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Conference Lodging

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Summary: Blair Sandburg stays with Wesley when he attends an academic conference.

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Television > Sentinel, The > Wesley-CenteredIndraLeighFR722,4323103,76824 Sep 0727 Sep 09Yes

It's a one of a kind place

Cordelia was finishing off a late lunch when Blair returned from the first day of the anthropology conference he was attending at a large convention center in town. “Hi Blair. If you’re hungry we have some burritos. We ordered enough for everyone but Angel and Gunn had to leave before the food got here.”

“Thank you Cordelia. That sounds good. I skipped lunch to look at the books and journals they had for sale. How was your day?” Blair asked unwrapping a foil covered burrito.

“Well first I went to the sale at this adorable little shop down the street from my apartment and found this blouse. Since I got here I’ve been helping Wes look something up. Now I’m trying to pick out a collection of clothes for Fred. These pants would look great on her.” Cordelia marked the page with a with a sticker as the large front doors to the hotel were opened.

“Lorne! Just who I was hoping to see. Do you know if there is a poker game tonight I can get in on?” Blair excitedly asked before the doors closed behind Lorne.

“I don’t know but Clem usually knows what all is going on in town Sugar Crumpet.” Pausing in his humming Lorne answered the temporary guest.

Skipping the bottom step Blair ran to Lorne’s side. “Clem’s in town? Great. I haven’t seen him in forever.”

“I’ll find his number for you. If there isn’t a game tonight you’re welcome to come to Caritas.”

“Sounds good. Thanks Lorne.” Thrilled to be at great conference and even more excited to be able to catch up with some friends he hadn’t talked to in a long time Blair was a hairs breath away from bouncing off the walls.

“Is there a particular reason you are wanting to join a poker game tonight?” Wesley’s voice asked from a stack of books that was being brought out to rest on the front desk of the lobby.

Carefully Blair helped to stack the books on the desk as he talked. “Sometimes Clem will play for cash and the main speaker at the conference has some books for sale. I got through a good part of college on poker winnings. I’m hoping I’ll be able to win enough for a couple of books and may be souvenir or two.”

Much later that night Angel was cleaning the sword that had gotten covered in something green and slimy as Gunn was eating a pizza they had picked up on the way back to the hotel and Fred halfway emerged from under a bed sheet tent she had put up about sunset that day. Her soft voice asked “What is that? Do you hear it?”

“I think it’s getting closer.” Gunn said pulling a pepperoni off the pizza box.

The front doors were pushed open by two bodies holding onto each other to stay upright.

Swiftly tucking away all sharp and pointed items Angel asked, “Where have you two been?”

As Clem talked Blair counted on his fingers, “First we went to that coffee bistro down the street from here and then poker where Blair won enough for a lot of books. After that he wanted to go to Caritas so we moseyed there and stayed until about ten because that’s when Lorne kicked us out.”

“And we did not sing until we left the building but we are not Elvis he is still in the building.”

“It’s eleven thirty, where have you been since then?” Cordy asked, in extremely high heels it was at most a twenty minute slow walk from Caritas to the Hyperion.

“Gathering food. See?” Blair proudly displayed the bag of jelly beans he had hidden behind his back.

Releasing hold of Blair Clem almost fell over as he reached for the candy with both hands “Is there any watermelon left?”

“When I first met you Wesley I did not expect you to know anyone like Blair.” Angel said as he and Wesley tried to pull Blair and Clem to sit on one of the couches in the lobby.

“I didn’t either. The last time I saw him he was very serious and studious about anthropology and he was impossible to pry away from a book or artifact. I thought he would be to involved with his books to notice what goes on around here.”

“English, I think he knows what goes on here.” Gunn laughed as he rescued the bag of jelly beans from skittering across the floor.

A couple of days later

“Jim you’re here!”

“Simon gave me a couple days off. I thought you said that you were staying at a friends place?”

“That was the plan until he had a zillion unwelcome guests invite themselves. Ants. For the time being I’m staying here and Blair is staying here also.”

“Do you need some cash, Chief? I know you were going to stay with Wesley to save money and no you have to pay for a hotel room.”

“We own this place and Blair is welcome to stay here. We have plenty of rooms.” Angel explained able to hear Jim’s hushed statement. “We run a private investigative firm and when we moved here we bought the place.”

Heading to the door Blair said something about carrying in Jim’s bags. He stepped out side just before Wes and Cordy came into the lobby. “I’m betting either cops bring him back or he comes back tattooed and pierced.”

“Who are you talking about?” Angel asked not having heard the first part of their conversation. Jim sat down on one of the round lounge chairs in the lobby.


“Why would you say that about him?” Jim asked, this was his best friend, what in the world had been going on at this academic conference.

“He came home with a goat last night.” Wesley said. “Jim Ellison I presume.”

Jim’s nod was trumped by Cordy’s remark of , “Ugly goat too.”

“What?” Jim’s question had Wesley sitting near him to try and sum up the week the had.

“Well the first night of the conference he went out with Clem looking for a poker game. They spent some time at a night club and came back singing with a huge bag of jelly beans. The next night he went with Gunn to the shelter and..”

Wesley’s retelling was completed when Gunn came in the front doors in time to hear Wesley. “Kicked ass at pool and got along with everyone there. Food’s here.”

Jim’s attention was abruptly drawn from the thug looking black man holding bags of food to a thud and a feminine voice that almost squeaked ‘tacos’ in the direction of the large front desk. A slight statured woman emerged from within the front desk and ran for the bags Gunn carried.

“Somehow Burg got Anne’s trouble makers to get along. Anything going on yet tonight?” Gunn finished telling about his night with Blair as he handed out the bags of food.

As the only one with an empty mouth Angel answered. “Nothing yet. But it is Friday night. Something will happen.”

“Last night he went out with Clem again and we found them in the lobby this morning. They were asleep on the couches and a goat was eating one of Clem’s shoes.” Cordy said carefully spreading a sauce packet on her burrito.

“I expected Blair to have long days talking anthropology with other academics and spend the evening looking up more information about what he talked about that day. I thought I would have to drag him out away from his books.” Jim stated looking around at the people Blair had been staying with the last week.

“The Hyperion, it’s a one of a kind experience.” Gunn grinned at the new guy.

“What did I miss?” Blair asked as he came back into the lobby after dropping Jim’s stuff off in the room next to his.

“Food’s here. That’s about it.” Fred announced as Jim almost choked on her ignoring the retelling of Blair’s wild week.

The End

You have reached the end of "Conference Lodging". This story is complete.

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