Tommy Oliver, PHD in Paleontology and Power Rangers legend, looked over at his latest teammates/protege. “ Is he alright?”

“As far as Randal told us, yeah,” Ethan said. “We tried to ask Trent but...”

“Let me guess. Less than forth coming?” This was experience talking, Trent Fernandez, the White Dino Thunder Ranger, reminded Tommy a lot of himself during those early days when he was under Rita's spell as her Green Ranger.

“Try out right hostile,” Conner said blandly. “That attitude is really grating my last nerve.”

“Calm down Conner,” Tommy said. “It's hard on all of us. So, who's the new teacher?”

“Professor Burkle,” Kira said. “She seems nice, was weird. She kept looking at me.”

“Looking at you?” Tommy asked. “How?”

“Like a cat that found a particularly nice mouse,” Ethan said looking at Kira. “I think she likes you.”

“Great just what I needed,” Kira groaned. “A human predator.”

“Hey come on it might not be that,” Tommy said.

“Hey, Dr. O's right,” Conner agreed. “Maybe she just thinks your a good student,” Kira gave him a look that clearly said 'what?' “Yeah, it...didn't make much sense to me either.”

“Look, just give it time, okay?” Tommy said. “If she tries anything, you guys can handle it.”

“Right,” Kira said. “I mean, she can't be any tougher than Mesogog's freaks.”
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