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Sidekick Woes

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Summary: (Captain Jack Harkness/ Xander Harris) A (sort of) sequel to Oops, it was an accident. It's 2006, Prague, and Captain Jack props himself up at the bar with a certain Xander Harries to discuss the woes of being the sidekick.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Xander-CenteredTheHeartistFR131909053,52419 Sep 0719 Sep 07Yes
Author's note: You may attack me for stealing all the Captain Jack FFA's, but I love writing him! This is set after the end of season seven, and before Jack ends up in Cardiff and forms Torchwood three. On with the show...

Disclaimer: Jack ain't mine. Xander ain't mine. If they were, I'd sell them to one of you fangirls for a sizeable sum ;)


Prague, sometime in the year 2006

Chasing around after Buffy Summer was tough. But he'd done it his whole life, and it was all he knew really. He wasn't about to stop now. Although this was getting ridiculous! Sunnydale wasn't exactly a massive town, so saving Buffy's cute ass time after time there was easy, but Prague!

"I need a vacation," Xander said to himself ", and another mojito."

Xander rubbed the eye patch on his face warily and shouted to the bartender for another mojito, and the bartender looked at him funny.

"What?! It's not a gay drink!" Xander yelled, taking his glass that was slid up to him as he mumbled ", mojito..."

"And so what if it is a gay drink? If the shoe fits..." said a man's voice from behind him. He turned to see a strikingly handsome man wearing an old style military coat sitting next to him ", I'll get one of those too, both on me!"

"Hey, I'm not gay, alright, just addicted to this weird concoction!" Xander yelled.

"Hey, no judgement, no judgement. I'm not exactly an arrow that flies straight either," the man replied ", I'm Captain Jack Harkness."

The man who called himself Captain Jack extended a hand, and Xander smiled and shook it.

"Not often I see another American around here, and that's including my travelling buddies," Xander replied.

"Oh, you're here with others?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, an annoying little geek named Andrew and a feisty little firecracker of a blonde named Buffy," Xander told him. Usually Xander would be careful passing out information like that, but something about this man said he could trust him. Xander supposed it was his disarming smile or the air of charm he carried with him, but Xander reckoned that this man had broken a few hearts in his time.

Which was another thing. He looked in his twenties, but Xander could tell this Captain Jack had seen more than twenty years worth of what this crazy world had to offer by the look in his eyes. Confident, but searching, forever searching for something.

"Wait, little blonde firecracker you said? She was in here not long ago, I bought her a drink and she gave me this number, but said she had to dash," Jack told him, producing a little slip of paper with Buffy's number scrawled on it.

"You may as well try, but I doubt she'll answer, she'll be gone from this country in a couple of days no doubt. Believe me, I've been chasing around after her all my life, getting into crazy scrapes and godknows what else, and that girl can never stay still for too long," Xander replied.

"Sounds like you really love her," Jack said, his acute observation taking Xander by surprise.

"Yeah, I guess I do, with everything we've been through, it'd be impossible not to. Time and time again she's proven that she can save the world when it needs to be saved," Xander said, smiling as he recalled the countless apocalypses they'd prevented together.

"Sounds like an old friend of mine. I'm looking for him here actually, he's a doctor. The amount of times he's saved lives, mine included..." Jack said, trailing off.

Not pushing it, Xander asked ", so what kind of doctor is he?"

"The kind that never gives up on humanity, regardless of what it's up against," Jack answered rather cryptically.

Xander smiled, and nodded, understanding that Jack clearly looked up to this man.

"So, do you always find yourself running around after him, saving his ass and helping him out with his crazy ideas?" Xander asked.

"Actually, yeah. Sounds like something you're familiar with," Jack replied, as they both laughed and raised their glasses.

"To our loyal sidekick-ness, may it never diminish!" Xander announced.

"Here, here!" Jack replied, as they touched their glasses together and finished their drink in unison.

Suddenly, there was a crash outside, and a certain blonde Slayer sprinted past the bar outside, followed by something that certainly looked demonic, and a strange wheezing noise that seemed to be coming from wherever Buffy and the demon had ran towards.

Both Xander and Jack jumped up, and then looked at one another, before Jack started laughing.

"That's your firecracker right? I guess you're off chasing your gal again!" Jack laughed, as they both headed for the door.

"Hey, you're coming with?" Xander asked, not wanting to get the man killed.

"I think my doctor's nearby," Jack explained, as they dashed out into the street and around the corner into a dead end alley.

That was when they both stopped dead.

No Buffy, no demon, no doctor. The alley was deadly silent.

"Figures..." Jack said, sighing and turning back towards the bar with resignation, Xander following.

"Ah, chin up, you'll find the one you're searching for, don't worry," Xander told him.

Jack looked up, as if recalling something from his past and said ", ya know, someone once said something like that to me a long time ago...I just wonder if they'll ever come true..."

"How long have you been searching for this doctor?" Xander asked.

"God, a century my friend," Jack replied, as they stepped back into the bar ", another mojito?"


Author's note: The recurring mohito joke was from an episode of Family Guy if you didn't get the reference, I couldn't help myself, it's on the TV in front of me as I type this. Anyways, comments are very very nice, please!!! :D:D:D:D

The End

You have reached the end of "Sidekick Woes". This story is complete.

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