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A Cajun In LA

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Summary: Remy goes on vacation to LA and finds that he has more than feral mutants to worry about. Angel/Xander/Remy. Contains some mild BDSM.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered
Marvel Universe > X-Men > Angel-Centered
AzureChaosFR21514,708335515,34322 Sep 0726 Sep 07Yes

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Chapter One

Pairing: Remy/Angel/Xander
Warnings: Anal, AU, BDSM, Blood play/Biting, Bondage, Mild-violence, M/m/m slash, Mild nipple play, Oral, Rimming, Threesome, a tiny bit of Buffy bashing, and some humour.
Disclaimer: The X-men concept & characters belong to Marvel etc. Angel & BtVS are the property of Joss, mutant enemy and co.
Summary: Remy goes on vacation to LA and finds that he has more than feral mutants to worry about.
A/N: //words// = thoughts. See end of chapter for french translations.

Chapter 1

Remy charged a card and sent it sailing towards the beast that had trapped a girl in the corner of an alleyway. He watched as it exploded in the disfigured face and the creature howled and advanced on him. The auburn-haired mutant reached out and touched the guy’s seriously out-dated clothes and focused harder to charge his attacker. He exploded into ash.

Dusting himself off he wondered what on earth had possessed him to come down this alleyway; in fact what in God’s name was he even doing in LA? Suddenly he missed the cold of New York. He helped the girl to her feet and she started to thank him until she saw his glowing eyes. Her terror battered against his empathic shields and he stepped back to allow her to do a runner.

Shaking his head he took out a beaten up packet of cigarettes, shaking one out he lit it with a look and took a deep drag as he returned the packet back to a concealed pocket. He sighed with the pleasure of the nicotine hit and started to make his way out of the alley.

He hadn’t got too far when something hit him over the back of the head and the world went black. //Merde//


“Cordy, what on earth were you thinking?” Angel shook his head as he looked at the stranger crumpled in a heap on the concrete.

“I was thinking his eyes were all glowy and perhaps he was like something demon.”

“You took him out with the heel of your shoe.” He pointed out as he carefully lifted the young man into his arms.

“What… what are you doing? Are you insane? Angel… his eyes glowed… Red and all… glowy.” She waved her hands to emphasise her point.

“So you said. He’s just a boy Cordy and your shoe knocked him unconscious. I don’t know too many deadly demons that can be taken out with a shoe… even yours. We can’t leave him here like this, god knows what’ll happen to him.”

“At least I called you.” She pouted.

“You said he dusted a vamp and saved a girl Cordy. What possessed you?” He shook his head again with a weary sigh and laid the young man on the back seat of his car. “Are you coming?” He asked as he climbed into the driver’s seat and keyed the ignition.

Still pouting Cordelia climbed into the passenger seat. She kept turning round to look at the young man. As they came out into the streetlights she could make out his delicate features, his fine cheekbones and shoulder length auburn hair. He was stunning.

The smell of female arousal assaulted his senses and Angel almost balked. He kept a check in his rear view mirror to see if the young man was alright. He shook his head thinking that the silly bint could have cracked the kid’s skull with the heel of that thing. He knew why she was getting turned on of course. He’d been able to see the boy’s beauty even in the darkness of the alley. But there was something infinitely wrong with being aroused by someone who was unconscious. He didn’t smell like a demon, he didn’t smell entirely human but he certainly wasn’t a demon, not a hint of it clung to him.

They arrived back at the Hyperion and the guy was still out of it. Angel wasn’t too worried; he could still hear his regular heart rate and breathing. Gathering him up, he carried him inside and up to his room. He could have taken him to any number of rooms but none of them were as cosy as his was. He laid him gently down on the bed and stroked his beautiful silky hair back from his face. He really was a vision. Tentatively he lifted one relaxed eyelid and gasped at the colour of his eyes. Red on black… he’d never seen anything like it on human or demon. Reluctantly he left him sleeping to go and ask if Wes had ever heard of such a person.

When he descended the stairs he could still hear Cordy defending her actions but to Gunn and Wes now. He walked over and slouched in a chair.

“He’s still out of it.” Angel said pointedly as he absent-mindedly scratched his exposed upper arm. “Wes, you heard of any humans with… unusual eyes?”

“He’s definitely human then?” Wes asked as he cleaned his glasses lens. “Only Cordelia said… What sort of unusual?”

“The whites of his eyes are black and his irises are red.” Angel was thoughtful and his mind drifted a million miles away.

“Don’t forget the glowy and blowing up thing.” Cordy interjected her two cents worth.

“Oh my! I can’t say I’ve ever heard of such a person. At least… not in reality.” Wes went to a shelf and retrieved a book that he started flicking through.

“Good move Wes, hit the books. What’s that, the who’s who of demons?” Cordy cheered on the research.

Wes coughed nervously.

“What did you mean, not in reality?” The tall dark vampire stood and walked over to the desk.

“No… it’s… um…” Wes stammered nervously as he flicked through pages.

Cordy lifted it from the table and read the front aloud. “The ultimate guide to comic book super heroes?” She spluttered and screeched in shock, then fell about laughing.

He found the page he was looking for and turned it towards them and pointed. They both stared in silence.

“Picture doesn’t do him justice.” Angel grumbled after studying it carefully.

“You have got to be kidding, Wes. There are no such thing as super heroes, no such thing as mutants and the X-men are… well… they’re not real. It’s a movie and I don’t remember him even being in it.” Cordy still sputtered and poured some whisky into a tumbler, looking as if she was going to hand it to one of them but downing it herself.

“There’s no such thing as vampires either.” Angel pointed out impatiently and shifted to game face to prove his point.

“Vampires are different.” She shivered and protested.

“And Demons?” He persisted.

“Them too.”

“The chosen one… The slayer… Witches…Hellmouths…the multiple apocalypses…” He continued to cite the unlikely underlife they were party to.

“Ok ok… so… weird shit happens but that doesn’t mean…” She jabbed a finger at the book.

“What would be the plural of apocalypse?” He suddenly stopped and mused. “Apocalypses doesn’t sound right. Apocali…apocalypsi…” he tested the sound of the words. “Hmm.”

“Ok. And they say that I’m an airhead,” Cordelia huffed.

Angel looked at the picture in the book again. “He certainly wasn’t wearing anything like *that*.” He indicated the colourful spandex and shuddered. “Remy LeBeau… Gambit… Hmm.” He straightened up and headed back up the stairs to check on the injured man.

Cordy watched him go. Sometimes the big brooding boss could be so… camp.


Remy had come round with an unfamiliar softness under him. The air didn’t smell familiar, the back of his head hurt and he had no idea where he was. He lowered his shields a little to try and gain some clues. His mind touched an approaching presence that churned with so many emotions that he snapped his shields back up and closed his eyes pretending to still be asleep. He heard the door click open and felt the approach.

“Hey.” Angel tried to soften his voice so it was as non-threatening as he could make it. He knew the guy wasn’t asleep from his breathing and the speeding up of his heart rate. He cleared his throat. “Remy?” He tried.

He noted the hitch of the breath and the stutter in the heart beat. //Wes is right. Oh my god Cordy nearly killed a super hero// He suddenly felt like an excited kid at the prospect of meeting a real life super hero, almost like meeting Superman or Spiderman. If only the others knew what a geek he could be. Pulling himself together he sat on the edge of the bed. He could smell the guy’s fear.

“I know you’re awake, Remy. I’m not gonna hurt you.” He fought the temptation to reach out and stroke back that hair again.

“My name’s Angel. I’m sorry about my friend hitting you.” //silly bint// “She gets a bit over zealous sometimes. She thought… well she thought you were a demon.” He continued to talk to the unresponsive form; occasionally he registered the change in breathing or heartbeat that signalled that he was awake and listening.

“Look this is crazy. You can open your eyes. You can leave if you want.” He tried to placate but couldn’t help but want this attractive young man to never leave. “Are you hungry? You’ve been out of it a couple of hours. I could make you something to eat.”

Remy couldn’t help it, that voice was just so delicious, smooth and masculine full of depth. The mention of food was too much and he carefully cracked an eyelid to peek. He gasped and his eyes snapped open. The man was… drop dead gorgeous. He studied soulful dark brown eyes and spiky-gelled hair. Muscular arms were displayed to perfection by the white wife beater. He gave a wobbly smile.

“How y’ know m’ name?” He asked with suspicion crossing his face.
Angel coughed nervously under that intense crimson gaze. “Well, it was a guess. My friend is a… well he’s a nerd. He had this comic book guide.”

Remy laughed. “Merde, de way dey picture Remy in dem, dey make ‘im look shockin’.”

Angel thought the sound of that laugh was the best thing he’d heard in around two hundred years and his body started to respond of its own accord. He watched the auburn-haired beauty attempt to sit up but he winced in pain and lay back.

“Mon dieu. Remy’s head ‘urts. Y’ friend a nutter.” He reached a hand back to feel the lump.

“Yeh, sorry about that. She over-reacted. Too many vamps and demons.” He waved his hand in explanation.

“Vamps and demons?” Remy looked confused. “Y’ all been watchin’ too much TV?”

Angel chuckled a deep rumbling sound that almost made Remy’s toes curl in pleasure.

“Oh I wish. She said you dusted a vamp before she… err…” He mimicked the action of clobbering him with a shoe.

“A vamp? Dat was a vamp? As in a vampire, oui?”

The dark-haired man nodded affirmative.

“Mon dieu. Remy t’ought dat be one ugly mutant, like Sabertooth. Now I got t’ be worryin’ m’sel’ ‘bout vamps and demons. Merde.” He shook his head in despair but discovered it hurt he groaned softly at the pain.

“Shall I get you an aspirin or something?”

“Non, merci… dose t’ings no’ good for moi. Mais, I am hungry though.”


“You can all go home now.” Angel said as he trotted down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“What?” The others all asked in unison as they followed him through the doorway.

“He’s awake and he’s fine.” He gave a pointed glare at Cordy, //no thanks to you// “So you can all just go home or whatever. I’m making him food and then he’ll sleep so there’s really no need for you to be here.”

Angel busied himself with making sandwiches and coffee.

“He could be dangerous.” Cordy huffed.

He glanced over his shoulder at her and shook his head. “He’s not a demon Cordy, he’s one of the good guys. Sure, he’s dangerous… but not to me.” He indicated himself. “I’m a good guy too… remember?”

Cordelia snorted, “Except for when you go all… grrr.” She raised her hands into claws and bared her teeth in imitation.

Angel had his back turned so she missed his eye roll. Gunn, Wes and Fred were already beating a retreat it was only Cordy that was putting up a fight. He suspected it had little to do with how dangerous she thought Remy was and more to do with how utterly desirable he actually was. He started humming as he put the food together. She huffed and flounced out, grabbing up her jacket and pocket book before storming out muttering about vampires being ungrateful.


Remy had once again lowered his shields so that he could feel when anyone approached. He registered the dark brooding presence and slowly closed them back up. //Merde, what a mix of ‘motions dat man has. What was dat, guilt…pain…loneliness…// He catalogued the few he could put names to.

The door opened and Angel came in balancing the tray in one hand. He gave a genuine smile and brought the offering over to set it on the young man’s lap.

“You managed to sit up alright?”

“Oui, took m’ couple o’ tries. Heads a li’l dizzy.” Remy studied him then looked down at the tray. “Merci. Dis looks bon.” He picked up the sandwich and started to eat. He’d also removed his duster, laying it on a chair near the bed.

“It’s not much but I don’t keep a lot in.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

“Y’ prefer t’ live off junk? Remy can identify wit’ dat.” He smiled and sipped his coffee. “Merde… dats strong.” He gasped.

“Sorry… I…”

Remy waved a hand, “Non, it’s bien. Remy like it strong.” He smirked to himself and winked reflexively.

If Angel could he would have blushed. This stranger… this X-man was stirring things in him he hadn’t felt in a long time. He found himself staring into those unique eyes.

“So. Y’ frien’ t’ought Remy was a demon, eh? Why she t’ink dat?”

“Your eyes.” He said and smiled apologetically.

“Oh.” Suddenly saddened, Remy cast his eyes away. “Je suis de’sole.”

“What? Why?” Angel’s brow creased and he stepped near the bed.

“Le Diable Blanc.” Remy sighed quietly. “Dats what dey use’ t’ call me.”

Angel shook his head and sat on the edge of the bed. “You’re no demon.”

“Y’ Speak French?” He picked at the food and refused to look up to meet the dark smouldering eyes.

“I speak lots of languages. I’ve travelled… a lot. And I would know if you were a demon, I know you’re not. And for God’s sake don’t even think about apologising for your eyes they’re the most amazing things I’ve ever seen, like rubies set in onyx.” Angel might have many skills but a poet he wasn’t, that was Will’s thing.

Remy looked up at him curiously and Angel felt an odd tickling on the edge of his mind and scowled.

“Merde, am sorry.” He blushed and hid behind the mug of coffee.

“That was you?” the dark vampire asked uncertainly

Remy nodded slowly, not knowing if he’d annoyed the big man.

“What…what were you doing?” He tilted his head slightly, studying that angular face.

“Jus’ wanted t’ see if y’ were tellin’ Remy de trut’.”

“And was I?” His lips quirked up into a slight smile.

“Oui.” He hesitated.

“What else could you tell?”

Remy swallowed hard. “Lots of t’ings. Y’ a very complex man.”

Angel silently raised an eyebrow.

He had felt a lot of different emotions from Angel and as much as he knew there was a need to respect people’s privacy and understood the desire to keep secrets, he also realised that sometimes talking about worries was a big help. “What y’ feel s’ guilty ‘bout homme?”

The bed shook as Angel stood and turned away to look out of the darkened window folding his arms across his strong chest. “Lots of things. I… I’ve done some bad things in my time.”

Remy snorted “I know all ‘bout dat mon ami. Remy de king of bad t’ings. Mais, der comes a time y’ gotta let de guilt go an’ move on.”

The dark head shook from side to side. “No, you don’t understand. I can’t ever let it go. I…” He took a deep breath, “I killed a lot of people.”

Remy cocked his head studying the slumped demeanour of the brooding man. He knew all about the guilt of being responsible for the deaths of many. “Moi aussi.” He said quietly. He had learned that you had to give trust in order to gain it.

Angel turned to look at him then, arms still folded protectively across himself. “You’ve killed people?”

Remy nodded sadly, “Didn’ mean t’. Remy was tricked… mais, I set de events in motion wit’out even knowin’.”

Dark eyes blinked and the vampire moved to sit on the bed beside him. “I think it’s probably very different,” he reassured quietly. “I wasn’t always a good man.” He sighed at the understatement. “I actually killed for…” He closed his eyes hardly believing he was going to say this and knowing that the gorgeous man in his bed would up and leave when he heard it. “Fun.”

Scarlet eyes blinked up at him with confusion and compassion he didn’t move. “Is dat why y’ go after de vamps and demons now? To make up f’ it?”

Angel nodded. “I’ve a lot to atone for, a lot of years of killing innocent people. I was different then.” He was picking at the comforter.

Remy could identify; that was why he’d joined the X-men after all. He laid his slender thief’s hand over the larger sturdier one. The flesh was cool to his touch. “So y’ make y’self lonely and hurt y’self wit’ de pain from all dat guilt?”

He couldn’t stop the sad nod of affirmation. That warm hand caressing his felt so good and his arousal grew. He wanted to pull his hand away, he knew he should, but something about that touch and those eyes was drawing him in. He was almost becoming powerless to resist. He tried to swallow the lump in his throat.

“Y’ don’ need t’ be lonely mon ami. Dats a tragedy o’ monumental proportions.” He regarded the painfully sexy man in front of him. He couldn’t ignore the stirrings that this Angel was causing.

The dark-haired vampire caught the scent of arousal and suppressed the moan that welled up in response. Remy was unaware that his skin was tingling with more than lust until he felt the charge crackle on the hand under his.

“Mon dieu.” He pulled his hand back and scooted back on the bed desperately. “I’m s’ sorry.”

Angel looked at the singed skin curiously… it healed as they looked at it.

Remy gasped. “Y’ like Logan? Y’ a mutant aussi?”

“No… I…” He slumped as he studied the healed flesh. He had to be honest; he couldn’t lie because he figured Remy would be able to tell. “I’m a vampire.”

Those red eyes went saucer wide. “I t’ought y’ said…”

He held up his hands. “I’m good now. I’ve got a soul and everything.” He wanted to say ‘see’ and show him his slightly battered looking one-original-careless-owner soul.

“Dat why y’ got all dat guilt.” Everything slotted into place in Remy’s head. He didn’t like the heaviness of this conversation and decided to lighten it up. “S’ de stories ‘bout vamps bein’ sexy…”

The flirtation was obvious even to the usually oblivious vampire.

Angel stood up. “I… I can’t. Look.” He laid his hands out palms up as if they showed something important. “I really like you… god knows I do, but I can’t do this… as much as I want to.”

Remy tried not to look hurt but he was, the sexiest guy he’d ever met was rejecting him. “If y’ wan’ it den why no’ have it mon ami?”

“It’s complicated.” Now that right there was an understatement of apocalyptic proportions. “There’s this curse. If I… If I achieve a moment of perfect happiness then I go bad. And trust me when I say there’s none as bad as me when that happens.”

“Can’t y’ get the curse removed?”

“God no. I mean, the curse doesn’t make me bad, it stops me from *being* bad but the moment of happiness breaks the curse and I go all…grrr.” He did his impression of Cordy when she imitated his vamp status.

“Oh. An’ y’ t’ink dat bein’ wit’ Remy would give y’ a moment of perfect happiness?” He grinned. “I should be flattered. Mais, as good as I be in bed mon ami… I have t’ admit dat de likelihood of me bein’ perfect is very slim.”

Angel couldn’t help but smirk at that. “Remy, you already are perfect.”

“So, dis be like a clause in de curse. Maybe der be a way t’ remove de clause.” Remy said thoughtfully. He’d grown up in New Orleans and was more than familiar with voodoo and it’s curses.

“Yeh I guess that’s one way of putting it.” He sighed heavily.

Remy patted the bed in invitation. “Remy give it some t’ought tomorro’. Need t’ sleep now though.”

“You want me to.” The big man could be a bit stupid sometimes and he indicated the bed. “You want me to keep you company?”

Remy gave a genuine warm smile. “Y’ no’ goin’ t’ achieve perfect happiness snugglin’ wit’ a Cajun dat snores like moi.”

Angel closed the heavy drapes to avoid any nasty surprises in the morning and unbuckled his boots. He realised he was actually nervous at the idea of sleeping with a super hero… or maybe it was just because he was so damn good-looking and he was so insecure about his looks what with the mirror thing. He slipped onto the bed and Remy wriggled into his arms, resting his cheek against his muscular shoulder. It felt nice even though the body holding him was cool rather than warm.

“Mon dieu.” He sighed. “It be a li’l weird wit’ y’ not having a heart beat.”
Strong arms wrapped around him and one of those big hands carefully stroked his hair.


Aussi - Also
Bien – Ok/Alright/Well (depending on context)
Bon – Good
Homme – man
Je suis Désolé – I’m sorry
Le Diable Blanc – The White Devil
Mais – But
Merci – Thank you
Merde – Fuck/Shit (basically a swear/curse word)
Moi – Me
Mon Ami – my friend
Mon Dieu – My god
Non – No
Oui – Yes
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