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Summary: Various responses to FFA's as I get the muse to write them. Each separate fic will have it's own warning.

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Battin' for the good guys-Faith/Deacon Frost

Title: Battin' for the good guys
FFA Pairing: Faith/Deacon Frost (Blade)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the 25,000 loan on my car, my kitties, my fish, and my laptop. Any characters or places in these fics, belong to the persons that created them. I am just borrowing them to play with.
Rating: Adult for some sex and bad works

"Fuck!" Deacon collapses to the side, panting like a brood mare in heat. "Where did you…how did you….Fuck!"

Faith stretches like a well fed cat, a wide smile on her face. "Told you I had mad skills, baby."

"I think you bruised me." Deacon closes his eyes, arm throwing over his eyes.

Faith stretches out her hand and runs her fingers along his flaccid cock.

"You've got to be kidding me." Deacon groans.

Faith grins. "I'm so not done with you." Then she crawls down his body and wraps her mouth around the limp flesh, sucking for all she's worth; it doesn't take but a few minutes to get him rock hard again. Once he is, she crawls back up his body and straddles him, dropping her well lubricated body onto him with a low groan.

Deacon cups her hips, growling as she rides him at a fast gallop. Her internal muscles squeeze his cock in rhythm with her movements and his eyes slip closed from the pure pleasure of it. She groans within a few moments, indicating her orgasms as her walls squeeze him like a vice. His balls tighten and he groans, his own orgasm following. He groans her name as he cums, his eyes shooting open when something pierces his chest; a silver something.

"Sorry, baby, but I bat for the good guys now." Faith leans down this kiss his lips and then jerks the silver stake out. She rolls off him before he burst into flames and brushes the bits off her skin as she moves to gather her clothes. "Such a damn shame too cuz you were fucking hot."

Her cell phone rings while she's putting on her leather pants. "Lo?"

"How did it go?" Giles questions.

"Smooth as ice, G-man." Faith sits down on Deacon's bed to put on her boots. "Though I totally get it now."

"Get what?" Giles questions.

"B and her hard on for the vamps." Faith replies. "Cuz they are killer in the sack."

"Dear lord." Giles sighs.

Faith laughs. "What's next, G-man?"

"A man that goes by the name Blade." Giles says. "Rumor has it he is half human-half vampire."

"Is this a seek and destroy mission?" Faith questions.

"Intel." Giles replies.

"Cool-ass." Faith grabs Deacon's wallet off the nightstand and takes the money out of it. "So, this vamp-man guy, he as hot as Deacon?"

Her only response is a dial tone.

Faith laughs as she shoves her cell phone into her pocket, whistling as she leaves Deacon's house. A good fight, great sex….all she needs is some food and her night's complete.

It's not so bad batting for the good guys after all.
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