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10 BtVS/A:ts Souls Piper Never Collected

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Summary: [HIATUS] A Charming Death brings a new take to moving on

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Charmed > GeneralPrincessTaiFR131915041,15121 Sep 0721 Sep 07No
It was an idea that interested me. Loosely based on the '10 Things That Never Happened' challenge, my muse wanted to see how certain characters would act about being taken over to the other side by a certain snarky, flippant, rockin' Charmed One. It's totally AU, cause I don't think that even Piper could be Death, a Charmed one, a sister, a wife and a mother, and run P3 and a lot of the people who died will die before she got the job (I think).

Look out for Ten Future Whitelighters Paige MIGHT have Showed the way and Five Witches Who Never Had Leo As a Wightlighter. These stories were originally for FF.Net only, but I decided to revise it and make it for this site. :-)

This is post, Illyria possessing our dearest Winifred.



"This wasn' supposed ta happen like that."

"It usually doesn't."
Piper said empathetically. As someone who had her share of dying, many of them near permanent, she understood the surprise. One rarely ever goes in the way one expects.

"I was thinkin', maybe Angelus comin' back or some lone an' crazed vampire. Or a demonic pregnancy. That's what did Cordy in, you know?"

Piper nodded. She did know. Cordelia Chase had been one of the rare souls that Piper had liked. The other woman had been witty, humorous, and more flippantly sarcastic than she was. It'd been fun. And of course Piper had accepted her request to go back and say good-bye. She understood that. She'd been grateful to have been able to say good-bye to Paige when she'd almost died for good that one time. Piper wished that Pru had been able to say good-bye. It wasn't in the rules but if anyone understood closure it was Piper Halliwell. So, she'd damned the rules and let Cordy say good-bye. Now, she was damning the rules again and doing a favor for her favorite May Queen.

"Or ... or somethin' explodin' in my lab. Or Gunn bein' right about eatin' that many tacos. Or maybe in Plyea. I'm glad I didn' die in Plyea." Fred said ending her odd ramble with such emotion that Piper found herself grinning.

She wasn't usually fond of ramblers. Okay, she wasn't fond of ramblers at all, especially not dead ones who whined about what they should have done knowing they would have never done any of it any way. Either 'Say it or shut up' was her motto. However, she found herself liking Fred's nervous chatter. Probably because something about the willowy Texan reminded of her spunky littlest sister. Paige liked to ramble too.

Funny how it had used to annoy her when Paige did it but right this moment she realized that it didn't anymore and more than likely never would again. When she got home she'd have to give Paige a hug. To honor the Fred Cordy told her about, because she was finding that she was liking her too. And also because Paige was Paige. Fred made her realize that she didn't mind that at all, not as much as she used to. It was wrong that she was getting comfort when she should be giving; she was secretly thankful.

"I never thought it'd be possession."
Fred sighed.

"I know. Aren't those a killer? No, pun intended."
Piper tacked on quickly at the end of her waspish comment.
She didn't want to upset Fred more than she all ready was.

Fred smiled a bit, "That's okay." She sighed again.
"Ya think he, she, it ... what ever will be good to them?"

Piper smiled. So very Paige.
"If 'he, she, it' isn't I'm sure they'll find a way to come out on top."

The taller woman's small smile became fond, and a bit wider.
"They usually do."

Piper gave an answering smile of her own. From what she'd seen of the AI team, just from collecting Fred and Cordy, she was absolutely sure of it. "Come on. It's time to move on."

"B-but I can't!" Her tone was resigned. Not filled with half the worry she had had for her friends when it came for herself. That endeared her even more to the eldest Halliwell. "You heard her. My soul is shattered."

"Pfft. Shattered. Smattered." Piper waved a hand in general disdain. "You're looking pretty whole to me."

"I'm not on your list." Fred protested.

Piper quirked an eyebrow at Fred. Shot the list a slightly droll look before looking back at Fred with a mixture of kindess and exasperation. "Guess you're right. Nosy Parker."

Fred giggled when Piper actually stuck her tongue out at her.

"Don't think that'll stop me. If anyone deserves to move on, it's you. And you do, you will. The supposedly all knowing honchos up there owe me some favors. And today just happens to be pay-day!" Piper's sarcastic tone was accompanied by an impish twinkle in her brown eyes.

Fred laughed. "You remind me of Cordy."

Piper smiled widely, like it was the greatest of compliments. Because she knew from Fred that it was.

"Come on, kiddo. Let's go roll some robe-wearing heads."

Fred looked back one last time upon her 'family', feeling elated and relaxed for the first time since Illyria had come about. She was so happy that it was Piper who'd come to take her over. Even if they didn't succeed, and she had to end up as a ghost she knew that she'd never be lonely.

The End?

You have reached the end of "10 BtVS/A:ts Souls Piper Never Collected" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Sep 07.

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