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Xander transmuted

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Summary: Fate decides what Xander is to wear for Halloween rather painfully

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns BTVS, Wizards of the Coast formerly TSR owns Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

Xander had finally decided that Willow should see that teenage boys weren’t disorganized; so before inviting her over he decided to clean his room. He decides to start on his closet and pulls out a shirt. Unfortunately, the shirt was underneath a hardcover book that hit him in the head when it fell. After he recovered from the sudden impact; he looked at the book.
It was his Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook! With the elation of the discovery came the flood of emotions that accompanied remembering Jessie. His original plan forgotten; Xander opened the Tome and out fell two character sheets
His and Willow’s characters, an elven transmuter with a Thac0 of 5 and Willow’s elven Druid with an owl animal companion. Vowing to come back to it; he places it on his bedside drawer and continues cleaning.

At School a week after Xander cleaned his room and Snyder being the little goblin he is volunteered the Scoobies to do trick or treating duty. Xander had the perfect idea and rushed home, only to see Tony throw his replica M16 at his mother; miss and hit the wall where it promptly shattered along with the Zeppo’s costume idea. Dejectedly he goes to his room and slumps on his bed; thinking about what he was to do. Eventually his eye settles on the Handbook and he gets a bright idea.
Xander rushes own the stairs and digs around for his old staff. Now all he needed were green robes and a stuffed bird! He went to Party Town; but saw they were all out of green robes; something about a Harry Potter craze; so he headed over to a little-hole in the wall that had just opened up called Ethan’s.

Xander rushed in; blitzed by a group of kids, grabbed a stuffed bird and found a green set of robes. As soon as he looked at the price tag; he froze the robes alone cost twenty dollars; just killing his budget and making him pray that the owner would haggle.

Oh the owner didn’t really haggle as much as provide him an alternate means of payment.
He got the costume for 20% off as long as he convinced some other people to buy. With that money Xander beefed up his stash for his post-secondary roadtrip.

Several hours later, Aramil Meliame felt rather strange, he was in an alchemical lab about to concoct his first batch of acidic fire when his soul became disjointed. Actually never having cast magic jar he had to rely on the papers published by a variety of necromantic experts.

Aramil was in his robes and he was free, that was good. Know to get back to his class at the Academy; oh wait…he was summoned somewhere. He found it harder to summon his energies here. As practice he transmuted a woman’s attacker into a snail. Unfortunately for the target it worked slightly different from a normal polymorph. The snail actually levitated into the air. Intrigued by this piece of the Prime Material Plane he surged towards the snail only to have an ectoplasmic waste of space stop him. He didn’t know who this Xander was, but it seemed there was a necromancer at work here. Wishing that he was a priest at the moment he gave the spirit a baleful stare. The spirit babbled in response and he finally remembered who this reminded him of. That infernal tree-loving mud-worshipper that his family thought right that he marry. By the All Father, he wouldn’t; she derided him continually for his use of the arcane and carrying around a tome of spells. Her owl kept pestering his koshee familiar and she would only wash at a stream. It was because of her he had enrolled at the Academy of High Arcana.

But enough ranting; the spirit had decided to speak demanding that they find a Buffy and then go to Giles. Odd name; but he shrugged and followed the spirit.
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