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Of Puppies and Kittens

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Summary: Xander, now a were-leopard and a primal Hyena queen, is pulled deep into Vampire politics. Even with the trusty scoobies by his side, he is in for one heck of a ride. Slash Asher/Spike/Xan (CHAPTERS REWRITTEN!! :D)

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: AsherFateFR182336,55019236149,25421 Sep 0720 Feb 12Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Lovin' Bleach Boy

I no own you no sue P.S. - Spike isn’t dead in this ^_^

Richard stared at the smiling red head in silence. She was smiling sweetly, but behind that coat of sugary goodness was a power that was not to be messed with.

“How did you...?” he began

“Because, Oz told us what you look like and yeah.” Willow said resisting the urge to ramble off. “Anyways, the little girl there attacked Xander, and he went all ‘Grrrr’ and then we came in did some nifty slayer stuff.” she continued

“Slayer?” Jean-Claude, asked baffled

“Yes, we are the famous Scoobies from SunnyHell.” Buffy commented smirking.

“Then that would make you,” the vampire continued

“The Red Witch.” Richard finished.

“And he is Le Chevalier Blanc.” The vampire continued

“Yes, that would be us.” Xander’s weak reply came

“We must speak of this, tomorrow night we shall have dinner.” and Jean-Claude disappeared.

Buffy glared at the other intruders making sure that they left before turning to Xander ,while Willow fixed the busted door.

“Hey, you okay?” she asked he long time friend.

“Been better.” He grinned, scratching his head.

“So what is up with the Hyena goddess?” Buffy asked tilting he head and sitting ungracefully on the floor.

“She didn’t like me taking orders from a ‘lower animal.’ That is basically what she told me” The dark hair boy shrugged

“She thinks leopards are lower class?” Willow asked

“No, she thinks that Anita chick is. She’s quite fond of leopards.” Then Xander blinked and blinked again. “I can hear a voice in my head.” he squeaked looking over at Willow

“You can hear the Goddess’s voice?” Willow asked a spark in her eyes.
“Yeah, she’s been answering all the questions and I’ve just been repeating her words.” Xander freaked out. “This is way high on the creep-o-meter Wil.” he hugged himself.

“And plus we have dinner with the poof tomorrow.” Buffy commented “And Spike comes tomorrow.”

A light came to Xander’s eye, and a goof grin flooded his face, as he thought of his blond lover.

“Oh great he’s gone off to LA-LA land.” Buffy smirked at Xander ,like only an older sister could.

“Can you blame him? He’s in love with the pretty new Spike.” Willow grinned

“Yeah who knew six years off of the Hellmouth would turn him into a non-demonic Vampire.” Buffy said trying to get Xander’s attention by waving her hand in front of him.

“I was thinking,” Xander said suddenly “Remember when Spike first got all his powers, and how he already knew how to use them.”

Both girls nodded.

“What if the HellMouth not only changed his vampire-y powers, but took away his memories of the real world and placed false memories. Like it erased his knowledge of this world and placed fake memories about demonic vamps and demons.”

“I get what you're saying, like the Mouth was trying to control everything before the hell goddess even got there.” Willow nodded grabbing a large book and quickly flipping through it.

Four Hours Until Dinner ~~~~~~~~~~~

A knock came to the door of their rental the next night, while they were playing Monopoly. Willow stood up to answer, and found every one’s favorite blond on the other side.

Spike grinned, without flashing fang, at the witch. “Hello Red, heard you met the master of the city. French Poof.” He grumbled “Had to go meet him and get his permission to stay.”

“Well come on, come in.” she said waving him in.

And as soon as he had gotten in and his coat off he found himself with arms full of Xander.

“Hey Whelp.” Spike said fondly to his lover

“So you had to meet the Master?” Willow squeaked “He didn’t make any reference to Xander or a Hyena, did he?”
“Yes he did.” Spike looked over at Buffy with a serious face “Can’t I leave you three alone without getting into some kind of trouble?”

“No, it just happens.” Came Buffy’s reply “You act like we plan these things.” she huffed

“You probably do.” he said back.

“Children don’t make me get the stun gun.” Xander sighed

And they laughed.
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