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Summary: Various responses to FFA's as I get the muse to write them. Each separate fic will have it's own warning.

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'Fallen' Angel (Dawn/Leo Wyatt-Charmed)

Title: 'Fallen' Angel
FFA Pairing: Dawn/Leo (Charmed)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything but the 25,000 loan on my car, my kitties, my fish, and my laptop. Any characters or places in these fics, belong to the persons that created them. I am just borrowing them to play with.
Rating: G


"You're an angel?" Dawn asks, eyebrow arched.

"Yes." Leo Wyatt nods.

Dawn walks around him, stopping at his back, and pokes at his shoulder blades. "Where are your wings?"

"I don't have wings?" Leo winces.

"Are you like a fallen angel then?" Dawn lifts up on her tiptoes to poke his head. "Shouldn't you have a halo?"

"No." Leo sighs.

"So, what'd you do?" Dawn asks curiously.

Leo arches an eyebrow.

"To get kicked out of heaven without your wings and halo." Dawn says.

"I didn't get kicked out of heaven." Leo sighs.

Dawn looks around, her eyes wide. "Whoa, this is heaven? Cuz it looks like a club to me but hey, maybe we get to party harty in heaven."

"This isn't heaven." Leo closes his eyes briefly.

"Then why are you here because you should be in heaven, playing a harp and eating bagels." Dawn says. "With Philadelphia cream cheese cuz that's what angels do."

Leo rubs his forehead, trying to figure out how to deal with his newest charge.

"Whatever you did, you should make amends and then maybe God will let you back in heaven." Dawn says. "I can help you, I'm good with the helping thing. Did you have evil thoughts? Let someone get killed?"

"No, of course not." Leo shakes his head.

"How bad of an offense does it have to be to get an angel kicked out of heaven?" Dawn asks. "Did you steal god's thunder?"

"I did not get kicked out of heaven!" Leo shouts.

Dawn just grins.

"What?" Leo questions.

"Piper, you owe me fifty bucks." Dawn looks around Leo to the laughing witch behind the counter. "I told you I could get him to yell in five minutes."

Leo turns his head to look at his wife.

"Here you go." Piper opens the cash register and pulls out a fifty. "Leo, I can't believe you would yell at our nineteen year old babysitter."

"I don't…you…what's going on?" Leo looks between them.

"Hello, I grew up on the hellmouth; you really think I wouldn't have caught on by now? I've known for a while and do you really think I would believe those types of stereotypes? I just wanted to ruffle your feathers. 'Sides, you know proud Spike's going to be when he finds out that I made an angel yell? He might even cry." Dawn tucks the money into her pocket and then crosses the floor to where a playpen is set up. "Come on, Wyatt and Chris, let's go home and build forts while mommy and daddy make you a new brother or sister to play with."

"Dawn." Piper yells.

Dawn just ignores her and takes the little boys' hands. "Paige?"

With a flash of blue and white lights, the brunette witch slash whitelighter orbs into the club. "What's up, Dawn?"

"Can you take us back to the manor?" Dawn asks. "We're going to make forts and eat tons of ice cream."

"You are?" Paige kneels down so that she's face level with her nephews. "Really?"

"Yep." Five year old Wyatt grins. "Dawnie makes the coolest forts, aunt Paige."

"And ice cream." Four year Chris adds.

"Then we'll jump on beds, run with scissors, and take candy from strangers." Dawn grins at Leo. "You know, all the cool stuff that your parents never let you do."

Paige laughs and orbs them out of the club.

"Are you sure we should trust her with the boys?" Leo runs a hand through his hair. "She's my charge and all but…Chris went through a lot of trouble to keep Wyatt from going evil. I don't think we should be risking that by letting Dawn….anywhere near them."

Piper just pats him on the back. "Dawn's not evil, honey. She's just a teenage girl."

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