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Blind Divine

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Summary: **S7 Spoilers and POTC move spoilers** Captain Jack Sparrow comes across a priceless treasure . . .

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Multiple PairingsEenaAngelFR181220,15089722,86818 Jul 0325 Sep 04No

Blind Divine

***S7 Finale Spoilers***

***Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Spoilers***

Title: Blind Divine

Author: eena_angel2001


Rating: R, for now.

Category: BTVS/POTC

Disclaimer: Whedon owns BTVS, Disney owns POTC.

Pairings: Willow/Will?, Faith/Jack?

Spoilers: S7 Finale Spoiler

Summary: Captain Jack Sparrow stumbles upon a priceless treasure . . .

Notes: After watching the POTC movie, I had to write this. It just wouldn't leave me alone, so here we go.

BTVS: no Willow/Kennedy relationship.

POTC: Will and Jack dive into the water at the ending, Elizabeth stays to marry the Commodore.


He finally had everything he ever wanted. His ship had been returned to him, he had a crew that was capable and trustworthy enough, and, after a very long while, Captain Jack Sparrow had his treasure back.

"Haven't you learned anything from the last time?"

Frowning, Jack looked up, fixing his eyes on the figure of his new first mate, Will Turner. The young man stood on a pile of gold, hands on his hips, and a disapproving look to his face. The poor lad was probably disliking being on this particular island again, so soon after all that had happened with Barbossa and his damned crew. Jack understood his uneasiness, but still. There was treasure here.

"William, you worry far too much," the captain finally declared, his words slurring ever so slightly. Anyone who didn't know the man would have thought him to be drunk. Will, unfortunately, knew that wasn't the case. Jack wasn't drunk; Jack was crazy.

"You worry far too little," Will returned, clamouring down from top of the pile of gold and stalking closer to his captain. "You have no guarantee that the rest of this garbage isn't cursed as well."

"Please boy!" Jack waved off his concern, turning back to the pile of rubies he had been examining bfore. "What are the odds that this whole pile of gold is cursed?"

"Would you really like to find out the hard way?" Will snapped, his young face set into a hard glare. "Jack, this whole place is cursed if you asked me. Let's leave; we can find gold somewhere else. There's plenty in the world."

"William Turner, I know you have the blood of a pirate, but have you no sense of piracy in your head?" Jack demanded, making a dramatic sweep of his arm to indicate the entire cave and its gold. "As a pirate, it would be criminal of me to leave this all here."

"It was criminal of you to steal it in the first place!" Will barked at him. "Jack, no good can come of this place."

"Your opinion is hardly objective," Jack returned with a snort. "Now, be a good first mate and help me carry this back to the boats. You've just been down since we left the lovely Miss Elizabeth on the eve of her wedding. It's a bleeding shame Will, but the gold will make you feel better. Just look at the others; it's making them plenty happy."

Will shook his head, not even turning to look to see Jack's crew happily load the mounds of gold onto the ships. He wasn't getting through to anyone here. They'd all just as soon as die before leaving this treasure alone.

Of course, if they didn't leave it alone, they might die regardless.

"Well now, what's this?"

Jack's declaration brought him out of his thoughts. Curious despite himself, Will watched as the man pulled a hefty weapon out from underneath a pile of gold.

"It's a scythe!" Will declared, taking the weapon from Jack and examining it closely. "The craftsmanship is brilliant! But the designs are arachic. How on earth did something like this end up here? And in such good condition?"

"Does it have gold lining?" Jack asked. Will looked closely at the weapon.

"No," he replied."

"Jewels on the handle?"


"Diamonds on the blade?"


"Well then I have no idea what it would be doing down here," Jack shrugged, his mind already turning back to the priceless gems behind him. "Throw it away."

"Throw it away?" Will repeated. "This could be a priceless artifact? Just because there isn't any gold in it doesn't mean its worthless Jack."

"Oh," the captain looked chastised. "So we could sell it to someone for lots of money then?"

"We're not selling it," Will told him firmly. "We're not doing anything with it, or these other things. Jack, you haven't the faintest idea where most of these things came from. You could end up in the same boat as Barbossa and his crew."

"Highly doubtful," Jack returned with a smirk. "But if we do, then I'll buy you a nice sword with my cursed gold."

"You have no sense in you, do you?" Will moaned. Jack grinned, taking the mysterious weapon back from him and throwing into the pile to be taken aboard.

"We're pirates boy. We're not supposed to have any sense. Savvy?"


***Cleveland, 2003***

"Um, Red?"

Willow looked from the demon text she had been immersed in, seeing Faith standing uncertainly in the hallway. The brunette Slayer looked a bit put out, like she was confused by something and didn't like it.

"Yes Faith?" the redhead asked, putting down her book and climbing off her bed. She traveled to her bedroom door, peeking around the corner and noting that almost everyone had gone out for the night. Buffy and Giles must be heading another patrol tonight.

"The scythe-" the brunette stopped, her gaze fixed on the weapons closet just three doors down.

"What about the scythe?" Willow asked, stepping out into the hallway and leading the way to the weapons. She opened the door to the closet, seeing the scythe hanging proudly in the middle of the display. The weapon that had led them to victory over the First Evil. It deserved a place of honour in their new home.

But why was it glowing?

"Is it supposed to do that?" Faith asked. Willow shrugged, reaching out and lifting the scythe off the hook. She brought the weapon close to herself, marveling at the white glow covering the weapon stake to blade. Faith ran her finger along the handle, gripping it lightly in her hands as Willow looked it over.

"That is the oddest thing-"

She never finished her sentence. The white glow of the scythe suddenly exploded, enveloping both girls entirely. Harsh white light filled the hallway, blinding to anyone who beheld it.

The light faded away seconds later, revealing the scythe laying on the hallway floor and Willow and Faith nowhere to be seen.

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