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Summary: On the run, Michael and Selene seek out his father Hank Summers for help. He sends him in search of his half-sister, The Slayer. If she agrees to help him it will mean the resumption of a war put on hold over 700 years ago. BtVS/Underworld.

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Chapter 4

Armistice Part IV


Disclaimer: I don’t own them, I’m just borrowing them.  No profit was made on the following:


Authors Note 1:  I got the idea for this from a Challenge awhile back on TTH.  It isn’t quite what was requested, but I hope its close enough.



This story is set after Season Seven and Underworld.  It will largely ignore Underworld Evolutions.


Constructive Criticism always welcome, flames cheerfully ignored


After twenty minutes in near scalding water, Buffy lay across the massage table as Julio worked his magic. Buffy was glad that the table was there, she felt that if weren’t there, she’d melt down the drain in the floor. A blinking light on the phone that sat near her head caught her attention. Sighing she picked up the handset and said, “Yes?”


“Mr. Giles is on the line,” the voice of the consulate’s receptionist said.


“Okay,” Buffy said. “Put him on.”


Without being told Julio withdrew from the room with a, “When you are finished, I’ll be just outside.”


Buffy shook her head, “This will take a while, so you can call it a night.”


Julio nodded and left.


“Hello Giles,” Buffy said into the phone.


“Hello, Buffy. How did the meeting go?”


“About like we thought, Marcus wants Michael and Selene and won’t take no for an answer.”


“You talked to him?” They never figured he would come himself.


“No, the rep was named Erika,” Buffy responded.


Buffy could hear Giles shuffling paper. “Here we go; Erika is listed as a member of Kraven’s camp. She’s known to be ambitious, and considered something of a ditz.”


“She’s no more a ditz than I am. I think we need to watch her.”


“Perhaps, perhaps not,” Giles replied.


“What do you mean?”


“Marcus has been known to shoot the messenger in the past. He may solve our problem with her himself.”


“Not sure we should rejoice.”


“I thought you said we should watch her?” Giles asked, somewhat perplexed.


“I think we can work with her.”


“What is your next move then,” Giles asked.


“I want the reserve Slayers for Europe, plus all of the Slayers in Italy. I’ll get a hold of Willow and have her bring who ever she can spare with her, and, I think I’ll give Blue a call and see if she’s up for a fight.”


Giles snorted, then said in concerned voice, “Are you sure you want to involve her? Illyria is at best hard to control. With her involved a war is almost unavoidable.”


“Given what we know of Marcus, do you think he’s going to stop short of that?”


“I’ll start calling then,” Giles said by way of reply.


“I want everyone here within 48 hours,” Buffy finished.




Selene finished cleaning her gun and slapped a clip in.  They had moved to the Council’s embassy and she, Michael, and Khan were down in the firing range. Khan had picked up micro-Uzi from the range master and was approaching the line.  “Marcus will be able to bring between two and three hundred troops to the battle, do you really think that The Slayer will be able to counter that?” he asked.


Selene stepped up to the second lane and pulled out one of her Berettas, “I would not be surprised.  Buffy, by herself took out Antonio and his whole squad.  After the battle with Lucian and his people Marcus doesn’t have many of that caliber left, especially since he’s after me, and you and your people have already deserted him.”


“Buffy had the element of surprise on her side,” Khan pointed out as he started firing at a target down range.  


“Do you honestly think Marcus is going to believe that there are hundreds of Slayers running around the world now? He barely believes in one Slayer, even after meeting a few.”


Khan could only shrug as he got used to the small submachine gun.




“So Erika,” Marcus said as the female vampire walked into the room. “When can we expect the Hybrid and the Traitor to be delivered?”


“The Council Rep refused to turn them over,” Erika replied as she came to the foot of the throne.


“Did you explain the consequences of refusal?”


“Michael Corbin is Buffy Summers’ half-brother, she has extended him protection.”


Marcus sat back and went over the memories he had absorbed, both during his resuscitation and immediately following as he feed off of some of his followers, some had survived; some had not.  He truly wished Kraven had been here, that was a feeding he would have enjoyed.  “Buffy Summers is dead,” he finally replied.


“She is a very spry corpse then,” Erika replied, “I had drinks with her after my dinner with the Immortal.  He introduced us.  She’s also who killed Antonio and his team.”


“You’re saying one Vampire Slayer killed Antonio and his whole squad?”


Erika shrugged, “She’s here; they’re not.”


Marcus scowled at his messenger.  “Very well,” turning to his new chief body guard, “James, gather the Death Dealers, all of them.”


Turning back to Erika, “I want you to carry a new message to the Immortal and who ever else he feels needs to be informed.  Tell him that I am coming with the Death Dealers, if Buffy Summers and the Watchers Council turns over the fugitives then that will end this.  If they don’t I will burn their embassy down around them, and pursue the survivors to the end the Earth, laying waste to all before me.”


“You might want to reconsider that,” Erika said calmly, showing no inclination to leave with the message.


“Why?” Marcus asked, growing tired of the other vampire.


“Buffy Summers was too confident when she refused. She knows something we don’t, and the woman does not bluff.”


“Obviously there are two Slayers,” Marcus said, “We know the other one is in Cleveland.  She’s delusional if she thinks another Slayer will make a difference against the amount of firepower we will be bringing with us.”


“Exactly,” Erika agreed.


“Then why are you still here?”


“Buffy Summers did not strike me as delusional.”


 Deciding to play the game just a little longer, “Then what do you think her ace in the hole is? The Lycans are scattered, there are some malcontent Death Dealers out there, but not enough to make a difference. So where is she getting these forces from?”


“I think there are more than two Slayers,” Erika stated flatly.


Marcus just stared at the blonde vampire.  He blinked, then blinked again, then he threw back his head and laughed. “You are basing this theory from one meeting with a Slayer?”


“She was too confident Marcus; there was no fear in her eyes at all. She practically dared us to come and take them.”


“I’ll call her bluff then.”  Turning to the guards he ordered, “Take this traitor and throw her in a cell.  She’s still obviously Kraven’s bitch and is trying to undermine my leadership.  When we get back, she’ll be the opening act for the execution of the traitor and the Abomination.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Armistice" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Jan 12.

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