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The Ipswich Slayer

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Summary: Buffy is sent to Spencer Academy, what secrets will she uncover, and what demons run afoul.

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New Meat

The Ipswich Slayer

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or The Covenant

Pairing: It depends.

Timeline: Pre Covenant, Alt. S3 (Snyder never let Buffy back in)


Buffy groaned as she sat in the headmaster’s office, what had her mother been thinking! Stupid Troll Snyder had refused to let her back in, so here she was, all the way across the country…in Massachusetts. Can you say witch trials? The minute the cab from the airport had hit the border of the town, she had been on edge. This place didn’t feel right, in fact, it felt dead wrong.

Provost Higgins was reading over her file, the council had done some serious finagling to get her in here. It was ritzy school that didn’t take just anyone, especially troublemakers.

He cleared his throat and Buffy snapped to attention, “Well, it seems everything is in order. I think you’ll be very happy here Ms. Summers, one of the students will show you around,” a knock came at the door, “Ah, here he is. Come in Caleb.”

A handsome young man entered the room, “Sir?”

Higgins motioned for him to sit, “Sit, sit. Caleb Danvers, this is Elizabeth Summers. Her grandfather has made a generous contribution in her name for the school, and I would like you to show her around. Help her feel at home.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Higgins nodded, “I’m sure she’ll fit right in with the four of you boys. I’ll let you two be going, it was lovely to meet you Miss Summers.”

Buffy stood up and leaned across the desk to shake the man’s hand, playing the part of the pretty socialite, “I just know I’ll love Ipswich and Spencer Academy!”

Caleb showed her out of the office, and the minute they were outside in the hall, the tension was palpable, “So are you staying in the dorms?”

Buffy gave a start at the sudden question, “Oh, um, no, I’m actually living near one of the old colony houses. My grandfather has owned the land for years, and his father before him etcetera, etcetera. Rather boring, you know.”

Caleb swallowed almost imperceptibly, “Really, I don’t think I’ve ever been there.”

Buffy shrugged, “It’s at the edge of the woods, not very exciting.”

His eyebrows scrunched up, “You live in the old Marster Mansion?”

Buffy thought for a moment then nodded, “Yeah.”

“The boys and I always thought that place was abandoned. Legend has it, that a witch used to live on the property, when she was attacked, she set a curse on the place.”

Buffy scoffed, “A curse?”

Caleb grinned, “Yeah. Anyone who dared walk upon the hallowed ground would be cursed with her power of sight and be forced to see the souls of the witches wander the world. Silly isn’t it?”

Buffy laughed, “It rather is, I mean, curses, witches, it might be a nice little fantasy, but I think that there would be a big downside to all that power.”

Caleb looked at her, she squirmed a bit before shifting hesitantly, “You know, uh, corruption and all that. There is always a price and all that. Uh, you said something about others?”

Buffy prayed that he would follow her distraction, “Three others, Elizabeth. There’s Pogue Perry, Reid Garwin, and Tyler Simms.”

Buffy smiled congenially, secretly hating this whole lie, “Where are they? The way Provost Higgins talks about you guys, I almost expected you to be attached at the hip.”

Caleb shrugged his shoulders, “They’re around, probably in class, they’ll be out in a while.”

Buffy groaned, “Uh, school…classes. Will the torture never end?”

Buffy grimaced just as her guide started laughing, “That’s how we all pretty much feel. The boys and I spend most nights at Nicky’s, you’re welcome to come. You know, if you maybe wanted to.”

Buffy flipped her hair over her shoulder and put her hands on her hips, “It all depends on my fricken’ watcher…guardian. Cause, you know, he watches me like a hawk, always telling my grandfather what I’m doing.”

Caleb nodded and stopped walking, he leaned against a wall across from a door, a few seconds later a bell rang and students poured out of the room. A blonde boy smirked at Caleb and tilted his head in her direction, “Yo, Caleb, who’s the new meat?”

A boy with long hair shook his head lightly at the other boy and smiled at her, “I’m Pogue, and this is Reid, and Tyler.”

Buffy tugged gently at her blazer and forced herself to smile, “Elizabeth, Elizabeth Summers. I’m new.”

Caleb looked at his friends, “She lives at the old Marster place.”

Reid grinned, “You know, that place is pretty freaky, you sure a girl like yourself is safe there?”

Buffy rolled her eyes, “I suppose, you wouldn’t be offering your services, would you?”

Tyler who had been silent snorted; Pogue joined him and smiled, “I like you, not scared of the big bad Reid.”

Reid snarled at his friends, “Why do you guys always ruin my fun?”

Buffy grinned, “Besides, I could be a homicidal maniac, are you sure, that it isn’t you who needs protecting. I have been suspected for murder what, three times now.”

Buffy started towards the main doors, she saw Wes sitting on his motorcycle, ignoring the fact that she was wearing a skirt, she straddled the bike and waved as the engine revved to life.

It seemed, that school wouldn’t be quite so boring as she had suspected, especially with people like Caleb around.
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