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Annoyance is Relative

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Summary: Not everyone finds Andrew irritating. Then again, not everyone is related to him.

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Movies > Sky HighPrincessTaiFR71605051,86721 Sep 0721 Sep 07Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own Andrew or Layla. They belong to Joss and Disney respectively.

A/N: I like Andrew and I like it when he's liked and loved, despite AND because of his ... er, quirks.

Oh and the Bronze Kneecap, is from the Fairy Odd Parents. From Nick.

Enjoy! :-)


"Can Will take me flying now?"
The voice whined.

"No, Andrew."

"But you proooomised!"

"I know did Andrew," The girl said with a soft, fond smile.
"but the Commander and Jetstream needed his help to stop The Bronze Kneecap from trying to steal all the town's pennies to form his own army."

Andrew Wells looked at his favoritest cousin with a slight look of disbelief and confusion before pompously scoffing, "Pennies are barely made out of copper."

Layla Williams looked up from her homework barely able to contain her laughter at the irritated look on her older cousin's face. She hadn't seen Andrew since they were kids and while his mannerism annoyed a lot of people (Okay it seemed to annoy everyone but herself) she loved to see that he was very much the same way in his twenties as he'd been at eleven. She also hated to see the shadows in his eyes. They didn't talk about it but she noticed it; Layla Williams usually noticed things like that. It was one the reasons why she didn't mind constantly displaying her powers around him or the fact that he had a bigger crush on her boy friend than she did. Or the fact that he liked to hide behind his mask of being an over-confident, know-it-all jerk. Just as long as she got to see him smile. "I know Andrew."

"That's just stupid. Beside the time and ability that it would take him to-"

"I was thinking the same thing too." Layla said gently, but firmly cutting off his tirade. If she hadn't they'd end up somehow discussing his adventures as Demon Hunter Extraordinaire and the red-headed girl would rather finish her essay on ways to Accesorize Underwear with Ones Superhero outfit in this centaury. Pointless essay really but it was still homework. Layla briefly wondered asking Andrew for help. That always made him happy, sharing-forcing-his comic book knowledge 'upon the woefully unaware'. His words not hers. However, she decided to finish it first and then leave the room while he looked at it. She loved her cousin dearly but she had NO need to know how Batman kevlar's suit added to his flexibility. Whether it be for crime-fighting or other things seventeen-year-olds didn't want to know family thought about.

Andrew huffed and pouted at being cut off.

This time Layla did laugh slightly. He looked like he was three.

Andrew growled at her. He sounded like a tiny Chihuahua. A neutered one.

He crossed his arms and huffed again when she didn't say anything.

Layla continued to write.

Andrew let out a petulant, long winded sigh that sounded as if he had just lost his puppy, was waiting for his lost love, and had just found out that Smallville had been discontinued.

"Yes Andrew?"
Layla asked amused.

"Oh. Nothing."
He said dramatically.

Layla blinked and that was all the encouragement he needed.

"I'm so booored. There is nothing to do. No important people things to do.
No demons to look up. No one to disclose my copious amount of information to.
And I want to FLY! Do you think Will would let me try out his Dad's costume? Of course he will.
I'd look real hot in it wouldn't I? Of course I would?" His features became smug.

Layla rolled her eyes. But quickly assured him when she saw the vulnerability flash in his eyes.

He beamed at her.

Layla grinned back and wondered how anyone could find him annoying.

The End

You have reached the end of "Annoyance is Relative". This story is complete.

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