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Xander and the sword

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Summary: Xander dresses as Swordsman from the Seven Swords

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Movies > Seven SwordsrothosFR1811,144031,67325 Sep 0725 Sep 07No
Disclaimer: I do not own anything BTVS or Seven Swords. BTVS belongs to Mutant Enemy and Seven Swords belongs to Dragon Dynasty.

It was Halloween and Xander was in a pickle, he wanted to impress Buffy and the foreign exchange student from China, but he only had two dollars. He had thought of dressing up as an M16 toting grunt, but was rather mad when there were no toy M16’s-or anything looking remotely like it. Just as he was fuming over his luck at the store, a display rack full of cloth costumes fell on him. After benching it over his head; and waking a fainted Willow, the store owner Ethan promised him any costume in the store as a repayment.
Xander was in heaven; he saw the perfect costume as the rack fell, green robes, a long brown wig and a sword. He picks it out and Ethan goes back and brings it out of the back in a bag with the sword poking out.

Janus felt himself being invoked, he looked on disinterested until he saw the sword. Cackling madly, he imbued that with more staying power.

Chu woke stunned, the last he remembered was killing off Firewind. Who had killed Green Pearl, the thought of her brought a small smirk to his face. Just then a peasant in strange dress walked- no glided- up to him and called him Xander. He knew not who this spirit was, but it was clear that this spirit required his help-he followed it as it pointed to a woman and yelled in an unintelligible jabber. However; he understood that this one needed help. He rushed over and scooped her up, he then followed the peasant woman. He walked into an abode and closed the door in a face of an oni.

He heard screaming and saw a woman being chased by a wolf. Strangely; he desired not to kill the wolf. He just ran out and scooped her up.
After depositing her in the house; Chu contemplated what a Xander was. As he looked in the mirror; he saw a strange face-one that was not his.

Chu reflexively went deeper into meditation, trying to process all of this. As the spell ended; Xander woke up and began to wonder why he was sitting in the lotus position on Buffy’s floor, why the heck his calves hurt and why there were locks of his hair in his eyes.

Mutely, Xander went home and passed his drunken parents on his way to his room. He tidied up a little on his way there. He took off his shirt and saw new muscles, he admired them a second, before turning around to put the toy sword down. He unsheathed it; and noticed a reflection. However, his back was strange, it was crossed with scars and a brand at the base of his neck was wigging him out. He hyperventilated and collapsed; the next morning his alarm woke him and he dressed for school fast. He ran out the door after saying bye to his parents. Xander arrived ten minutes early, and settled into his seat at homeroom. There was a pileup at the door as people saw Xander Harris sitting in his desk and not fidgeting. The next surprise came after homeroom when Xander stood up to Larry; who seemed to be in more of a foul mood.

Xander was at his locker working to open it, he had forgotten his combination! Larry came over and pushed Xander into the lockers and tried to keep him against them.
Xander easily moved back and turned around to face Larry. Due to last night; he had grown an inch, so he was at eye level with the bully.
“Larry, touch me again and you’ll regret it.” Xander bit out.
“Or what Harris, you gonna cry on me?” Larry asked with a shove.
Chu hated bullies, Xander was not happy with Larry. All that combined when he shoved Larry across the hall and into the opposite wall. Xander radiated calm confidence as he advanced on the bully.
“I mean it, leave me and my friends alone or I will put you in a tight spot.” Xander spoke, his voice hard as steel.
The hall cleared and Larry sank to the ground. Xander went to class and Larry became troll-food when Darth Snyder caught up.

Over the next week; Xander’s grades rose exponentially as Chu’s mind took hold.
Xander was rarely separated from the dragonsword, even concealing it during classes. He also started a physical workout, running through Sunnydale with weighted clothing. Just before the battle with the Judge, Xander decided to use the dragonsword.

Xander walked in to the mall with the sword concealed. Buffy fended off the vampires while he tried to track the Judge with the AT-4. The Judge just moved too fast, so he decided to get personal. He let Chu’s memories guide him as he dusted several vamps with the dragonsword. He brought it back towards the Judge, the demon blocked it and yelled that no weapon forged by a man could destroy him. The resounding impact started the sword vibrating and Xander scored several hits on the Judge, never piercing his hide. Then the Judge exploded and several of the younger vampires dusted. Xander then focused on Spike. Spike ran and just as he was about to clear the exit a chunk of plaster fell. He threw the chunk of plaster at Xander, which Xander sliced in half. With a burst of speed, Xander closed the distance and impaled Spike.

Emotionlessly, Xander cut Spike down; dusting the Master vamp. He turned around and wiped the vamp dust from his blade. He fixed another vamp with a stare and it ran into Buffy’s stake. After that, the mall emptied quickly, after ten minutes it was just him and the Scoobies. His sheath rang from the impact of the hilt for a minute, after which everyone started to babble as one. Chu took over for Xander’s mind and sat him in meditation against a pillar. After a minute, Xander ran out into the night and went home. Only to find a symbol seared into his lawn-Firewind’s. His blood ran cold, he found both of his parents dead- not just of sword wounds either. Tony was marked by a flying guillotine, a chain scourge and a sword. His mother bore sickle marks, razor shield marks, darkstaff holes and sword wounds. In blood was drawn Firewind’s symbol on each corpse. He vomited at the scene; after he had emptied his stomach. He called the police after changing out of his dusty clothes, Sunnydale PD was bumbling around; he gave them a statement and then left, taking a change of clothes to Buffy’s house. After a short explanation, he fell insensate on the couch.

A/N: Note that the dragonswordcan destroy concrete when it is not activated, when it is vibrating it harnesses the physics of destructive harmonics.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Xander and the sword" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Sep 07.

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