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Opportunity Knocks

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Summary: The untold story of the child of Joyce Summers and Rupert Giles.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > GeneralamusewithaviewFR131696081,70923 Sep 0723 Sep 07Yes
Disclaimer: I own neither X-Men nor BtVS.

A/N: Just some odd musings I had.


It began with some candy.

Well, technically it started long before then. With two boys so angry with the world they wanted to take it down with them into destruction and depravity. One of these two looked into the abyss and saw the darkness there, saw the consequences of some of his actions played out and spread in living Technicolor.

That boy changed, reverted to his old ways. He tried to fit all that he had become back into the tight-collared skin-suit of all that he had been. For a time he succeeded.

The other boy looked into the abyss, saw the roaring rage of nothing spread out endlessly, and rejoiced. The darkness found a home in him, and for many years after the two boys had parted the one called Ethan Rayne was content to dance alone with the shadows.

But some patterns are not meant to be done solo, and as in all great workings, there must be a balance. He looked for the boy who had been his friend, and found a stuffed shirt of a man, locked into place by duty and history and the encroaching hand of age. That his former friend was opening up, forming new patterns with new people, mattered not to Ethan.

He wanted the old Rupert back. The one who had been affectionately - and fearfully - called Ripper. But Ripper, like Rupert, was a suit that the new Giles was unprepared to don again.

Halloween came, and with it the chance to don old costumes or new, meant to alter the denizens of Sunnydale for one night. The two friends met, fought, and Ethan learned the measure of the one called Giles. He who had been Ripper and Rupert and was now some strange stronger mixture of both.

An old friend came back into their lives, one recently dead and recently possessed of an even older friend whose intentions were nowhere near good. Ethan, in his anger, lashed out at the newest parts of Giles's life, putting them in a danger that even remaining nostalgia could not ignore.

At last, long last, came the candy. Sweets to bring out the old models of youth, to shrink down the psyche and mold it back to the old patterns.

Ripper came back... and encountered one who had once been called Joy.

Between the two of them they remembered enough of the present to forge a bond between their pasts and futures. Atop a police vehicle they created the dearest of all possible things: they made life.

Those Who Watched were aghast at this. It was not a part of the weave, the future they had so meticulously plotted and planned for their Tools. The Powers saw the possible child, the future so tiny and fragile in Joyce Summer's womb, and they acted.

There would be no child, no memory of the possibility of a child. Let the Slayer's embarrassment be the only remnant of that night, minus a few uncomfortable encounters between the Watcher and the Mother.

One of those, a so-called Power, disagreed with this decision. She was new to the game of See and Change, and was thus ignored. Foolishly the other Powers forgot that she was not like them, she had only but recently been removed from the world of Growing, and Changing, and continued Opportunity.

So she who had been, was, and would be Cordelia Chase - the Thirteenth Power - acted.

The child could not stay, this was obvious, but there was room for the progeny of two such wonderful people in any galaxy, any universe. She even found a place without the machinations and complications of Watchers and Powers. With a slightly ironic grin, she placed him in a family, altering his self to fit it into this dimension. What would have been magic became a gene, what remained of Joyce she left, though she strengthened the sense of responsibility a tad.

Due to her meddling Scott Summers would grow and change and have many opportunities. One thing was for sure, his life would be interesting...


A/N: Like it, love it, loathe it with the fiery intensity of a thousand hot suns?

The End

You have reached the end of "Opportunity Knocks". This story is complete.

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